At long, long last – Haiku R1/beta1 has been released!

@haiku congrats! :tada: a Haiku box will join my lab tomorrow so I can check out all the changes!

@djsundog @haiku Many years ago, I tried to become a contributor to the Haiku project. But, I couldn't -- the development tools just wouldn't compile for me, and plus, it's *all* in C++. (BeOS kernel and userland were always in C++; this was back in the Taligent days, remember!)

C++ is poison to me, but I'm happy that others are capable of grokking it and have worked to make a public beta available. Kudos and congratulations!!

@haiku the package manager seems really interesting

@haiku please include Thai keymap, it's the only thing block me from using Haiku.

@cwt hi, we don't have any developers who know very much about Thai keymaps; could you contribute one? if you ask in Freenode#haiku they can probably teach you how to make one and then submit it for inclusion with the OS

@waddlesplash I just figured it out that the value on each key isn't unicode block but the binary value of the unicode character instead. I think I can finish the Thai keymap around 1 or 2 weeks. Mapping each character to binary value one by one is painfully slow.

@veer66 @waddlesplash ok, may be not painfully slow, I just create a mapping program in python.

@veer66 @waddlesplash yeah, few years ago, I wish it can just load Thai keymap from xkb directly.

@veer66 @waddlesplash btw, with my program, it may hopefully find the current US character e.g. 'a' (with quote) in the keymap dump, and convert it to 0xe0b99b automatically.

@cwt @veer66 Nice! If you open a ticket, I can review and add it into master. :)

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