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Hey Mastodonians, citizens and others! Gear up for tens of millions of Nextcloud users spread over several 100K servers who can now join the in just one click!

Join the global social network!

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Lush video and lucid music from a small Scottish group I sort of know, just released. Imagine a sort of cheerful and melancholy, celtic soundscape...

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If you want to see how industry lobbying works... a before lobbying and after lobbying side-by-side on proposed EC environmental measures to make home appliances more repairable and longer lasting.

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I've offered this on tumblr for a while now but for everyone on here: if you ask me to I'll look up #activist and #leftist groups in your area that you can join! I've been doing this for a while so I know where to look and what keywords to use. Getting connected on the local level is very important for getting real change to happen!!

Reformist And Proud

Can't fix all the broken bits of the boat at the same time without the whole thing sinking.

Hey, does anyone know if the exists as anywhere? Would be great for the Show me what you know/got !

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"We have tried to sacrifice people to the gods."
"That didn't help."
"And we have tried to sacrifice gods to the people."
"That didn't help either."
"I don't know what else we could do."
"May be sacrifices aren't the answer?"
#MicroFiction #TootFic #SmallStories

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When he came out as gay while in high school, his mother was relieved, Mr. Hill recalled. “She said, ‘Well, we notice you dress up more than the other boys in the neighborhood, and we thought you were trying to pretend to be wealthier than we are, and we were afraid you might grow up to be a Republican. So if you’re gay, we can handle that.” Ray Hill, ‘citizen provocateur’ who fought for gay rights and prison reform, dies at 78 A sweet obit for inspiring activist Ray Hill

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I'll be talking about 'Cooperatively developed software tools for food saving communities" (aka Karrot) at Newspeak house in London this coming Wednesday.

6:30pm upstairs in the drawing room at the start of ration club (so you can hang out after for eating and chatting).

More info ---->

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So there was a big protest today by schoolkids who blew off school and marched in the streets over government inaction on climate change.

The Prime Minister has said they should be less activist and focus on their schooling instead.

I just saw this sign. These kids are great.

#auspol #protest #activism

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Leaves are not generally known for their protein value, but LPC lets one concentrate the protein into a brick and deliver very high-value protein from a potentially highly available source. Allegedly, it also separates the protein from common antinutrients found in leaves, like tannins, oxalates, phytic acid, and saponins. This might help increase absorption of Iron that ends up in the curd, which is often malabsorbed from spinaches and steamed greens.
My challenge will be developing recipes!

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