🌌 Periodic overview

πŸ”­ Interests and hobbies
β€’ screenwriting.space - a place for storytellers
β€’ solarpunks.social - network for
β€’ rocketscientists.club - community of artists and performers
β€’ sunny.garden - for creators who draw, sculpt, write, design, sing, build
β€’ craftodon.social - for everyone who plays
β€’ introvert.country

β€’ blahaj.social - for people who own at least 1 IKEA BLΓ…HAJ

🌌 Periodic overview

🎨 artworld.social - for artists, curators, art critics, gallerists, collectors, journalists, educators, researchers, specializing in contemporary

β›Ί tyrol.social - area

β›Ί hameln.social -

🎲 dungeons.social - and


🌌 Periodic overview

πŸš„ rail.chat - discussions about long-distance, passenger and freight networks, for economic, environmental and equity benefits

β›Ί krems.social - Krems,

🎨 mensmaaktmooi.nl - community for creative thinkers with unconventional mindset who make beautiful things ()

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