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As a subtle jab to central banks, Satoshi chose his birthday as the date the US made gold ownership illegal through EO 6102 April 5th. He chose 1975 as his year of birth which is the year when the US citizens were allowed to own gold again.

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I really love the pure insanity of the fedi network an open lawless land its so beautiful
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Norway is a kingdom, and the royal family here has ties to the British royal family. however, much like the UK, we value our democracy. and much like in the UK, the royal family serves as a kind of "ribbon cutting mayor" and "uniters of the people" rather than an actual authority.

there is one exception to it: when the Norwegian parliament wanted to surrender to the Nazis, the king, who had sworn to serve his country, refused to sign that.

see, the king has one real power: the power to reject certain parliament decisions.

in a normal situation, the king will always sign these things, a bit like the electoral college in the US *may* vote differently, but never does in practice.
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If you've ever considered applying to work with us at Signal, now is a great time to get involved! We're just over here working on a plan to power the western hemisphere with the heat from our servers: signal.org/workworkwork/ twitter.com/signalapp/status/1

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www.fossjobs.net now finally with responsive theme! Thanks to the Bulma CSS framework and Daniel Supernault for the design. fossjobs.net/

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When Dorsey cites "Bitcoin" as a model for foundational internet technology you just know he is going to try to make money from "social media on the blockchain" with tokens. Otherwise just say "Mastodon".

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Today in our "that can't be possible?" series, I got asked to update a script that extracts data from a database and drops a CSV somewhere. It already smells bad enough, but there's more.

There was no script, somebody had just dropped a CSV there once in 2014. The consumer thought they had up to date data while they were reading the same file over and over again.

For 7 years. And nobody realized.

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The trolls in the Cryptowatch chat are starting a metal band

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With no explanation other than "repeatedly going against our community standards," @Facebook@twitter.com has blocked me from managing my page. Never have we received notice of violating community standards in the past and nowhere is the offending post identified.

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Something I've noticed when it comes to free software is that people will sometimes evaluate a project, form a negative conclusion and then continue criticising it year after year without bothering to check again whether there was any progress.

I see this so much with on Hacker News.

Saw someone recently complained about issues with XMPP, and then when pressed, admitted that the last time they used it was in 2013.

A software community is a living, evolving thing (unless it dies).

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Incentives matter: "U.S. states that rely on private prisons incarcerate more people for longer periods of time, according to a first-of-its-kind study that establishes a causal connection between private prisons and incarceration." academictimes.com/states-with-

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