(I know, I know, voting is the lamest for of political activism, but do it anyway! Doesn't take very long, can make a difference and it doesn't legitimize the corruption of the system. We need all the time and resources we can get to prepare for things to come.)

Next UK general election is on ❄️ Dec 12 ❄️

You need to be registered to vote by Nov 26 — that's 11days from now! 🚨

You can vote if over 18 and:
- you are a UK citizen (you don't need to be in the UK!)
- you are an EU citizen in the UK
- you are a 'qualifying Commonwealth citizen'

Eligibility details ➡️ electoralcommission.org.uk/i-a)

Also, because the UK uses first-past-the-post voting (💩) you may want to look at what other people typically vote to not 'waste' yours: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Category

Does anyone have advice for manipulating with through ?

Not intuitive!

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kitchen knife/couteau de cuisine 

beta 1.0 released last month! 🎉


"more than 100 major and minor improvements and bug fixes since 0.92.4"

It seems much more polished :) Well done contributors! 👏

The UK has a constitution in the same way economics is a science. You can only try to make the claim with significant qualifiers.

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The fallacy of techno-solutionism 

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"the boomer trolley problem" 

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@douginamug I would like to learn more about this too. Not listened to these yet but episodes 12,17 & 20 of the Libre Lounge podcast are dedicated to Activity Pub, if that's any help. librelounge.org/

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@douginamug The blog posts by @tedu are pretty good to have a good grasp of some concepts and to see actual examples of how clients and servers exchange ActivityPub data.

You can find most of the things linked from this article: flak.tedunangst.com/post/Activ

Hellloooo a bunch of people I know would like to understand better.

We have a varying amount of more-than-zero web-tech understanding.

Any recommendation for a good introduction presentation we can watch together?

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@douginamug it was a kind of cybermanifesto (or a collection of texts from various authors) capturing the feel of the early 90s "cyberculture".
It was built on Hypercard for the Mac, and you can still experience it (in emulated form) here archive.org/details/BeyondCybe

Or just read the "expanded" version on streettech.com/bcp/ ;)

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Why plate chrome when you could just use stainless steel?

Answer me that, producers of things in the 80's which are now corroded to nothing.

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