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Les gens ne se rendent pas compte que parler de ce genre de choses c'est bien plus dangereux que ça n'en a l'air si tu traites ça comme de l'opinion.

Ah ça me fait toujours du mal quand je regarde une vidéo que j'aime bien et qu'il y a des pseudo-sciences ou des théories du complot qui pop alors que le reste était sympa.

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Hi everyone!

We are experiencing some issues with remote media currently, but the problem has now be taken care of.

New remote images should now show up and the ones from today which are not showing right now will eventually show up too.

I received a funny call this evening, from some Scottish woman who received a package I was the intended recipient of (I'm in London)

I really wonder how this happened

Or maybe they will just add


in the footer.

O2 saying they are going to encrypt the emails they are sending to me? Makes me wonder how but looks interesting

Something went clearly wrong, let's start again my new LFS


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J'ai quelques dizaines de notifications à rattraper :fondue_valls:

Bonsoir les enfants !

Si vous le pouvez, je serais très heureux que vous me racontiez quel OS (+ distribution si approprié) vous utilisez et pourquoi. :)

Je cherche à me refaire une petite session de tests

Merci à vous !

OF COURSE my wifi passphrase is not strong enough, you must be right you the person who designed this software

ABCabc123 is safe, but my ~ 30-character long one which sadly contains only lower-cased letters is not, that's obvious, how stupid I am!

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- Et voilà la connexion plante encore
- Utilise ta 4G !
- client_loop: send disconnect: Broken pipe

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