It is now possible after @mmu_man 's recent work to customize control styling! Some third-party developers have already started experimenting with it...

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how to kill an application in without having to use the Terminal. Found it on the Haiku forum (via kallisti5).

The text reads:

Pro tip: Vulcan death grip

Right-Ctrl + Right-Alt + Right-Shift + Click on running Application in the Deskbar.

It’s our kill -9 in the GUI. 🙂

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Haiku's main repositories have official mirrors on GitHub, in case you prefer browsing the code that way.

Some community members hare started an (unofficial) Discord server for the Haiku community.

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PSA: Most XHCI (USB 3.0+) issues in @haiku have been resolved over the previous month! Grab a new nightly build and try it out.

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Yes, we will have a #HaikuOS booth at #FOSDEM this year!
Oh, and it seems I'll have slides to write as well…


Pressed DVDs of Haiku R1/beta1 are now available for sale and shipping worldwide, thanks to pulkomandy.

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The monthly progress report is back. This month: HiDPI enhancements, Mail fixes to work with Gmail, code cleanups, and a lot of other miscellaneous fixes.

The September/October Activity Report has been published! A lot of kernel and drivers fixes this time, and OpenJDK (Java) is back!

Looking for some new hardware to run Haiku on? apgreimann has surveyed users and compiled a list of compatible machines.

Is this Mac OS 9? No, it's Haiku! ... but with the MacDecorator and 'Charcoal' as the system font.

At last, there is a release timeline for R1/beta1: the tentative ship range is 10-18 September. Finally!

For additional information, see the official forum thread, where the organizers Lelldorin and lorglaz can also be found.

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