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Just finished Γ–calan's 'Democratic Confederalism' today

The pamphlet was apparently inspired by Bookchin and is inspiring current efforts of Kurdish people. I liked the criticism of the nation state (especially the mention of positivist science!) and the core belief in pluralism.

However, I didn't get an idea of how it could /would work in reality. Anyone got suggestions of something to read/watch?

Malls to provide 1% of space and profits for a volunteer-lead repair workshop.

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@cocoron If I find myself tempted to angrily correct folks who are being Wrong Online then I always wait a while and re-evaluate. Avoiding being in a perpetual condition of anger is praxis, even though there's a lot to get angry about.
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@halcy Nabonidus, an ancient Babylonian king, was the first archaeologist, who tried to understand and restore ancient ruins, because other ancient Mesopotamian ruins were already millennia old by the time that he lived.

@inventaire @maxlath @jums @rhiaro @nicksellen @kawaiipunk @mayel @aral @puffinus_puffinus maybe you're interested / maybe you know people who might be interested / otherwise FYI πŸ˜…

Attention lovers of books πŸ“š developers of software πŸ’» and enthusiasts of ! πŸ”“

You are invited to the first Inventaire & OpenData Week from the 18th to the 25th of July at Kanthaus (Germany) πŸŽ‰ is the Free book platform made by and for book lovers. It uses and contributes to , building our data commons 🌐

No charge. You don't need to be a dev, just enthusiastic. See you there?

More info & sign-up:

Inventaire on fediverse: @inventaire

Wild-camped in what felt like a primeval jungle a couple days ago, SW Turkey.

Twisting vines, dragonflies, aromatic broadleafs, bats, slime mold, bog, land crabs, fireflies, 'horsetails', tortoises, mosquitoes...

An evening chorus of frogs, birds and, in the distance, the call to prayer. A morning wash in the river.

Very great to be close to wild things again. Take only photos, leave only footprints ofc ✌️

Mulberries! Species 'morus', very delicious. Flavour is something like blackberries, but sweeter. Impossible to pick ripe ones without staining your hands.

They are growing in hedge rows and hanging over gardens fences all over this rural stretch of Turkey between Izmir and Fethiye, a very welcome find when hitchhiking.

Note: one variety is white when ripe! So look carefully before dismissing a tree with only 'unripe' berries ;)

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When Medium dropped our access to their API without warning a few months ago, we decided to permanently end our integration with them.

Today we're happy to launch a new integration with an open publishing platform that can't do the same, Ghost.

Read more on their blog:

(Thanks to @johnonolan and the Ghost team for reaching out and helping with the implementation!)

We must untie the knot, not cut it: we'll need the string later.

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This Summer, we are having our first Inventaire & OpenData Week! Join us for a week of learning, sharing, and contributing! 18-25 July @ #Kanthaus #inventaireio #wikidata #wmhack #opendata #libre #booksharing

Reading 'Change and Habit' by Arnold Toynbee has put the historical lense on me.

Should we face a global biological crisis, I guess there will be a global dark age.

Don't really know what that would look like, or what to do with the thought, but just interesting to imagine.

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One of the many absurdities of capitalism in our technologically advanced world: I have to borrow an eBook from the library and return it so others can borrow it

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Oh sing we now the Holy Weeds

That flourish in the ditch,

For they are for the meek in needs,

They are not for the rich.

You cannot buy them at the mall,

Nor at the superstore,

They are despised because they all

Grow freely for the poor.

The Dandelion shoots, for spring,

Before their flowers burst;

The Burdock root is best in June

When it is fat with juice;

When autumn comes, the Acorn’s ripe,

The Walnut black is too;

Young Milkweed pods are sweet when boiled,

And Milkweed shoots when new.

The inner bark of Spruce and Birch

For extra Vitamin C –

But do not take too much of each,

Or you will kill the tree.

The Purslane, Sorrel, Lamb’s Quarters,

And Nettles, too, are good;

The Hawthorn, Elder, Sumac, Rose –

Their berries wholesome food.

The Holy Weeds are plentiful

And beautiful to see –

For who can doubt God put them there,

So starved we’ll never be?

from The God's Gardeners Oral Hymnbook from Margaret Atwoods' Year of the Flood

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Are you in the UK and wondering what good you can do other than vote? Get organized!

:anarchism: Anarchist Federation:

:iww: Industrial Workers of the World:

:blackcat: Solidarity Federation:

Degradation of biosphere is reaching Cold War levels of existential angst IMO 🚨

My dad told me of times when he would question if it was worth going to work that day, since a nuclear war could have started any moment πŸ’£

Biosphere collapse is a totally different beast, but some important similarities: Cold War overcome with global, collective inaction; biosphere collapse only avoidable with global, collective action 🌐

Important to remember life is no more or less absurd with these threats 🀑

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3.6 Million Hectares of Rainforests Lost in 2018

The huge area of pristine tropical rainforest were destroyed in 2018, according to satellite analysis, with beef, chocolate and palm oil among the main causes, the media reported on Thursday.
The forests store huge amounts of carbon and are teeming with wildlife, making their protection critical to stopping runaway #ClimateChange and halting a sixth #MassExtinction.


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