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Looking for Finnish Fediverse people

Re-posting a message from @Jonne Arjoranta :headbanger:in our chatroom. He is looking for #Finnishpeople in the #Fediverse- make contact if you're interested in joining the effort!
Hey everyone! I'm planning on spinning up a sister/child association for Feneas to support the Finnish language Fediverse. It would at least run, and Would someone active in Feneas be willing to sit on the board? I would like to make sure that we collaborate with Feneas. It would probably make sense if they spoke Finnish.#finland#suomi

based platform for and craftsmen Tictail closed on April 2019 πŸ˜• Sold to Shopify. It was a place with character and neat UI. International marketplaces have become just a bit more centralized, yay?

What are "domain blocks" in Import and Export feature ? How can I block a domain? I see only user mutes and blocks in the post's dropdown.

A quick search revealed *at least* 40 active accounts for hacklabs / fablabs / spaces in Fedi, as of today. Yeah, you guessed it: 74% are Germany based.

Don't know how about you, but I get excited every time I see a new active account of a Google/Facebook/otherBigCorp engineer in Fedi. a) because it's nice to have smart people around b) Fedi is contagious, once you're in, resistance is futile 😈

Mhm. Fediverse archiver. πŸ€” Not sure there's any value in duplicating TBs of all public Fedi memes, but... who knows.

@luka yep, it's good not to depend on a single payment mean!

#funkwhale's new donation platform is now up and running πŸŽ‰

Simply visit to donate anonymously by credit card or SEPA transfer, or to become a voting member of our collective.

Many thanks to the people who contributed to and tested this πŸ€—

If you want to read more about the changes and motivations, please check out

(Also note that
our Open Collective page will remain available if you prefer to support us here)

@GreenandBlack hubzilla has answered nearly every single "is there a federated alternative to" question ive ever seen but nobody ever goes for it so im just gonna tell u this once but hubzillas got options

While microblog fedizens of are passionately discussing ways to make ActivityPub better, is silently working on empowering its users by introducing domain blocks *for users* (so that domain block for the whole node will not be strictly necessary):

"The Victorian Internet" turned out to be well-written (and, I hope, prophetical). Big thanks to @rixx for the recommendation!

Skype, Slack, other Electron-based apps can be easily backdoored

"At the BSides LV security conference on Tuesday, Pavel Tsakalidis demonstrated a tool he created called BEEMKA, a Python-based tool that allows someone to unpack Electron ASAR archive files and inject new code into Electron's JavaScript libraries and built-in Chrome browser extensions."


Why is there only one Mastodon personal server provider for non tech people? One for PeerTube and Pixelfed, none for other software. Seems like the most low-hanging business idea. Is it non profitable? (a couple of previously running services closed).

May be handy if pitching Fediverse we can say to friends: "and I personally know the admin who can spin up your very own family node as a service". Local providers would help further data.

Will demand beget supply in the future? πŸ€”

@jeroenpraat this acc. will try to avoid most cross posts, so to have a true fediverse experience.

Reports on actions might be crossposted. showcases new federating (?) projects: Gancio, Squs, Nih, SpugPub

Short names trend? If I were a random web user, on first glance I would never notice nor remember any of these titles. There're so many words that sound right and have all the good social connotations, it seems almost a crime not to use them when naming a new Fedi project.

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