Need to securely receive or send files? With Firefox Send gone, is one of your best options!

With Nextcloud you can give customers or partners an easy way to upload files to you. If you are worried about the risks that come with that - fear not! You can use one of Nextcloud's anti-virus solutions to protect your data, like Kaspersky Anti-virus!

Our friends at @only_office released a new connector for Nextcloud, adding a Force Save option, support for the Chinese language and a number of smaller fixes. Go update!

Looking to improve productivity, secure data or update compliance? An on-premise file sync and share helps do that and more. Read about your options!

The cloud is certainly big. But so are its security and compliance risks. That's why 70% of surveyed organizations is planning to bring one or more apps back from the cloud. Find out why!

Nextcloud is all about sharing and in this recent blog we described some of the easiest ways to share with other users!

Europe CAN play a leading role here, if we’re pro-active and build on the entrepreneurship we have! Instead of falling back to the big, US firms, let’s look at local business and innovation as a driver of growth, shares @fkarlitschek for @univention!

Every day, 300-400 people sign up to a account from our apps. Super user friendly and still... ! How did we create such a great experience while preserving your ? Our @jancborchardt writes about it on @opensourceway

Operate an Office environment on a private, secure server with a familiar user interface and full compatibility with Microsoft Office formats using Nextcloud and MS Office Online Server. More in our blog.

Privacy Shield CH-USA bietet nach Auffassung des EDΓ–B (EidgenΓΆssischer Datenschutz- und Γ–ffentlichkeitsbeauftragter) kein adΓ€quates Datenschutzniveau.

Nextcloud Talk is the most secure way of communication and collaboration! Calls are encrypted and not even meta-data leaves your server. Easily share documents & work together with others on your server or guests you invited for meetings, webinars or more!

Meet @hostingDE, one of our earliest partners and the only company in Europe that is offering a public API, which allows customers to fully integrate and automate all services from in their own workflow.
Read the blog for more 😊

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