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@ebbo @rauschma At @1024Lu we created nextcloud-link (npmjs.com/package/nextcloud-li) to use @Nextclouders as a storage back-end.

Who owns your data? We think you should. And that鈥檚 the idea was built on. Our partner @storjproject@twitter.com follows the same principle, and together we are helping you with this.

Follow us next week and answer questions from both companies for a chance to win prizes!

We care about , do you? Together with @storjproject@twitter.com we lower costs and improve security and privacy for our users.

Follow us both next week for a chance to win SWAG as part of Storj's campaign.

has a big, diverse and very important ecosystem of apps providing a wide variety of capabilities. In this presentation from Chaos Communication Congress @OpenInfraOrbit@twitter.com @jospoortvliet@twitter.com talks through some personal highlights.

Next week, we will join our partner @storjproject@twitter.com鈥檚
campaign. Follow them and answer questions related to
and for a chance to win prizes from us both. Learn
more about our partnership with Storj here:

Stop risking your business data in the public cloud, take back control and keep it safe in a reliable data center!

Want to know about all the new app releases that come out every day? We have a twitter and mastodon channel that shares them!

Today 9 years ago, @fkarlitschek@twitter.com announced ownCloud at a KDE event in San Diego!

@kdecommunity@twitter.com coverage: dot.kde.org/2010/01/21/camp-kd
Pics: First Stuttgart meetup, those 5 at our first Nc Conf, group pic of our last meetup in Stuttgart!

Next meeting March:

We recently released updates to:
馃摑 CODE 4.0 (RC2)
馃搩 Richdocuments app (3.1.0)
馃摫 Android app (3.4.1)
Which should make collaborative document editing in Android and iOS fully functioning!

Did you test it already?

Thousands of accounts closed, out of the blue. Don't allow your enterprise to rely on a centralized service when you can and should and stay in control!

Your enterprise needs a reliable partner who helps you keep data under your control. provides a solution that is easy and quick to integrate in your existing infrastructure, requiring little training and no migration efforts.

Learn more today!

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Does your school give the data of your children to a random cloud provider in another country? Or does it what the capital of Switzerland does for its 35.000 students, keeping their data safe and secure in their own ?


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