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Hey, fedizens & fedidevs

Do you need a mascot (for a project)?

I've drawn one for a Livemaster contest. Didn't win the race, so the character is free as in "free hugs" and destined to become by SA. I'll be glad if any good human finds use for it, and doubly glad if this human is a fedizen :)

This is Sunny Lynx, nickname: Yasno, temper: mischievous, format: svg.

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Jolly good holidays to all fedizens of ❄️

(Left-to-right: , and behind the scenes all the other wonderful projects that don't have mascots yet:)

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NLNet @NGIZero has approved funding for #ForgeFed !

There are many potential tasks and related projects that haven't been taken by anyone yet. This is an amazing chance to get funded for working on an awesome free software and decentralized internet project!

ForgeFed work and funding plan:

If there's a task you'd like to grab/suggest/discuss, please comment here 🙂

Oh btw our first spec draft release is coming soon 😍😍😍


Ohai there, friends! Sorry for the bit of silence in the last couple of months, we don't like that either, so we figured it's time to make some noise! A few moments ago, we merged the API branch into develop, which means that starting now, all pods on the develop branch support the new, fancy API!

Note that this is not a stable release yet. Until diaspora* is officially released, this API is not considered stable, and we might change things at any time without notice to improve usability and stability. We plan on reaching a stable point once we push into release, but we will communicate as soon as we consider the API stable. Consider it experimental until then. :)

Please do check out the API documentation if you want to know what you can do with the API, and how to use it. We're looking forward to your ideas, and we're curious what you will build with it.

If you had plans for an application using the API, now is a great time to start working on that. We know that we said the API is not stable yet, and that's true, but your feedback will help to improve the API and polishing it for a stable release. If you do find bugs where diaspora* does not behave like you'd expect from reading the API documentation, please file a bug on diaspora* so we can iron that out. If you have an idea for an improvement or you think we should change something within the API, please open a bug on the API documentation. For all other kinds of questions and input regarding the API, we created a new category on Discourse, so please join us there! :)

Happy hacking!

#diaspora #api (yes, really!) #announcement
diaspora* API

Is anyone planning anything for the next palindrome day, 2020-02-02?

Hola Fedivers!

Quin goig anunciar que la #FediConf2020 se celebrarà a La Lleialtat Santsenca del 25 al 27 de setembre.

¡Hola Fediverso!

Qué alegría anunciar que la #FediConf2020 se celebrará en la Lleialtat Santsenca del 25 al 27 de septiembre.

Hi Fediverse!

What a joy to announce that the #FediConf2020 will take place at la Lleialtat Santsenca from 25th to 27th Septembre.

#FediConf #Fediverse #Fediverso #DecentralizeAll

Books, Schneier, wine. 


New study: The advertising industry is systematically breaking the law

Every time we use apps, hundreds of shadowy entities are receiving personal data about our interests, habits, and behaviour.

What do you use for server monitoring #Fediverse?
Im trying to move away from grafana & prometheus(-node-exporter), since the grafana alerts don't really work for me.

Boosts appreciated.

(non)human languages 

From now on `` is a citizen of land. 👾

In early 2017 I was tired, and disappointed, and about to leave federated networks. Then one amazing Fediverse user reminded me of the remedy:

"Learn to rest, not to quit".

Perhaps someone here needs this advice now.

"Yesterday Marlinspike bashed decentralization. What he's missing is it's not about decentralization in the 90s sense. It's about making dominant platforms open again, where competing services can communicate with people on other networks, and competition can happen in an economy strongly based on network effect

Interoperability isn't a Swiss knife. But if it's applied to solve privacy and security problems that come with it, it'd be a visionary thing for the Internet" 

Stats hub updated its theme for the new year and looks even better now. It has also started tracking most Fediverse projects. "Advanced" view is very informative.

Thanks, @dmorley! 🎉

KnzkDev/kanzaki: A Mastodon-compatible, ActivityPub-speaking server in OCaml

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