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@douginamug I should add that I just finished a commission, so if you know somebody looking for a composer for a game or a film, perhaps point them at me and I can show some portfolio items.

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What is your idea of good mead? Sweet? Dry? Strong? Weak? Pure? Flavoured? Context?

Hello, I would like to follow more people who have founded or work for ethical*, non-tech (I.e. not web, programming, devops, etc) businesses/coops/enterprise.

Any suggestions?

(*ethical as far as it is economically and logistically possible)

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@douginamug @ifixcoinops the spectrogram makes it sound a little less nonsensical; lets you see the conversation that's taking place

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You know I think the internet was better when it went WEEEWEEEWEEEWEEEhrlaughrlrlrlrle B'DANG, B'DANG-U

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#ShowerThought: Tidal Power is actually just indirect Orbital Power. We're generating energy by drawing the Moon closer to the Earth, and the Earth closer to the Sun. :blobhyperthink: :oh_no:

Without trying to incriminate anyone, what do people think about cannabis against menstrual cramps?

Have a friend who gets them pretty bad, and I remember a cousin years ago saying it was the only thing that helped...

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Ein U-Boot aus ner Ikea-Frischhaltebox und Lego. Ohne zu bohren. Sehr geil.

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One of the scientists that developed the study of implicit bias explains that so far no anti-racist training or method has provided measurable long term results in changing implicit bias, even in participants who really wanted to

What has measurably worked? taking about people’s systematic power to discriminate, which includes taking away the data they could use to discriminate (things like taking names, genders and photo’s off job applications).

Lots of people rightly point out that rising CO2 is only one factor in a matrix of ecological destruction. Is there a term which which captures everything and is short enough to put on a demo sign?

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@douginamug there’s no point in making a “dent” in CO2 anymore

the real research has to go into coping with the massive changes that are coming, eg. getting agriculture ready for the new “normal”, increasing storm drain capacities, raising awareness of illnesses that are spread by species that can expand into new territory (especially moskitoes are already expected to be a risk, but also ticks).

climate is a pretty laggy system, there is absolutely 0 chance for the western world to get “developing” countries on board with reducing consumption, since (just as much as the westerners) their populations want the improved quality of life that is currently tied to fossil energy sources, so emissions will continue to climb. nuclear power is not cheap, and it can’t replace fossil fuels in places where the chemical properties of certain fossils are required (e.g. coal for iron/steel production, although theoretically hydrogen could be used it’s not competitive, replacement substances just increase power consumption, making the overall problem worse). if we made a dent now, it most likely wouldn’t show for a few decades, which means that the results of today’s emissions are more or less set in stone.

another thing is that there are far more mundane environmental catastrophes happening all the time, and i feel like “the climate” is often used as a distraction from those. microplastics are apparently airborne and can be found globally, european pharma companies are dumping waste (including contaminated product like antibiotics, which in the west are heavily restricted to avoid multiresistant bacteria) into rivers in india to cut costs, there’s illegal logging going on pretty much everywhere, chemical wastes seep from landfill sites all over the world, sellafield and la hague still dump liquid radioactive waste into the english channel and the irish sea (and there’s probably similar situations in the US, russia and china), theres millions of tons of highly toxic (and probably also still volatile) WW2 ammunition covering seafloors all around the world, heavy oil in shipwrecks, etc etc

unlike global warming, which can (in my opinion) be prepared for in a reasonable manner by every individual once accurate, non-dramatized predictions are made public, having your fisherboat blown up by UXO or having dioxine seep into your basement or getting a multiresistent infection or dying from pollution-induced lung disease are things happening to people right now but few talk about it since the new cool thing where you can be pro-environment is climate


global warming is a distraction from more pressing environmental issues, there will not be a consensus on emissions reduction, the currently existing reduction technologies are insufficient to sustain our current standard of life even if employed at large scale

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This site displays an overlay over OpenStreetMap, showing the locations of the standing stones, barrows / burial mounds, ancient villages, crosses, hill forts, cairns etc all over the world!

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tfw when you make a post that gets basically no toots/favs, but 20+ comments... that appears to be a contentious topic 🙃

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14 anarchist films to watch during confinement 

After a lot of fence-sitting about nuclear, I want to make up my mind ☢️

Nuclear (fissile) power has been an enemy of the ecological movement as long as I can remember. Germany in particular is incredibly anti-nuclear.

Is it now time for a U-turn? Did something change? Or is there a dogma that should be killed?

Will be watching' tonight with housemates for a pro-nuclear perspective.

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