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Fear is used to manipulate and control people.

So if you want to be free, not being scared is a requirement.

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Monal is on Mastodon
I had never heard of Mastodon, which is sort of a federated twitter like service, until recently. Since there are a lot of open source and XMPP enthusiastic users on the Fosstodon server I have added an account there and all posts from this blog will be published there like they are on twitter. If you do use Mastodon, feel free to follow us :


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darf seine Haftstrafe zu Hause verbringen. In Lockdown-Zeiten kann man das auch als Freispruch bezeichnen.

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The irony is that due to his actions Ted Kaczynsksi ended up exactly in the situation that he was criticizing in his manifesto and which he was trying to avoid

He ended up in isolation in a maximum security prison. A cog in a gigantic machine, having no freedom, isolated and removed from nature. A living hell that he ultimately manifested for himself in this reality.

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I watched "Manhunt: unabomber" over the weekend and wasn't surprised to learn that Ted Kaczynksy had a well developed sense of victimhood and was lashing out in rage and revenge at society.

So many terrible, evil acts are perpetrated by people who ironically consider themselves the real victims.

Same with the Columbine shooters for example.

Wallowing in self-pity, resentment and victimhood is dangerous, it can lead to hatred that manifests as evil and more suffering in the world.

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Governments allow themselves special "emergency powers" that would otherwise not be defensible in a liberal democracy.

Therefore, if you want more power for government, you're incentivized to constantly create and/or exaggerate new emergencies.

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mainstream media should really re-write their bitcoin mining FUD playbook

our team @CoinSharesCo@twitter.com, led by @C_Bendiksen@twitter.com, debunked this narrative in 2018, and we'll continue to do just that

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1/ Bitcoin’s energy consumption is not “wasteful.”

- It is much more efficient than existing financial systems
- No one has the moral authority to tell you what is a good or bad use of energy (ex: watching the Kardashians)

Let's debunk this FUD👇

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A has a thin middle, and too fat ends, one rich, one poor. Pure should result in a bell curve economy (reflecting natural IQ/learned abilities of people). The barbell occurs because of perverted trade/monetary/political incentives.

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A system where you trade your limited time and energy for abstract points which are in no way tied to scarcity in the real world and the total supply of which can be increased at will by an unaccountable priesthood seems to me like a scam.

But hey, maybe that's just me.

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A debt-based monetary system in which interest needs to be paid by constantly creating new interest-bearing debt seems to me like an unsustainable system.

But hey, maybe that's just me.

The future of money is central bank digital currencies that they can directly debit and credit in your account.

Did you do something to upset the priesthood? Oops, no life tickets for you!

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TIRED: The Federal Reserve can create base money out of thin air

WIRED: The priesthood calls upon Mammon to bless us with new life tickets sprung from void

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