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Jolly good holidays to all fedizens of ❄️

(Left-to-right: , and behind the scenes all the other wonderful projects that don't have mascots yet:)

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DashboardFE (or #DashFE) is a third party webclient/frontend for pleroma/mastodon which design heavily inspires on the tumblr user dashboard interface. Currently in a WIP stage, it is being worked on a daily basis, but it's usable and you can give it a test drive in the following url

We're open to any and all user reports and suggestions, though we don't have yet a git developer page, we're always monitoring this account, so feel free to message us any time.

Follow this account to be notified when we post news and development progress on the project.

@hypolite Is it possible to open an issue for Friendica addons? The git page links to which returns a default Ubuntu Apache page.

Inktober is in full swing and I'm not participating, as always. 😏

Here're some aliens with ears though... 👾

Hey Fediverse, anyone know of a decent minimalist logo designer? I'm tired of playing roulette on Fiverr and would be willing to pay in and around $200 CAD for a decent design. DM me if you know someone decent with a portfolio I can review.

@hypolite @heluecht I've heard some work is being done to re-write parts of Friendica. Is PostgreSQL support planned in some future? Asking for a friend :)

“We Take Your Privacy and Security Seriously”

sounds a bit like

"Our Thoughts and Prayers are with You"

♲ Oh hello, #ActivityPub people…

We just turned on ActivityPub support at to get more users to test it and thus speed up fixing the remaining issues and bringing better compatibility across other #Fediverse platforms.

PLEASE NOTE, this are a bit alpha still, so in the master branch by default ActivityPub support is off. It can be turned on by setting the environment variable SOCIALHOME_ACTIVITYPUB_ALPHA=True.

Issue reports very much welcome in the issue tracker.…

@cwebber FOSS has been very good at the "no binary blobs!" kind of freedom, but not very good at the "you can actually use this without special skills" kind of freedom.

- rolling on the floor LEARNING (alternatively: of fallen leaves)

🍂 A student from Ukraine invented a way to create paper from fallen leaves

Valentin Frechka is 17 years old.

@dev has made a Telegram to #ActivityPub bridging bot! Seems it even goes both ways!? Would like to see what else can be done with such. The power of bots!

I'm willing to celebrate each tiny Fediverse growth, but it's important to be realistic.

For the last months we've been mostly crawling along. Perhaps it's time to try out new tactics.


We are #HIRING a #SoftwareDeveloper for our office in Vienna!😉

If you know anyone interested in #privacy, #security and #dataprotection with solid coding experience - [share] our offer - or apply yourself!


#code4privacy #gdpr #dsgvo

HPmor, impressions 

If you see an open-source project that has support for Twitter (in one way or another, could even be just linking to Twitter profiles in a website theme) but not Mastodon, go file an issue and ask kindly for it to support Mastodon, too.

Let's help this network grow!

circles / aspects 

Public, private, mystery. 

@exstral two parts: one is that the public timeline API will require authentication if the timeline preview is disabled. the second part is the move towards authorized-fetch mode and eventually (probably) OCAPs. as far as i understand these are intended to prevent blocked instances from getting your instance's content.

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