If you don't use WPS push button to connect to new WiFi routers, I highly recommend it!

Select the option in advanced WiFi preferences on your device (I'm using Lineage OS) then push the WPS button on the router. Typically a light will start blinking on the router and it will then connect on some seconds.

Has saved me a lot of time instead of entering horrible codes and it works even if the owners have changed the password.

Upright-recumbent tandem spotted in ! Ridden by a French couple; they said they love it and have been riding it extensively for 5 years. Sadly too big to fit on buses and trains and repairs can be tricky.


I just found out that 'plankton' is a distinct species, rather a term for all the small organisms that cannot actively swim against the current.

So a species can be classified as 'planktonic'. Most bacteria and algae are.

Irl masto meet-up in Edinburgh in the next weeks? Let me know if interested.

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Sweet dreams are made of bees
Who am I to dis-a- bee
Travel the earth with my 7 bees
Everybody's looking for honey

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Share of Internet Browsers Market 1996 - 2019. Watch the rise and fall of Internet explorer. Now do it Win10 ;) LOL. Credit reddit.com/r/dataisbeautiful/c

๐Ÿฆ๐Ÿ”—: twitter.com/nixcraft/status/11

"I'll have your guts for garters"


"I'll tie your intestines around my upper thighs"


Weird old English threat my mum sometimes uses ๐Ÿคท

Today is the first day I can remember putting my boxers on the wrong way round and only realising half way through the day.

It's been a long day.

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Did you know that George , the Hungarian billionare, was taught by Karl at London School of Economics?

Soros was so inspired by Poppers political philosophy that he set up the Open Society Foundation, a philanthropic organisation funding pro-democracy projects. The name is a clear reference to Poppers magnum opus 'The Open Society and Its Enemies'.

An intriguing thread. I want to read the book and find out more about the foundation.

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The owner of the cafรฉ I'm working at just admitted to being a pragmatic anticapitalist. I knew it :)

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I guess 'choosing your battles' means leaving to ignore difficult parts of people ๐Ÿคท

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the fairest phone is the one you keep out of the landfill

repair what you got
buy what someone else had

no supply chain is clean under capitalism

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socialist culture is being glad that you don't work in the corporate hellscape that your old high school friends ended up in while simultaneously being deeply jealous of their ability to find a rewarding job where they don't have to struggle with every tiny aspect of its ethics

Brits being annoyed that Poles are willing to do hard jobs for less pay has been a trope since Poland joined the EU.

A Pole told me the other day that the Poles are getting annoyed that the Ukrainians (4 million refugees in the last years) are willing to do even harder jobs for even less pay.

Very sad that our economics should turn the less fortunate into scabs in the eyes of local workers.

I don't think will solve all problems, but must reduce many.

Apartheid in South Africa legally ended just before I was born. Damn.

Everything that happened before I was born seems to be compressed into a single point sometimes...

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workers of all countries unite :blackcat: 

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