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I hope no one is using free .tk domains for anything but testing. Web witnessed many heartbreaking stories of ex-owners of such free domains who either lost domains completely or found them full of ads the moment their website got some traffic.

After roughly 4 months of development Hubzilla 4.0 is ready to be released into the wild. We have implemented the zot6 protocol with major changes compared to the legacy zot version:

Using direct push transfer instead of the notify/pickup delivery model. Inclusion of ActivityStreams (JSON-LD) as a supported (primary) serialisation. Dropping the requirements for implementations to support secondary serialisations. Moving service discovery to "Accept-header" based service endpoints where different representations can be selected by modification of the HTTPS request accept header. Separation of the portable-id from the signature algorithm used.

The remaining addons have been converted into addon apps. The addon settings are now removed and the features can now be installed and configured via the apps interface. Besides that, some very interesting new addons have been added to the collection:

The photo cache addon provides the photo cache app which can be enabled per channel and increases anonymity in the world wide web. Public photos will be cached at your hub. The queueworker addon (admin only) implements an enhanced queue worker. This is only important for site admins. The addon is still marked experimental but does a pretty good job already. It has the potential to improve queue handling especially for big sites. The gallery addon provides the gallery app which has been enhanced and has now extended functionality: photos in posts/comments can now be viewed in the photo viewer directly from the stream and and images at the beginning of a post will be converted to an album. The TOTP addon provides per channel two factor authentication using timebased one-time passwords.

Besides that we have implemented many usability enhancements and fixed reported (and not reported) bugs. Please refer to the changelog for a more detailed list of changes.

Developers: there is now a doxygen generated documentation at #^

A big THANK YOU! to all developers, translators and everybody who is helping to improve Hubzilla with each release.

If you like what we do, please consider to support this project: #^

Howto Upgrade

Hubzilla 4.0 requires PHP 7.1 or higher. Versions 7.2 or 7.3 are recommended. HTTPS is now mandatory.

Due to major changes to the addons it is neccesary to follow this update procedure:

util/safemode on this will disable all enabled addons util/udall the actual update which executes git pull for core and addon repos There are several DB updates which can take a looong time (depending on DB size) to complete. Please be patient. If updates fail due to server timeout, you will need to apply the failed updates manually. util/safemode off this enables the previously disabled addons again Install the upgrade info addon (optional) - this will show some info about the upgrade to your community members

In case you attended the RC testing, remember to git checkout master your core and addon repositories prior to the upgrade.

! | Hubzilla Announcements !Hubzilla Support Forum

#RPG Folks: There's a Friendica server at, part of the Fediverse, designed originally as a refuge for the G+ rolegaming community and expanding/revising its role in the larger community as people join and participate. I'm one of the admins. Check out our instance! #ttrpg #friendica #tabletop_rpg #gaming #games

What's the goal of I see more and more @mentions of such "accounts" in my timeline. Clicking such handle doesn't open a profile preview of any kind on the instance, but leads to an external page (i.e., that tells me I can't interact with it neither follow it. Why would I want to see it in my Fediverse timeline then? 馃

Remarkable that , launched before , has 10 times less users. Even taking into account numerous Fedibots. Despite the fact that Keybase was built around social network aspect, idea gained by its creators from OKCupid startup.

Non-technical friends won't catch up on PGP no matter how many stickers you add.

On the other hand, I've used Fediverse as email and messenger for a year now. It has potential of becoming both decentralized *and* private. And suitable for non-tech folks.

Help wanted / Bitte um Hilfe

(english) I try to create an overview of the features of the different federated platforms and which communication protocols they are capable of. Or add another platform (with sources) that can "speak" the communication protocol that is mentioned on the sheet. Once it's finished it will be available for everybody.鈥

(deutsch) Ich versuche eine 脺bersicht von Featuren der verschiedenen f枚derierten Plattformen zund deren verf眉gbare Kommunikationsprotokolle zu erstellen. Oder f眉gt eine Plattform (mit Quellen) hinzu, die hier nicht aufgef眉hrt ist, die die entsprechenden Kommunikationsprotokolle "spricht". Wenn es dann fertig ist, stelle ich es nat眉rlich allen zur Verf眉gung.鈥

Please comment like (use the green fields) / Bitte folgenderma脽en kommentieren (die gr眉nen Felder benutzen)


#help #hilfe #federation #fediverse #friendica #mastodon #pleroma #socialhome #ganggo #Misskey #Gnusocial #Funkwhale #Peertube #pixelfed #hubzilla #Osada #Mediagobblin #nextcloud #plume #postactiv #prismo #wordpress #WriteFreely #Statusnet #Diaspora

a friend of mine who spends a LOT of his time picking up plastic waste from parks, rivers, streets, etc. had a good idea. He decided to photograph the non biodegradable waste and tag companies on social media with it. So if he finds a plastic Subway cup, he tells Subway about it with the message "is this yours?" I dig this because it's not something that blames the consumer. It puts the blame where it belongs: on the producer.

By the way, mascot is now official. Its name is Flaxy O'Hare 馃惏

I hope it'll help the number of Friendica nodes grow faster 馃槄

(if your node is public and open for registrations, please, configure it to publish server info correctly:

@rysiek so, slightly better now, data aggregation moved to database (loads fast) and sorting added. I'll try add some #EU specific counts tomorrow. Any particular wishes on how to show/list the data?

I was kind of surprised #France has so many #Fediverse servers 馃

"In this paper we presented Cwtch, a protocol for building metadata resistant applications based on Ricochet. The protocol solves a number of open problems with contemporary metadata resistant designs, providing asynchronous, anonymous multi-party communication through the use of untrusted,
discardable infrastructure.
We have released an open source prototype of Cwtch which can be found at ."

#Ricochet #Cwtch #Tor #Onion #IM

Ok, there is a couple of bugs that I need to fix but they are 'tolerable things'. My plan is to publish a public test server so you can create accounts this weekend, so I can fix possible bugs as soon as possible. Federation should work by this weekend (at least I hope so, basic functionality between servers seems to work). Stay tuned and expect bugs 鈱 :mastodon: :pixelfed:

Hello, World!

This is the first blog post about Marmota, a distributed and Free Software alternative to Spotify (and by extension the majority of the music streaming services)

Boosts and feedback appreciated!

Not a month passes now without a new federating project. One can safely say has rekindled federating client/server architecture trend

The newcomer is

staging server:

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