The monthly progress report is back. This month: HiDPI enhancements, Mail fixes to work with Gmail, code cleanups, and a lot of other miscellaneous fixes.

The September/October Activity Report has been published! A lot of kernel and drivers fixes this time, and OpenJDK (Java) is back!

Looking for some new hardware to run Haiku on? apgreimann has surveyed users and compiled a list of compatible machines.

Is this Mac OS 9? No, it's Haiku! ... but with the MacDecorator and 'Charcoal' as the system font.

At last, there is a release timeline for R1/beta1: the tentative ship range is 10-18 September. Finally!

For additional information, see the official forum thread, where the organizers Lelldorin and lorglaz can also be found.

BeGeistert 031 is coming up in Hamburg, Germany this November. If you're in Europe and want to get more involved with Haiku, check it out!

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So far on WiFi: Intel 2200, 3945, and 4965 series drivers have been updated, the Intel 7260 series driver has been added, and the Atheros driver is WIP (not in nightlies yet.) That's multiple dozen new chipsets supported & ~8 kernel panics fixed along the way. Try a new build!

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I've joined an epic quest filled with mystery, danger, and rewards: upgrading @haiku's network drivers from FreeBSD. If you're interested in helping test, excellent! Please see this forum thread:

LibreOffice has come to Haiku! It’s already in the depots for x86_64, and should show up on 32-bit soon(ish).

The final monthly activity report of 2017 is out, along with commit stats for the past year. Lots of polishing oriented towards Beta1 has been taking place...

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It's already available in the (new) default package repositories for x86_64, and hopefully soon on 32-bit x86 as well.

There is of course no hardware-accelerated OpenGL, which limits its use ... but it does work.

It certainly was a challenge, but dedicated porter miqlas made it happen: on Haiku!

Humdinger has written a very nice blogpost on scripting Haiku's GUI using the "hey" command.

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Reworked @haiku 's command-line package manager's download meter. It's 110% "cooler" now. Perhaps I overdid it a little?

This year's coding sprint is being hosted by PulkoMandy following Capitole du Libre in Toulouse. Details:

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