Hello! Looking for hardware for measuring indoor air quality 💨 🏠 💨 One of our housemates has allergies we're trying to track down... Hardware must detect:
- particulate matter (e.g. PM 2.5 & 10)
- volatile organic compounds (specifically wood volatiles like turpentine)

Should be as open as possible and 'affordable'. Temp. & humidity nice bonus, but not necessary. Does not need to be turn-key/can be for nerds 🤓

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@douginamug I have a co-worker who loves his purpleair sensor:

He has both the indoor and outdoor one.

@douginamug @bnys I use a Pi0 W, and a Pimoroni Enviro+ with a PMS5003 particulate sensor. It sends temp, humidity, voc gasses, and pm1.0/2.5/10 over MQTT, and to Luftdaten.

A PiSugar or UPS-Lite battery backup can easily be stacked with the Enviro+ for portability. Mine has one so the Pi doesn't go offline for hours after my cats knock the power supply out of the socket...

If needed, I can share the python scripts and the systemd service files I use for MQTT and Luftdaten. 😺

@FrankTheCat @bnys Thanks! The Pimoroni looks quite good, I'm going to suggest it!

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