Meanwhile, over 230 businesses from all over Europe have signed our open letter urging the EU Parliament to vote against this disastrous
Breaking: German newspaper FAZ reports its investigation found strong indications that Germany traded its support for …

We continue to receive signatories to our open letter against Copyright directive - members of EU parliament, please don't support a bill that will harm IT business in the EU!

So, a new database to add to the list! That will help keep users who might want to re-use passwords safe...
Nextcloud can optionally check new passwords against this database in a secure way:

The city of Amsterdam is creating a digital map where you can find all digital surveillance/data collection devices like cameras, both public and private/business owned. Great initiative to create some !

Over 210 European tech companies have signed our open letter to the European Parliament to reject and . Our businesses depend on copyright and we compete with Google & other US tech companies - this law hurts our businesses!

If you don't want to worry about:
πŸ’₯ data theft
🧾 legal compliance
πŸ‘» loss of version control
πŸ“§ productivity loss from working by mail

Check out how can secure your collaboration processes and improve team productivity!

With another 50 signatories to our public letter in the last 2 days, tech companies offer a strong rebuke to and - these will be very harmful to the EU tech industry!

Do you want to make sure your users have access to their team productivity software, even if they suffer from bad eyesight or require keyboard input?
Nextcloud is WCAG 2.0 AAA compatible, works with screen readers and has a Dyslexia-friendly font option.

Over at copybuzz, covers the current state of noting that the supposed 'protections' for small businesses and memes are refuted by all experts and it is clear upload filters will be a result from the law.

Small & Medium Enterprises can't afford to take unnecessary risk, so they would even let Google filter their own, internal uploads to ensure safety from violations.

Our urgent public letter to MEPs was signed by over 130 EU IT businesses:

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