The last sessions of the ⬇️⬇️⬇️

🎈 4pm Contributing to Nextcloud Office @CollaboraOffice and @PedroPS
Location: Wintergarten 🌿

🎈 5pm Workshop: How to build a Nextcloud app?
Location: Wintergarten 🌿

We continue 🌍

But first... Coffee Time 🥪

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Love to see you all 💙

Last lightning talk of the day! 🌆
From Portugal 🇵🇹

🎙️Ron Trevor, Software developer at @SwarmApp

"Decentralized Swarm storage has come to Nextcloud App Store!"

🎯 Swarm is self-sovereign decentralized storage built on the Ethereum blockchain

Frank Dengler, CEO of @audriga

🎙️"Nextcloud user provisioning with SCIM 2.0"

"User provisioning is an important aspect of data portability and interoperability, which has not been a major subject of standardization efforts since the times of LDAP"

Streaming comments 👉🏽

Carlos Vargas, from Orlando "Collabora is amazing, great job" @CollaboraOffice

You have ideas? We have money! 💸 💸 💸

@jospoortvliet presenting Marie's talk 🎇

Marie Guthub @shiromarieke Co-Director, Prototype Fund, aims to keep innovation processes as well as infrastructures open and accessible.

What a session!

Nextclouders 👩🏽‍💻👨🏽‍💻

Everything is gonna be available as VOD after the conference as well 👉🏽

But for now... Join us 👉🏽

We are in the Main room of the BuM 🎇 And you?
💙 Tune in

Patrick Lang is on stage! 🎙️

" jtx Board - Bringing VJOURNAL to life on Android "

Jan Suhr, CEO of @nitrokey presents: NextBox - Nextcloud on your own hardware, easy to use

Reliable Nextcloud under your control!

👁️Tune in

Are you joining us in Streaming or in Berlin?

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Berlin 🐶

Streaming 😺

From Uganda 🇺🇬 Joseph Zikusooka (Zik) @jzikusooka
CEO, Jambula Labs is on stage Fam ❤️

Presenting ...
"Using Nextcloud in a Smart Home environment"

"Nextcloud, you are really doing a great job!"
Thanks for your kind words 💙

Anna Larch🎙️

New Mail Features 🥳🥳

Technical considerations:

💙Who is allowed to do that?
💙Party crashers?
💙Writing to the backend

is on fire 🚒🔥🎇

📣 📣 Anna Larch 📣 📣

"We have plenty of exciting new Mail Features and would like to introduce them to you"

☺️ a highly discussed topic in

🎙️11 user events your app wants to listen to

"In any ecosystem, each organism has a life cycle, and so have apps and users. And of course, we have an interaction of both." -

Applauses to Arthur Schiwon, Senior Software Engineer at Nextcloud 👏🏽👏🏽

Hear about how EU countries like Germany, France, and the Netherlands are moving towards alternative solutions like in open source.

Who is on stage? 🔬

From California 🇺🇸 Mikaela Schneider, Content Marketer in Nextcloud 💙

Applause to Mikaela 👏🏽👏🏽

DAVx⁵ – What's New and What's Next🎙️

Sunik Kupfer, Android Dev telling us about ...

💻 @davx5app is a sync client solution fro android to sync contacts, calendars, tasks, notes, and journals.

Tune in📍

🇮🇳 From India to Berlin 🇩🇪

@nimishaavijay, Ux Designer at Nextcloud👏

✍️ "Contributing to Nextcloud is more than just programming and code. Find out what you can do to make Nextcloud more intuitive, useful, and fun by contributing to the design"

👋 "Hello I’m @PedroPS, Community Manager, UX Designer @collabora and I've been working in graphic design for 10 years now"

@CollaboraOffice has improved in the UX front with many new features and possibilities to use and set up.

🥁 🥁 🥁 TIME!

Frank Dengler, CEO, and co-founder of @audriga
"Data portability and interoperability with JMAP for Nextcloud"

Tuned in ✨

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