This is interesting.

'Law firm serves anonymous hacker a restraining order via "

Hacker hacks crypto-exchange, steals crypto and starts laundering it. Law firm doesn't have his identity or address, so issues a restraining order via NFT, which is approved by the New York supreme court.

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You're really gambling when you click the "Show content" button on a blurred image on fedi.


I thought you might like this one.

Scientist trolls Twitter by posting image of a sausage and claiming it's a star.

My favorite song at the moment. Love the melancholy vibe and awesome production quality.

Best listened with headphones.

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If I can give one piece of advice to new programmers.

Being willing and able to read source code written by other people is a superpower.

Many newbie devs are too intimidated to jump into the functions and methods that they're calling from their own code.

It can be uncomfortable at first, but going through code that you didn't write, but rely on, is one of the best ways to gain a proper understanding of what's really going on.

Reading the code of other people also makes you a better dev.

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Sunday Survey:

What's your experience with altcoins?

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Hi! I work directly in web privacy.

If I were to give one, single, Pareto Principle piece of advice to laypeople using technology, it would be:

Don't give anything legible or transcribable any Meta, Google, or Amazon product that you would not want the cops to read.

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“Inflation is in effect a hidden tax. The money that people have saved is robbed of part of its purchasing power, which is quietly transferred to the government that issues new money.”

- Thomas Sowell, Basic Economics

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Gary Webb, a journalist who exposed how CIA made money from trafficking cocaine in the 1980's and used the profits to fund "Contra", a US backed rebel group created to overthrow Nicaragua’s government. Webb was found dead with TWO gunshot wounds to the ...

Original tweet :

Back in high school in the 90s, I used to listen to a lot of Korn.

Then a friend turned me on to Pantera.

He told me, there are two types of metal.

"Oh God I'm being bullied" (e.g. Korn)

"I'm going to kick your ass" (e.g. Pantera).

I still chuckle thinking back at that.

The crypto primitives are compiled from C via emscripten.

One cool thing is that emscripten now compiles to WASM which is much faster than normal JS.

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libomemo.js is still very much a work in progress.

I'm still busy updating it to use the latest protobuf.js which has a completely different API.

Once that's done, I'll make the OMEMO-related protobuf changes to the lib.

I'm also considering migrating the codebase to TypeScript.

Eventually is should be possible for all other JavaScript XMPP clients to use libomemo.js for the crypto part of OMEMO.

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I was involved in an OMEMO sprint this weekend with devs from Dino, Conversations and Gajim.

We decided to focus on modifying the various libsignal libraries used by the clients to make them compatible with the latest OMEMO version (which AFAIK no client yet fully supports).

I forked libsignal-protocol-javascript into libomemo.js

A lot of time was spent updating ancient dependencies and getting tests to run. I then started making changes for OMEMO compat.

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OK it is really late here, but today's reveal of the first JWST image of the galaxy cluster SMACS-0723 was amazing, and I am still digesting it. There is so much stuff going on, it is absolutely breathtaking!

Just to get an idea of what an improvement this is over Hubble, over at The Robot Report, they show this beautiful side-by-side view of the previous best image taken with Hubble, and tonight's result. It's wild.

#JWST #Astronomy #Astrophysics

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