"Nextcloud is, hands down, the best on-premise cloud server platform on the market. Not only is it easy to deploy, it's also reliable and expandable."

Read tips by @jlwallen on configuring Nextcloud for performance that should better meet your demands.


"Think about Dropbox, Slack and Trello having a child and that in turn allows you to connect to your cellphone"

The privacy team at Decentralize Today has a great cookbook!


"Open source can do wonders for society, be it with software, a simple change in terminology, diversity in numbers, or policing unacceptable behaviors.

By design, this community is open, and it's time to be held to a higher standard." @jlwallen


Why a subscription costs less time and money than hourly rates?

That is what we’d call a win-win, and a business model we can be proud of. It happens to be the same business model as Red Hat famously follows, one that we know scales well.


The top cloud providers for both consumers and businesses by @ITProPortal

Among the best cloud storage of 2020: Nextcloud! ✨

Tomorrow is the "Nextcloud day" at Open Source Week, check below for more details and join the @RIOS_opensource conference! 🔽


Using Nextcloud at a primary or middle school? We'd really LOVE to hear from you! 💙 Reply below or DM us! 😉

The Dark theme 🖤

Try out the dark theme to relieve eye strain by reducing the overall luminosity & brightness.

In this video you can learn how to build your own home automation server using OpenHAB, HASSIO and, of course, ! It's a pretty complete overview of hardware & options, check it out!

How to use the Radio app in Nextcloud? 📻

Watch this short video with nice music in the background, made by our partner @tab_digital 🎶


Want to set up a mail server integrated with Nextcloud?
A fantastic tutorial was written by one of our community members: the ISP Mail Tutorial (Caramel Edition)! Read, use, bookmark...

And now the switch: If you're looking for a alternative, Nextcloud is a smart choice in the direction of privacy! @manilabulletin


The top cloud providers for both consumers and businesses by @ITProPortal

Among the best cloud storage of 2020: Nextcloud!

Nextcloud lets you add context to your folders, providing a space for notes, a description or even a todo list on top of every folder - also visible and editable on your mobile devices, of course!

This is handy when you share folders, or just for you! ✨

Why Talk integrated on your is better than a separate chat and solution?

⚙️ Integration capabilities
✅ Efficiency
🔒 Security

Read this blog for a deeper dive in several more advantages!


"Die Unternehmen sitzen in den USA, die Daten werden in der Regel ebenfalls dort gespeichert. Das macht es schwierig, sie nach europäischen Datenschutzrichtlinien in deutschen Schulen einzusetzen."


When you're under constant threat as journalists, a secure collaboration platform is extremely important. That is why organizations like the OCCRP and German radio and television use !

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