Privacy and protecting data is usually not much of a concern for SAAS providers - Zoom here shares your data on Facebook, even if you don't have a facebook account...

If you run a server, consider enabling and protect against 99.9% of attacks on your users! Learn about the options in our latest blog:

is still looking for new members for our sales team! Want to make a difference in an company?

👏ethical business
🏠working from home
🗺️super international

Heimarbeit wegen der Pandemie: Anbieter wie Microsoft oder Zoom werben für kommerzielle Lösungen. Doch wer auf der Suche nach einer langfristigen Lösung ist, wird gerade bei alternativen Open-Source-Tools fündig -

Tomorrow CEO will join CTO Corey Hulen and Frédéric Plais from to discuss the challenges and opportunities facing tech companies in the time of . Join!

🤯 Our latest Android app introduces a often requested feature: ability to auto-upload previously taken images in a folder! That, plus conflict management, smart out-of-space handling and more - in 3.11. Get it now!

Want to get started with right now? Pick a hosting provider in your area and get going!

Our partner HKN offers a 3 month free setup for businesses in the German (speaking) area including video calls, office document collaboration and more!

A community member is looking for volunteer coders to work on BigBlueButton integration in to help schools continue their lesson plans! Want to support education in this time of social distancing?

Tired of switching from video/chat app to a file sharing app to your local document editor to your mail client ... ??

Hub adds context to your conversations. Have a call on the side of a document you edit, associate files with tasks or a chat.

Here's a request for coding help to get BigBlueButton integration in to help schools continue their lesson plans! Want to support education in this time of social distancing?

Call for students: Work on Nextcloud related projects together with Joplin! Read more details on how to get involved and develop some great features this summer at 2020!

Adding audio/video chat to your server is as simple as enabling the app! See this article from
If firewalls get in the way, setup a TURN server - documentation and information here:

- the community is coming after you!

Frank Karlitschek announced Hub at the 10 year mark of his self hosted cloud project. Check out the blog and pictures!

"Cloud computing: More costly, complicated and frustrating than expected - but still essential"

Cloud is no silver bullet for cost and complexity. Especially for sensitive data, is the better option!

The perfect integration of Nextcloud in HCL Notes (formerly IBM Notes or Lotus Notes): Simplex Nextcloud Connector! ⚡️Read more here -

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