If you are looking for the most scalable on-premises solution for collaboration and secure file exchange, look no further: nextcloud.com/globalscale doesn't sweat at tens of millions of users!

There are already many 15 tutorials to be found on the excellent website by @criegerde all covered!


.@golem@twitter.com covered the Nextcloud 15 release, as did many other press outlets like @heiseonline@twitter.com @iTWire@twitter.com @linuxmagazin@twitter.com @prolinux_de@twitter.com @opennetru@twitter.com @Rootcz@twitter.com @lwnnet@twitter.com @linuxjournal@twitter.com @t3n@twitter.com and more!

Thanks everyone!

- @Nextclouders Nextcloud 15 mit Mastodon und mehr Sicher…

"trying to"? We did! Let's make it better, together!
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Our whole team moving to has given us such a "liberating" feeling... Three cheers to open source and @Nextclouders for trying to building an alternative world! We are with you..

You're going to miss Google Plus? How about joining the with and many others! Even now has an app that lets you join, follow and share with others. We're just getting started but you can get involved now!

The Dutch government recommends "not using the web-only version of Office 365, or SharePoint Online" for compliance reasons.

We agree - keep your data under control, use a self-hosted solution like with @CollaboraOffice@twitter.com or @only_office@twitter.com !

Looks like we're ending the year with a bang! Thanks for the kind words. As always - keep feedback coming!

There is much to do, Nextcloud Social is just getting started, sharing can still be improved further, Talk will get better and more. Get involved!


Our partner ONLYOFFICE has also released a 15 version of their app, now letting admins restrict access to the app for specified groups.

The Secure Sharing Outlook Add-in replaces mail attachments with public share links. You can automatically clean those files after a certain time and based on specific conditions if you want, using our Workflow tools.

Learn how!

A main improvement in 15 is deeper @libreoffice@twitter.com @CollaboraOffice@twitter.com online integration, both in the browser as well as on mobile devices!

So there's work for @only_office@twitter.com and the Polls devs βœ…
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@Nextclouders Yes, it does. :)

We apologize for the website issues, we're under heavy load as many of our users are upgrading and others checking out what's new in 15!

Der Spiegel on the German Federal Goverment's choice for secure file exchange:
"Nextcloud is a counter-model to typical cloud-solutions from big US vendors like Microsoft"

Our mission is to make remote work easy and secure. 15 introduces a new sidebar with integrated video chat, available even when editing documents with others. We took document editing mobile & new sharing features give you more control!


You do not control your data if it is not .

Our latest 15 allows admins to enforce two-factor authentication, we added new security hardenings and we made 2FA easier. That is how we keep your data yours!


The new 15 is the ultimate team productivity tool:
βœ… brand new grid view
βœ… 2-3x faster loading
βœ… next-gen full-text search
βœ… workflow tools like PDF conversion, script execution


Hey Mastodonians, citizens and others! Gear up for tens of millions of Nextcloud users spread over several 100K servers who can now join the in just one click!

Join the global social network!

Nextcloud 15 is here! πŸŽ‡

πŸ‘‹ social networking
πŸ”’ hardening & 2FA enforcement
πŸ“„ sidebar with document editing
πŸ—¨οΈ video chat in sidebar
πŸš€ 3x faster loading
πŸ“‚ new design with grid view
βœ… more, share our blog!


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