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RT @mattiasgeniar@twitter.com: These captcha’s are getting out of hand ...

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RT @saladinahmed@twitter.com: I demand a better dystopia

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RT @Senficon@twitter.com: Great success: Your protests have worked! The European Parliament has sent the copyright law back to the drawing board. All MEPs will get to vote on and the September 10–13. Now let's keep up the pressure to make sure we !

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I notice that I can still access repo URLs directly in a Tor browser, but the main github.com page is blocked.
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Indeed Github now blocks Tor. It didn't take long for Microsoft to get going on the evilness.

RT @fermatslibrary@twitter.com: Here's a good way to visualize factorial growth: imagine a cell that divides in 2, each child cell will then divide in 3, each grandchild cell will divide in 4 and and so on.

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RT @CHunsingerMP@twitter.com: 's dam levels rose to 50.3% on Tuesday as streams & rivers with rain from the weekend's intense cold front, flow into the storage dams - melting snow & run down will increase these levels even more...so grateful

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RT @Mira404@twitter.com: Say hi to the new mayor of Tunis! First women in history to be mayor of an Arab capital!

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RT @emtomology@twitter.com: Keeping honey bees to save the bees is like keeping chickens to save the birds. They're a managed species and not at risk of extinction. The bees at risk of declines/permanent loss are a variety of wild species. twitter.com/Mantia/status/1013

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RT @Twylo@twitter.com: I laugh every single time I see this.

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RT @jimmy_wales@twitter.com: @jcopkode@twitter.com @EU_Commission@twitter.com Precisely. And the Wikipedia community is not so narrow minded as to let the rest of the Internet suffer just because we are big enough that they try to throw us a bone. Justice matters.

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RT @jimmy_wales@twitter.com: Italian Wikipedia has blacked out today to raise awareness about the disastrous EU Copyright Directive. Call your MEPs today. The vote is Thursday. it.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedi

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RT @jcopkode@twitter.com: @EU_Commission@twitter.com @jimmy_wales@twitter.com Making an exception for online encyclopaedias completely misses the point. Had this legislation been enacted before Wikipedia existed, no such exception would exist and Wikipedia might never have gotten off the ground. What other not yet dreamed of platforms are now endangered?

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RT @petergklein@twitter.com: Many young people seem unaware of the origins of the term "politically correct."

Two Soviet factory managers are preparing a glowing report on their production levels.

"Comrade, I don't think these numbers are correct."

"Yes, but they're politically correct."

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Do you ever read a sentence on Wikipedia and just think to yourself that the sentence just has really good style

"Correct potato husbandry can be an arduous task in some circumstances. Good ground preparation,Β harrowing,Β plowing, and rolling are always needed, along with a little grace from the weather and a good source of water."

Like mmm those are some good sentences, that's good

RT @Dymaxion@twitter.com: Because upload filters will let Google become even more dominant, and they're not actually worried about freedom of expression, not when real money is on the line. twitter.com/why0hy/status/1011

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