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List of #Fediverse accounts of projects that fight to protect #forests.

The hambacher forst ("#Hambi"), near #Hambach, Germany is a symbol of the anti-coal movement, as a #forest that was saved from destruction by the coal company #RWE.

Near #Keyenberg, Germany there is another little forest that is supposed to be destroyed by RWE to expand the near coal mine. The village Keyenberg is supposed to be destroyed too.

In Grünheide, Germany there is a forest that is endangered by #Tesla's #GigaFactory.

The Dannröder Forst or "#Danni" is a forest that was unfortunately already partially cleared for a motorway, but the construction of the motorway can still be prevented.

In Vienna, Austria there is a recreational area called #Lobau that is part of a protected area. To build a motorway a tunnel is supposed to be built under the forest, endangering the ecosystem and biodiversity of the Lobau.

#HambiBleibt #DanniBleibt #LobauBleibt #AlleDörferBleiben #WaldStattAsphalt #SolarPunk #ForestProtection #EveryTreeCounts

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re: Scottish politics 

Final tally

SNP - 64 (+1)
Fucking Tories - 31 (-)
Labour - 22 (-2)
Scottish Greens - 8 (+2)
Lib Dems - 4 (-1)

That'll do.. 72 of 129 seats are pro-independence (+3)
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You don't have an inalienable right to grow every plant. The future of our planet is more important than your 'need' to grow a plant in peat-based compost.

Plants that need peat should stay in the peat-bogs/their habitats. There are millions of other plants you can grow, and there are great peat-free composts available.

#PeatFree #Peat #Compost #Gardening #Plants

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@douginamug AP is a single protocol* with support for cryptographic signatures and similar proofs of identity.
Email is a collection of plaintext protocols where every single security feature is an addon and unevenly implemented.

It's far harder to impersonate someone/some server in AP than in email, and we have way better tools against spam.

(*A single protocol with some additional support in current implementations)

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#Blender Foundation released its annual report.

It's really great to read it. Well made. And it's a pleasure to see this transparency from such an important free culture / open source project.

I wish Ton would commit to diversity in its team composition objectives for 2021. I think it's urgent, needed and will greatly improve the project.

#b3d cc: @sybren

plZ accEpT tHis COOkie, i hAVe Legitimate Interest™️

🤡 🔪

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I was put off using —the nice-looking, default email client—some years ago, because it would not connect with your address book, and you would need to manually enter/paste email addresses for anyone you hadn't sent an email to.

That's fixed now... reconsidering.

OK, think I'm at 90% normality now. Approximately 24 hours as a constant side-task

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Every sysadmin person I know thinks that hosting email services = ☠️

Email is the go-to example to explain ActivityPub.

Is there anything inherent in AP to stop it from becoming sysadmin-hell?

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capitalisation is the difference between "helping my uncle Jack off a horse" and "helping my uncle JACK OFF a horse"

session verification is getting quite slick...

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this poem has lived rent free in my brain since i first read it

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111. If an inn-keeper furnish sixty ka of usakani-drink to . . . she shall receive fifty ka of corn at the harvest.

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Upgrading Lineage 16.0 to 18.1 (+MicroG) on my One Plus 3 today... let's see how long it takes to return to normality...

Question: is it possible to create a wiki, which is just a sub-set of actual Wikipedia pages?

I've come across several wiki's which basically scraped wikipedia pages, but didn't keep any of them up-to-date.

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