RT @vascorsd@twitter.com: Now, this is a quite nice achievement and it actually is working good. client on browser working properly with encryption and Conversations client app on the other side. conversejs.org/fullscreen.html opkode.com/blog/converse-4-rel

I'm on xmpp if anyone needs to talk securely ^^

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Converse 4 has been released recently and I wrote a blog post about the history of the project, how it's evolving and what the future holds. opkode.com/blog/converse-4-rel

RT @edinbeth@twitter.com: My new favourite git command is 'git pull --rebase --autostash' - this automatically stashes your local changes, pulls in new changes (and rebases if needed), and then pops the changes back off the stash. Saves me two additional commands each time. Neat!

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RT @RealTimeWWII@twitter.com: Invasion fear still high in Britain; Alan Turing, codebreaker at Bletchley Park, is withdrawing his pay in silver half-crowns, melting them down, & burying it in nearby woods. He has neglected to make a map.

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I've read a few of the retrospectives on the 10 year anniversary of the 2008 financial crash, but none of them came close to this piece by Matt Taibbi to describe the scale of the fraud and the moral bankruptcy of the bailouts.

For me the best quote:

"The deal those bankers cooked up was to save the banks FROM capitalism" (i.e. not to save Capitalism itself).

"Losers must be allowed to lose. It’s the first and most important regulatory mechanism in a market economy."


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There's a recreation of this cave in the Deutsches Museum in Munich. The biggest science & tech museum in the world and a must see for techies visiting the city.
RT @RealTimeWWII@twitter.com A little good news: 4 French teenagers (& their dog, Robot) have discovered a cave in the Dordogne, filled with amazing prehistoric art from 17,000 years ago.

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RT @dhbln@twitter.com: Das ist die Reaktion, wenn der ein erfolgreicher Schlag gegen das freie Internet gelungen ist.

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RT @teamniteo@twitter.com: How to do software estimation.

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One area where XMPP needs to improve is sending (email) notifications when you're offline and mentioned in a groupchat. XMPP's groupchat presence rules have made this difficult. I'm currently working on a potential solution here. Looking forward to showing a demo soon.

RT @iNPUTmice@twitter.com: Consider supporting @jcopkode@twitter.com on Patreon. Having a good XMPP web client is crucial for the entire ecosystem and I believe is our best bet.

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RT @CliveAndrews@twitter.com: I need to buy this card and hold it ready for next time a copywriter friend changes jobs.

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Fascinating EconTalk podcast about Mao's Great Famine in China and the communist policies that caused tens of millions of people to die. This is where extreme top-down interventionism can lead to. econtalk.org/frank-dikotter-on

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Still using RSA for OpenSSH authentication?

You should read: latacora.singles/2018/08/03/th

tl;dr: OpenSSH uses by default the md5 hash of your password to encrypt the id_rsa private key.

Good news, you can fix it by running this command (with -o it uses the improved key-format):
ssh-keygen -o -p -f ~/.ssh/id_rsa

Or even better, generate a new ed25519 key (they use the improved key-format by default):
ssh-keygen -t ed25519

Thanks @amenthes for pointing me to the article!

#openssh #infosec #linux

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Networking, 1846. A telegraph map of Europe.

I find the extents, density/sparsity, and hubs fascinating here. Networks tell stories.


There's more where that came from.

OMEMO support has landed in Converse. Will be included in the next release, coming soon.

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