The Dutch privacy authority can't deal with the incoming number of complaints - almost 10.000 from last year haven't been processed still. Well, privacy, you know, it's just a little thing...

@nextcloud I guess they are deliberatly understaffed, like in DK. It is so annoying when they tell you cant use cloud service A, or big corp. O36n

@nextcloud it's the same thing with the committee that was set up to keep the AIVD (Dutch intelligence service) in check. They say "no" more often than is desired, and now there's talk of their veto rights being curtailed: (article in Dutch). Not to mention the incessant drive to try and get encryption crippled.

This whole privacy thing should be more than theoretical, but at the moment it doesn't get the funding or veto rights to be more than a paper tiger.

...and the site which published it, does not have a "no thanks" button in it's cookie banner. You either agree to everything or log in, or go away.

I think we have another complaint for the big pile...

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