The Dutch ministry of justice paid for a test of Office 365, finding a series of issues. Just one of these: 6 different companies receive user data including file names, without even a privacy policy.


You see?

#uMatrix should be taught at school.

It's a fundamental tool, not just to protect our #privacy, but to understand the cyber world we live in!


@Shamar @nextcloud I am missing a crowdsourced knowledge base in uMatrix that can tell me if, for example, the webflow domain is simply a CDN, a tracker, ads, or what have you. Could probably be reusing a lot of intel from existing block lists.

@Shamar @fschaap @nextcloud
UMatrix is a godsend, and it isn’t even too difficult to pick up on. I’m sure most people could go from knowing nothing, to being able to fully use it in a single class period.

@fschaap @nextcloud They must be called piracy company since they are stealing our data and selling it to others without our consent

@xn17 @nextcloud Thanks! I really like that frame: if you steal my data, you're a pirate. In Dutch that also has a really nice repetition of the a-sound in it: data-piraat.

i am confused. who is stealing? there is nothing in that table showing evidence of privacy violation or data harvesting. xhr and frame are empty.
@fschaap @nextcloud

yeah I understand what you trying to say. They are just using a CDN and a private analytics tool and doesn't share their data with others.Sorry, if I offended you.In this caseI used those words since they rhyme(piracy and privacy)and that's how companies are in generally now a days(mostly not their fault, It just the fault of products they are using).
@fschaap @nextcloud

@xn17 these are trying times for relevant rhymes.

Worth noting that this is the 2nd test they did.
The first test (May/June 2019) already revealed 8 severe privacy violations.

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