I'm currently busy rewriting large parts of the UI layer of Converse.js to use web components via .

Very impressed so far with the rendering speed of lit-html.

Lots of improvements still in the pipeline.

Looks like Converse.js has reached 2500 starts on Github.

I remember thinking back in the day that getting more than 50 stars (the biggest Github project I was working on at the time) would be nice.

Still going strong 💪

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converse.js — Web-based XMPP/Jabber chat client written in JavaScript github.com/conversejs/converse

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This is Johannes Kepler in a letter he wrote in 1610 telling Galileo that they need to do more telescopic observations of the Moon and Jupiter before spacecraft missions start visiting those planets. Yep, this conversation actually happened...in 1610 🤯

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Facebook: How could we distribute a tracking-pixel across the rest of the web and other messaging apps?


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I find people who harp on about the Dunning-Kruger effect quite insufferable. Without fail they appear to consider themselves in the in-group of smart people. Truth is we're all incompetent in some areas and might overestimate ourselves.

Shower thought:

Prometheus stole fire from the gods and gave it to humanity as civilization.

Satoshi stole money creation from the financial elite and gave it to humanity as .

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Turkish garbage collectors open a library for all of the books citizens discard in their trash.

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Did you know that #Zoom uses #XMPP for their chat? Isn't it ironic that while large parts of the software freedom movement consider XMPP as outdated and refuse to use it, companies building commercially successful proprietary and centralized solutions on top of it... 🤔 #OpenStandards #FreeSoftware

Collaboration over the Internet!

Check out our newsletter, with lots of software updates and specifications progress.


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Conversations will be available for free on the Google Play Store starting tomorrow, Friday May 1st and through the entire weekend.
That will be a perfect opportunity to get your loved ones on XMPP and try out the new video calls.

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Back in the 90s, my friend and I would listen to his dad's CD of "The Wall" by Pink Floyd.

I really like this Synthwave rendition of "Another brick in the wall".


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The worse the real economic data gets the more absurd stock valuations look.

This continued fanatical attempt to save stocks against all reality is making a mockery of the global financial system.

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Turns out Zoom is another hugely popular application that uses under the hood.

BTW, when developing an XMPP app, make sure to check that a particular user is allow to execute a particular operation ;)


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To the recurring question in these forums as to where #XMPP has gone, my recurring answer is “everywhere”.

The following link illustrates this. In this case, in the context of infamous video application #Zoom.


#Talos Blog || Cisco Talos Intelligence Group - Comprehensive Threat Intelligence: Vulnerability Spotlight: Zoom Communications user enumeration


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In 1892 Englishwoman Adela Breton decided not to get married, and instead embarked on a series of long-term horseback journeys in Mexico, with guide Pablo Solario. She made many fine watercolours of landscape & Mayan ruins, including huge full-size copies of temple wall paintings

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The record for a vaccine, any vaccine, is 4 years.
So why is everyone assuming there will be one this year or next? twitter.com/bymikebaker/status

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A lot of people think using Medium is a substitute for having your own blog. But there's a critical difference: no moderator can delete your posts from your own blog.

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@PeterLBrandt@twitter.com What do you think about this uncle?

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