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What is behind this thing? An interview about home servers with at with

Spoiler: Jos doesn't have that many terabytes at home, but no please!

Remember, privacy doesn't exist without security! Keep your server updated and follow our announcement channels. If you run NGINX, did you already update the configuration and PHP packages on your server? You should!

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There are two main problems with the security of messenger apps you should be aware off:
πŸ“ž can't protect from a compromised device
πŸ“« they all leak metadata!

With Talk you keep your metadata on your server and clean devices with remote wipe!

"Where is the freedom if you use Free Software but proprietary cloud services?"

@nextcloud can compete with proprietary data silos like O365, Google, Dropbox, iCloud, because they are standing on the shoulders of giants and can use all of the fantastic #FOSS innovations: With Free Software they are more then #Nextcloud. They are a big #community and together we can compete with these companies.

Great talk by @Karlitschek "How I forked my own project" at #libreplanet

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