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🎉 Happy 12th Birthday,

It's great that you don't put all your eggs in one basket ;) Stay cool.


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✔ idea to not let this day pass unnoticed - by @titi

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[Re-listening to the Silmarillion awakens in me the desire to be creative]

Are there many designers here? I'm sure there're some although I haven't found many yet.

Let's use the tag - short and easy - for any user interface concepts of networks?

Since whole interface concepts require a lot of time and energy, I shall post under this tag small features that could be. The ones I'm too shy or too lazy to submit as issues. :)

Please, join
[ and 🥂 ]

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Jolly good holidays to all fedizens of ❄️

(Left-to-right: , and behind the scenes all the other wonderful projects that don't have mascots yet:)

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Now I'd like to give people the option to financially support #WriteFreely without having to pay for a subscription. So today I'm launching an Open Collective page for anyone who would like to support the project.

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✔ Periodic overview of recently added #ActivityPub projects

Catcast D - a federated video live streaming platform #TypeScript
Ktistec - a single-user ActivityPub server with minimal dependencies #Crystal
Lectrn - a free, decentralized, open, and easy to use social network for humans

MXToot - a #Matrix - Mastodon bot written in #Java
Libervia - an XMPP-AP gateway doubled with #XMPP Pubsub end-to-end encryption
FediHealth - software to help you define federation policies for your node

For all projects visit:
Apps / Watchlist
Developer resources / Watchlist
✔ Periodic themed servers overview

⛺ Regional: - pour les francophones du #Québec

🐧 Tech: - for those who love #Wordpress and open source

🔥 Professional: - for all #firefighters in German-speaking countries

source - portal/servers


* April Rain - Towards the Native Uvalas (St. Petersburg)
* Narita Line - She Is the Ark (Moscow)
* I am waiting for you last summer - Event horizon (Ryazan)
* Endlesstrains - Reflections of hands in the water (Murmansk).

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/ - anyone?

Let's exchange some regional knowledge.

Name x compositions (that you like) by different musicians from your native country / region.

Meh. Coffee won.

Obviously, there're more Frenchmen than Brits on Mastodon 😼

@lightone @taziotoninzo @franko Yeah, it's pretty much an UI for Mastodon, so all the security of the actions/communications resides on the security of Mastodon Software itself.
I might retake the project as it is a really good, viable and scalable idea.
This UI could be used on top of an instance dedicated entirely to this dating functionality, for example, or could be just built under the hashtag #fedilove of your instance federation, which is interesting

Announcing XMPP<=>ActivityPub gateway project doubled with XMPP Pubsub end-to-end encryption supported by NLnet/NGI Zero (thanks again @NGIZero !)

#XMPP #activitypub #libervia #nlnet #e2ee #pubsub

Miss out on the first webinar about for EU/national administrations? That's why we recorded it! -> Check out a great, concise introduction on the & and its alignment with EU/EC-values of sovereignty and equality, as well as an in-depth discussion on self-hosting, FOSS in government & social networking presence. And don't forget the next webinar April 26 at 10 am CEST where we dive deeper into & its evolution. Cyathere! 👋

What wellness is marketed as:
-Body lotions
-Fancy juices

What wellness ACTUALLY looks like:
-Health care coverage
-Access to therapy
-Walkable cities
-Green spaces
-Living wages
-Paid time off
-Physical activity
-Close knit communities

Coincidences! I've been thinking of (good old days on) yesterday and of how I miss thoughtful, long-form communication - and today, after a long time, diaspora has had a minor release. Maybe thinking about it speeds things up a bit :fishthink:

@lightone Does this mean the fediverse is 13 years old next month? Lucky for some...


No, wait. I forgot - there's now one more general list of servers at 🤞

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Oof. I'm a bit behind the news... has had a major hosting disaster, and is still on the way to normal:

This means, we're currently left with *the only* general, public Fedi stats hub - (that still has no luck with finding new contributors ;( )

Speedy recovery to @dmorley and!
And if anyone wishes to revive - *this* is the right moment 🙏

✔ Periodic overview of recently added #ActivityPub projects in #Golang #Go

FChannel: a libre, self-hostable, federated, imageboard platform
Socialtap: a federated version of that extends the ActivityPub types. Drink socially!
Corteza: an open-source, low-code federated platform for building cloud-based business apps with CRM capabilities

For all projects visit:……
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