🎉 turns 14 today! 🎉

Here’s a fun little quiz to celebrate the occasion:

Please share your results!

Congratulations #Fediverse 🥳 🎈

Fabulous quiz!

He he well.. I'll be fair and include the screenshot of my 1st try yesterday when beta-testing. That wasn't my best, and I was weak on mascottes and history. So a 66% score. You get different questions when retrying and on my last run had a 93% score. So there's something to learn :D

Big applause to @lightone and @minoru for putting this delicious gift together for us 👏

> Which one started as a fork of Pleroma
> So whatever Bonfire/CommonSocial is called today
> click GoToSocial
> wrong

Eeeh if it's Mobilizon then I don't think it was a fork, they just grabbed parts.

@lanodan Yes, I remember there were bad feelings. But Mobilizon added a note to their repo's README later (which is still there).

@lightone Yeah, I was there :)

IIRC they also added a notice in the start of the relevant files, Pleroma's transmogrifier being part of that.

Out of three runs, my best and worst scores were 60 and 50%, so not that good... 😣

@tfardet To be fair, the questions were not easy. After several retries they repeat. Don't give up :D

Sheer luck also works: did one with no hard mascot question and combinations of languages/projects I new about and got a nice 91% ^^

@lightone I took part but I will not share my results as to not cast shame on the project I'm representing. 😰

@hypolite Come on. It's a game! 😎 And the number of retries is infinite (while questions are finite). Also, there're at least 2 specific questions about Friendica ;)

@hypolite @lightone BTW: When I tried again I had been at more than 80% - the question had been much easier.

@heluecht @hypolite If only you could see what the preparations of these questions looked like... to describe the mascot without naming the animal... it was a crash course on biology :)

@hypolite @lightone Yeah, there had been animals I never heard before about.
@hypolite @lightone I didn't get a lot, in fact I think I failed the pleroma mascot one because I was like "eeeh, pleroma-tan doesn't have that much lore"

@lanodan I'd say Pleroma-tan and Misskey's Ai have *much more* lore than can be described in simple words. They would definitely need an illustration in such a quiz. ;)

Despite all that, I think the thing you wrote in the quotes deserves attention. We need pleroma-tan lore! :akko_fistup:

@hypolite @lightone
@NaiJi @hypolite @lightone @lanodan quiz is shit, only thing it talks about pleroma is that it's not fork of mastodon. thank you fuck you
@hj @hypolite @lightone @NaiJi there is other questions if you reload (I think there is 3 sets).

But it quite made me want to do a more oldfag "how is your meme/history" knowledge kind of quiz as this one is wiki-trivia.

@lanodan And other fedi things have about the same amount of attention, equally little, so it’s… okay? What’s not okay is the lack of Pleroma-tan lore btw :shiro_grumpy:

@hypolite @lightone @hj

@hj Your observation is 50% correct, there's one more question about specifically Pleroma. Also, your civility levels are rather low. Bye!

@lightone These are all non-technical questions and we should be also be able to answer them with ease as they are trivial?

@roland I think there're a lot of rather technical questions, and only some of them are easy. But if all the questions were trivial, it would be a boring quiz


Mobilizon didn’t start as a fork of Pleroma, it reuses some federation-related code

@mkljczk This question may be changed if its accuracy level is not enough. Though need to think how to formulate it. "reuses some federation-related code" might be said about other projects in Fedi.

Level explorer with 41% 😕
Great job on the quiz lostinlight, it was fun and well made 😀
@lightone wow this thing's old already

got 75% on the test even tho there were some pretty deep lore questions I had no clue how to answer

@lightone finally did it on my desktop. comparable to @dansup one... (finally a site without couldflare geez...)

@siina I'm glad you found out something new! Yes, Pixelfed doesn't use its mascot power too often. Something for @dansup to consider ;)

@lightone 66 % – well I was a bit late to the party and don't know a lot about the history. Happy birthday Fediverse! :heart_cyber:

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