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Franchement le C, et pourquoi pas le C++, c'est génial, je suis désolé

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Wow je vais finir par devoir refuser les reports venant d'autres instances si je dois me faire à moitié agresser dedans.

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Emoji function names are cute but I curmudgeonly don't approve

for some reason I assumed it would be in the order I wrote them, but not at all

TIL function parameters evaluation order is not guaranteed in C(++)

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This instance is now (more than) two years old! 🎉

So great news, RIPE NCC does not know what UTC is

"hi, you claim using utc in this email from 29th of march but you're not"

"it's due to daylight saving time switch on 31st of march"

This makes no sense. The dates do not match, and DST cannot possibly interfere with UTC.

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Just to get it in now, since I'll forget on the day. It's my second on Tuesday.

Thanks to @TheKinrar for setting up such a nice place to toot in (:*

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