Anyone got advice on organizing your () filesystem? Naming conventions, etc?

Usually it's organized for you?
Are you making your own linux distro?

@urology Heavens nooo! More about organizing my own stuff.

I already found this reference for standard repositories useful:

But for example, where would you/should I put scripts I make? DIY logs? Just wondered if someone figured out beautiful solutions.

There are definitely places that people usually put these things, but there are also multiple choices.
I've had some stuff put in /opt /usr/local or /usr/share is also popular for like personal software.

I usually just put my scripts in my home folder, but my home folder also gets hella cluttered. I was just looking for something in there and it was a bit of a nightmare.

But yeah, when I'm trying to be organized I try to put personal scripts in /usr/local/bin. This is probably one of the first places someone else would look if they were trying to find scripts made by the user.

Oh this breakdown is great. I've seen less detailed breakdowns of the directory before, but this really makes it clear what the difference between various directories are.

@douginamug after twenty years of using Linux i can firmly say, i do not.

buuuuuuuut maybe this is related to how i sort and store and deal with my real life documents at home (badly)

@douginamug @yova also check out xdg user does, see

Personally I like to make it my own... I have multiple ZFS filesystems e.g. for music, and code, and I mount them at the root level, e.g. /Music /code ... And I don't pretend my laptop is a multiuser system.


I have devised a perfect strategy for organizing linux filesystems. Unfortunately, it will not fit in this toot.

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