Beebom: If you wish to have better control over your images, Nextcloud can be a viable option!

Nextcloud puts your data at your fingertips, under your control.

Store your documents, calendar, contacts, and photos on a server at home, at one of our providers or in a data center you trust. Learn more!

Nextcloud Talk is listed as one of the Best Open-Source Video Conferencing Software by @MUO_official 😍

Are you using Nextcloud and need help with something from experienced @Nextclouders?

Did you just hear about Nextcloud and want to give it a try?

The purpose of this blog is to direct everyone to ask for help at the right channel!

With Nextcloud, enterprises, educational institutes and private users can immediately benefit from a decentralized, ad-free, surveillance-free communication experience.

Nextcloud Talk is for you!

"Focusing more on user collaboration, it features real-time document editing and integrated audio/video/text chat. There’s also a large marketplace of over 200 free apps to extend the functionality of your cloud server."

Nextcloud πŸ’™

Did you know a third of people who abandon a survey form do so because they worry about privacy and security?

Nextcloud Forms is here to keep your surveys private!

πŸ“ Create your form
πŸ”— Share the link
✍️ Fill the form
😍 View results

Events: In the coming months, you’ll have a chance to meet Nextcloud experts at a variety of events across the globe, and we wanted to give you a short overview!

Find more cool details in this blog and join us!

"Take back your privacy" is suing TikTok for 2bln in the Netherlands for violating childrens' rights.
"It is clear that TikTok does not take children’s privacy seriously. TikTok keeps sacrificing children’s privacy to make a profit."

Do you πŸ’™ Nextcloud and want to promote it in your area? We are looking for marketeers in various markets across the world!

Interested? Check and apply! πŸ€—

If you want to share a file or a group of files with somebody, there is a number of options!

Nextcloud features an easy to use and powerful web interface. You can access all your files wherever you are and however you like! 😎

You understand why decided to be based in Ireland, right? The privacy guard dog there only resolved 2% of the complaints it received...

Nextcloud Deck for iOS 0.5.0 brings some bugfixes, better design, and support for internationalization!

CC @CollaboraOffice @OSXP_Paris @itsa_Messe @Canonical @linbit @opennebula

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