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Hey, fedizens & fedidevs

Do you need a mascot (for a project)?

I've drawn one for a Livemaster contest. Didn't win the race, so the character is free as in "free hugs" and destined to become by SA. I'll be glad if any good human finds use for it, and doubly glad if this human is a fedizen :)

This is Sunny Lynx, nickname: Yasno, temper: mischievous, format: svg.

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Jolly good holidays to all fedizens of ❄️

(Left-to-right: , and behind the scenes all the other wonderful projects that don't have mascots yet:)

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@LongFA I'm using three accounts to access Twitter, @zloygik and me confirmed today that is shadowbanned.

Now, when I replied to person my reply with is still visible from my account where I replied, but I can only see it using perma link from other accounts I have, it's not visible at all in full list of relies. Counter says 1, but there's VOID when you open them.

Breaking news: More followers here on Mastodon than on Twitter. Just as @anathem oracled. 😂 Keep up the pace, #Fediverse!

@syuilo Pleroma now supports emoji reactions like Misskey 🎉

Treasure trove of projects found by @strypey

• SemApps aims to ease data storage and filtering

• SkoHub publication / subscription infrastructure for Open Educational Resources, allows to follow specific subjects and be notified when new content is published

• CPub server built upon Semantic Web ideas, implements Linked Data Platform

• RavenVale federating GuildWars2

🐘 Periodic overview

🎵 - a community for , creatives, producers, etc

🔭 - for people that make stuff

🎬 - for fans of King of the Hill

mildly contagious 

have written some guides in #french here about #mastodon :
And made an international Web site about the #fediverse here :

Noice tips you give, Thanks for what you do

@lightone @daycode @nick Create Note, Announce Note, Follow, and Undo Follow are implemented. Working on Like, Undo Like, Undo Create Note, Delete Note. Also putting thought into special collections and groups.

@lightone @daycode Yeah, everything is in the release-amber-ale branch: I'm making pretty good progress with it running on The test account is @nick

A self-hosted corpora exchange platform, that aims to be a simple gateway to the for scientific interaction

Hat tip to @titi for the link

Dear fedizens,

Do you know about this? I don’t understand how they want to use machine learning and the Fedi at the same time….

Thanks in advance :)

cc @liaizon @strypey @lightone

developer preferences code-language wise 💻


Of course, if all Wordpress plugins (working and broken ones) and some OStatus tools are included, PHP might as well become number one.

Since the beginning of this year the number of new servers has started to go up again. Slowly, very slowly.

How many of them will stay online when emerald spring touches the Northern hemisphere and everyone goes offline to explore wilderness? 🏕️ We shall see.


🐘 Periodic overview - Northern

🔭 - for fans of 360° photos, videos and everything related to

🐰 - for activist groups of the global justice movement

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