I've fallen into the #911 rabbit hole again recently. Seems like there is more activity around this topic online due to the recent study from Alaska showing that fires couldn't have collapsed that building.

Here's a recent video that sums up much of what's known about the apparent cover-up of how WTC7 collapsed (and therefore questions the entire official 911 narrative).

@JC Brand shit.... I don't want to click that link. It will reopen the pandora box for which I will blame you :P

Still thanks for the info. I thought the 911 stuff is long forgotten already.


I think there's been a resurgence of interest due to the work of "Architects and Engineers for 911 truth" which AFAIK made this and other videos and are calling for a new investigation into 911.

If you really consider and digest the implications of what's apparently happened here, it really is a sort of "red pill" moment.

I'm careful to try and stick to verifiable facts though (even circumstantial) and not get involved in crazy speculation.

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