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[Re-listening to the Silmarillion awakens in me the desire to be creative]

Are there many designers here? I'm sure there're some although I haven't found many yet.

Let's use the tag - short and easy - for any user interface concepts of networks?

Since whole interface concepts require a lot of time and energy, I shall post under this tag small features that could be. The ones I'm too shy or too lazy to submit as issues. :)

Please, join
[ and 🥂 ]

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Jolly good holidays to all fedizens of ❄️

(Left-to-right: , and behind the scenes all the other wonderful projects that don't have mascots yet:)

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I just tried the Sephia Search engine of #PeerTube. This is a huge step forward to discover videos and channels on PeerTube. Already found a great GIMP channel.

@LPS @lps

The first time I noticed that (one big centralized) network has a dropdown hidden inside "report" action with an actual list of options. Impressed to see "animal abuse". I wonder if it's a good decision? Humans prefer to have choices and also hate the endlessness of choice, so limiting their choices to a predefined set (corresponing to the list of server rules - in federated scenario) may be a healthy solution?

Wow, WeChat is to disappear from AppStore and GooglePlay on Sunday? This is a biggy.

There're two kinds of people: those who like green / green-yellow bananas, and those who say they like them yellow-brown (but I can't seriously believe them) #🍌

First time I checked that allows access to Instagram user timeline and post text - a useful addition after Instagram made web browsing for outsiders unusable. I wish Bibliogram also covered search by tags (the only thing I used Instagram for these days). But, one can't have it all 🤐

@lightone 'Connemara' by Pat Collins. It should be available somewhere on the web. It's phenomenal.

Can anyone recommend some good ? Sounds too broad, yes, but I'd check good documentaries about any topic, really. Mostly watched tech-related stuff as of lately, so I'll gladly switch to other things, like geography (travel), or sciences, or whatever. Just something you enjoyed?

I am very happy to be able to announce that i have received a grant from the NGI0 Discovery Fund to work on Hubzilla. This fund was established by NLnet @Funds privacy tech/open search with financial support from the European Commission's Next Generation Internet programme.

You can expect some exciting changes in regard to UI/UX in the course of the next 12 months. First thing on the list is to finalize the transition to zot6 and release Hubzilla 5.0 though :)

#Hubzilla #NLnet #NGI0 #EU

I've never seriously thought about it, but in this day and age, when we're *expected* to be transparent (before the govt, banks, and other interested parties) why don't we want to have transparent public vote? Aren't the benefits bigger than possible negative aspects?

has two ways of sending a direct message - the usual way via a post with visibility permissions dropdown, and also via a separate "messages" chat interface (a neat way of keeping direct messages). Yet, DMs sent from post interface are retractable. DMs sent in a chat are not, although the "cross" icon above the message is called "delete". Looks like a bug?

I've only just noticed that plans to have "registration by email/password or via another account on the Fediverse (Mastodon, PeerTube, Plume, etc.)". 👾 I wonder how it's going to work.

Even though #diaspora development is very slow, it looks like next release 0.8 will have some much sought after features of pod migration and API support.

Once API support is releases, hopefully we will see better mobile applications and possibly that was one of reasons why it did not become popular.

Also after #mastodon, probably people are more open to trying alternatives, at least some folks in my contact list here started using diaspora recently.

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"We value your privacy. These are Legitimate Interest Purposes!" 

Ever wondered why apps that don't need your location still want permission to get your location? It's likely because the app was built with a "free" toolkit that was made by a company that harvests and sells your location data.

One such company is X-Mode, whose first product was an app that was supposed to stop you from making phone calls while drunk. They pivoted to mass location surveillance, providing developer tools to many app creators, from MP3 converters to the beauty app Perfect365.


Do you want to support Friendica? We are currently in the late phase of the 2020.09 development cycle. With the release not too far in the future. One thing everybody can help are translations of the Friendica web interface.

So if you happen to speak English and another language and have some spare time. That could be something for you :D

Translation is done using the Transifex service, which gives you a simple way to edit the translations in you web browser. You do not need to fiddle around with source code or git, we will update the sources of Friendica for you.

Thanks in advance :) <3


Me, when bookmarks were introduced to vanilla Mastodon:
- Yes! I'll be able to keep my collection of "important posts to return to later" separate from likes. Now I'll star everyone's posts to my heart's content! My bookmarks will be few, I'll finally be able to find stuff in there!

Me, 400 bookmarks later:
- 💩 🤔

If you can talk with crowds on other instance,
Connect with all - nor lose the private touch,
No ads, nor algorithms envenom your existance,
And some can censure you, but none too much;
If you can fill the unforgiving minute
With 500 letters worth of Masto-rent,
Yours is the Web and everyone that's in it,
And - which is more - you're Fedizen, my friend!


First Twitter shadowbans mentions of you,
Then Facebook cuts off API for your reshares,
Then Google deletes your mobile clients.

So ice breaks with the coming of spring.

Mystery solved by @a1batross : works in current *develop version* of .

v2.1 is planned to release tomorrow, and 2FA will be available there. 🎉 (the whole user settings menu looks nicer too!)

cc @mgrondin

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