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Yes, growth comes at a 'cost', but we won't slow down, no worries! 🧐

Apologies to everybody who has had a hard time downloading from our download server. Despite a recent upgrade in hardware, getting over 100.000 downloads of the new client on Monday alone caused issues. We're working on preventing this in the future.

With the files-from-mail app, you can set up an email address so that all attachments sent to it are stored in your for easy access! apps.nextcloud.com/apps/files_

" is widely regarded as the golden standard for hosting your own cloud." writes @corbindavenport@twitter.com for @AndroidPolice@twitter.com, read more @ androidpolice.com/2020/01/25/t

Der Prototype Fund unterstΓΌtzt Programmierer*innen dabei, ihre
Projektideen vom Konzept bis in die Betaversion umzusetzen! @prototypefund@twitter.com : Bewerbt euch jetzt mit eurem -Projekt: prototypefund.de

In this video, we will show you quickly how Flow can take care of those boring, repetitive tasks you have to do every day - by automating them! Have a look @ youtu.be/Yid1haOiBcY⚑️

iOS client is updated! The new 2.25.9 version brings rich workspaces and ONLYOFFICE document editing on your mobile and many other improvements!

"Sysadmins need all the help that they can get and hence, we have come up with this compilation of the best tools for sysadmins for that will not only rule the roost in 2020, but for many years to come" start with πŸ˜‰ & read more - dailyhostnews.com/top-open-sou

"An insanely fully-featured cloud solution which works beautifully across multiple devices and platforms. Indeed, its potential feature set (...) puts the likes of Dropbox, Google Drive, & iCloud to shame."

Now that's nice to hear from @weareproprivacy@twitter.com !

"With a Nextcloud backup in place, it's time to learn how to restore those backups to a new instance of the on-premises cloud server." watch a video by @TechRepublic@twitter.com & @jlwallen@twitter.com @ techrepublic.com/videos/how-to πŸ‘

Nextcloud Talk is the most secure way of communication and collaboration! Calls are encrypted and not even meta-data leaves your server. Easily share documents & work together with others on your server or guests you invited for meetings, webinars or more.

allows you to lock a file to signify you are working on it. This video introduces the feature and shows how it can be helpful to synchronize work between team members - youtu.be/Li38SmjKNkA ⚑️

Hub has the @only_office@twitter.com documents editor installed by default! 🀩 read more details in our latest blog post - nextcloud.com/blog/how-to-inst

Paying for a load of online services where your data is parked? Save some money and regain control over your data by replacing some with Hub! ☁️youtube.com/watch?v=I8GtygCoNc

Organize yourself and keep track of what you are doing with the Tasks app! πŸ—’οΈ apps.nextcloud.com/apps/tasks

Linux Action News covers Hub by @jupitersignal@twitter.com watch the video @ Linux Action News covers Hub youtube.com/watch?v=qIOY15cyMT πŸ’»

Rich workspaces in : a great way to make sure you and your colleagues are on the same page when it comes to the folder structure you collaborate in! Watch more @ youtu.be/o8DNaeEnXkg πŸ“ƒπŸ’»

Learn how to use the Hub built-in data analytics tool, which can represent your data with charts and more! ☁️ - tek.io/31S0vBH via @TechRepublic@twitter.com by @jlwallen@twitter.com

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