Does anyone have meditations on the inability to fully control oneself and environment?

I screened the first episode of 'Free to Choose' at tonight.

We're happy to salvage from the excesses of our current system, but we realize it's not a good, scalable or sustainable solution.

The series is basically propaganda for hosted by Milton Friedman. Quite interesting to hear the 'idealistic' version of things and a very successful way to provoke discourse into macroeconomics 😉

Hey @rysiek, you posted about a script for scraping fonts from Google... right? If yes, can you link me again?

"... if you have too many grapes, you make wine. If you have too much wine, you throw a party. If you still have too much wine, you make vinegar. Fermentation turns scarcity and abundance on its head, belying easy categories of what is waste and what is too much."

Inspiring insight into fermentation in Vietnam and its advantages.

The School Strikes ❤️ ✊ 🌐

Kids taking part: Well done! I think you're brave and you give me hope. You are role-models and activists.

Teachers: don't take the strikes personally! I hope you can still support your students somehow.

Parents: don't worry about your kids education. If they're smart enough to strike, they'll do alright.

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@animo @InvaderXan @GwenfarsGarden @douginamug Evolution is mindless, until it creates minds. For example, animals can select one another as mates based on their apparent fitness. So instead of a pure survival-of-the-fittest, there is now a new element: a brain. It's survival of the fittest-and-most-outwardly-optimal. So in animals, learned strategies enter evolution such as deliberately punishing parasites.
Can plants influence their evolution in this way, by choosing mates or reactively penalising parasitism? Hard to know, but the assumption would be "no".
I would assume then, that evolution in plants is still a random process guided by an unthinking and brutal optimisation: death or life. But plants live long, their relationships with other plants can last their whole lives. And they are sexual, so they can evolve parallel traits at once. So I think evolution does slowly work for them towards cooperation and conflict resolution, also.

Hilarious if you know Limmy Show more

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@cathal @GwenfarsGarden @douginamug
It seems like things in nature are more and more amazing the longer evolution has been working on them. And, since it first appeared, evolution has had 2.5 billion years to optimise photosynthesis.

That’s 18% of the total lifetime of the Universe. Which is quite a thing to think about! ☀️

@wu_lee helllooooooo!

Nick informs me you're using metalsmith! So am I, I'm finding it a bit steep, but I like it.

Here's my testing branch

I'd be interested to see how you're using it.

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Today was the first day I had to fsck my (Linux) laptop 😱 Show more

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@charlag @alexl @slp signals problem is how they handle themselves with forks and other people who want to work with their protocol.

they technically silo this information so even if they themselves cannot access it; its still all stored in one place which isn't good for decentralizing the web.
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@charlag @alexl @slp Signal has 100% open source code for client and server, under the GPLv3 and AGPLv3 respectively.

Some old bike inner tube, a hole punch and a bit of brute force: finally found a way to keep a lighter on my keyring 🔥

@aral is speaking RIGHT NOW on al Jazeera about Facebook’s consolidation of Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram.

👉 👈

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I’m live on Al Jazeera News Grid ~ 18:25-18:40 today to discuss Facebook’s consolidation of Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram.

Expect my best what-the-fuck-were-you-expecting face and some slowly boiling frogs analogies 🍵🐸

Watch live at

Just read this article about the last 20 years of Venezuelan economics/politics 🇻🇪

Really quite saddening, but also very interesting. Relying on the oil boom for prosperity was a bad choice, and Chavez set up some economic measures which back-fired. Corporate lockouts and coup attempts clearly didn't help either.

But let's not get lost in the abstract: normal people in Venezuela don't have enough to eat right now.

Right now a group of people are occupying the Scottish government buildings and holding their own Citizens Assembly.

They are doing this because to avert biosphere collapse we need to be making collective decisions. Us. Citizens. Not stakeholders, hedge funders nor nepotistic elites.

They're doing it on Burns day, the birthday of the Scottish national poet, a nature lover ;p

Live streams on fb and pscp

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