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Very happy I turned off autoplay for gifs ๐Ÿ˜Œ

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Two big narratives:

1. lets get back to normal as quick as we can
2. don't go back to normal

2nd one needs better marketing strategy. "Not normal" is a crap destination. Excited to see what fills this gap over the next few weeks. (I'm hoping for novelty.)

"In the darkest moments of your life, even your shadow is gone"

โ€”paraquote from Soil and Soil, a book I just finished, by Alastair McIntosh

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I spent about 2 hours looking for a JS-free way to fit some text into an element of given size...

As ever, I ended up reading something on CSS-tricks:

Sadly don't think there is a way :(

Now using textFit.js which seems to be the most minimal (JS) way of achieving desired result :)

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I heard you were at home and might have a bit of time... is the list of books you would like to share with your friends up-to-date? :D

#libre #booksharing

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I set up a streaming radio thing!

I put a subset of my music on a server, and set it up to stream a playlist. Right now some chilled music I like to code to. May drastically change at other times.

You can listen to it at (browsers seem to know how to handle it, or use a media play that handles streams, e.g. vlc).

I don't know how many people it can support listening.. too many people and it might crash my little server.

We got given a big bag o' wheat by some friends of ours, grown originally by an organic collective near Berlin.

On boiling a bunch of it, we saw some grain which looked worryingly like Ergot.

On closer inspection, I reckon it's Wild Buckwheat because they're triangular.

Picture: wheat on right, oat (?) in middle and wild buckwhear (?) on left.

ID guesses/tips welcome.

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Debian @ COVID-19 Biohackathon will start next Sunday 5 April 2020, which for a week invites you to improve biomedical free software and the tools / libraries that support it.

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I don't think I'll ever understand the librarian pearl-clutching about pirating scholarship

does anyone have an actual argument that doesn't hinge on legality? because at least in the US, our copyright law is not capital-R Right

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Learn how to make the bowline knot today, it's very simple, and extremely useful.

Just gave a presentation to my housemates about the weirdness and wonderfulness of

Slides here (although 2/3 of the thing was interactive demos ๐Ÿ˜ฆ )

I *hope* to write a standalone article about it... someday.

In any case, SVGs are cool and if things go weird, look into viewport, viewBox and preserveAspectRatio

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food, homemade pesto (vegan) 

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covid, medical supplies, hackerspaces (++) 

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[#history #commune]
"The reaction to the communes of #Paris and #Lyon were triumphalist monuments, the Sacrรฉ-Cล“ur of Montmartre and the basilica of Fourviรจre, dominating both cities. These buildings were erected using private funds, as gigantic ex-votos, thanking God for the victory over the socialists and in expiation of the sins of modern France." โ€”Bertrand Taithe, Citizenship and Wars: France in Turmoil, 1870โ€“1871

This is global: we are sharing this experience.

Most of us are going to make it; we will mourn those that don't.

Our deliverance will be thanks to normal people working hard for purpose, not profit.

We've seen money 'magically' appearing.

We've seen pollution 'magically' disappearing.

When this ends, and we can move freely again, we will reject the return to normal.

Use this time wisely my friends.

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[upon being told any information at all] ahhhhh I see what's going on here. yep yep I get it. alright. alright. okay alright I get it. fair enough. I get it. I see what's happening. yep yep yep [this continues for five minutes until someone throws a blanket over my head]

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