Just got the results back for a covid test from yesterday, negative fortunately.

...but whoever designed that website should be shot.


Georgia is having a runoff Jan 5 to decide who our 2 new senators will be. If those senators go blue Mitch McConnell will no longer be Senate Majority Leader. You have until December 7 to register to vote. Retweet to spread awareness even if you don’t live here.


Even during a *normal* political debate I wish the moderator had a mute button.

Good read from Steve Yegge about platforms, deprecation, planned obsolescence, and related topics, largely focused around Google Cloud Platform: "Dear Google Cloud: Your Deprecation Policy is Killing You" medium.com/@steve.yegge/dear-g #GCP

So, a while back I registered a domain name for a project that I had plans to announce "soon."

I just got the renewal reminder from the register for that domain. So much for "soon"

Anyway, I have actually been working on it again here and there, so maybe I'll put something up there "soon." I renewed the domain.

it's so nice that in scheme you can end questions in "?", instead of having to contort every identifier into [a-zA-Z_][a-zA-Z0-9_]*

Food for thought: when thinking about over-centralization and propietary SaaS, it is a mistake to think of GitHub as a developer tool. It is first and foremost a social network -- the tooling that comes with it is pretty trivial.

So zoom just acquired keybase:


...Has anyone thought about how one might adapt the keybase trust model not to need a central lookup server?

@cwebber @stolas The failure modes for AI systems are usually fascinating. thispersondoesnotexist.com similarly has some really impressive results, but there are some very common failure modes that are just like WAT.

If you're in Massachusettes, reminder that early voting is a thing (through the end of the week). Beat the crowds!

Sandstorm seems to be coming back to life. There's a post up on the Sandstorm blog about it (which I wrote): sandstorm.io/news/2020-02-03-r

... And I haven't found any clear analysis of the issue.

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For background, Sandstorm seems to be coming back to life, and I've been contributing. We use mongo as a database, and getting rid of the dependency would be a huge engineering effort. I'm not happy about having something potentially non free as a critical dependency, but it seems like the contraversal part of the license doesn't affect us or our users, or heck even someone who wanted to make a proprietary saas form of Sandstorm (since mongo is not exposed to users).

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Can someone help me understand the situation around mongodb's new license (the SSPL)? Specifically, it's not OSI approved, but (1) searching around a bit I haven't been able to find reference to why not. I've heard (unsourced) that mongo withdrew their OSI application, so it may not have been formally rejected. The FSF doesn't have it on their list of licenses (free or otherwise), so they appear not to have weighed in yet. I'm trying to understand the actual problem, if there is one.

I recently (a few weeks ago) stopped running my own mail server and pointed my domain at Fastmail.

I ran my own mail server for about a decade. I stopped because I got tired of having to deal with the issues around spam filtering and small servers. My server didn't have a *bad* reputation, but it didn't have a good one either, just because a one-person email server doesn't send enough mail.

Something to keep in mind for folks exploring reputation-based antispam mechanisms for the fediverse.

*Doesn't have the spoons to track down a bug in the type checker*

*Decides to work on better error messages instead*

*Finds the bug while writing code to explain the problem to the user*

... Slightly more productive version of Teddy-bear debugging.

tbh the main attraction of *nix systems is that they make composability available to the end user, not just the developer.

isn't it fucked up when we teach programmers to write composable and modular code, and then make them use those techniques to write closed source monoliths that only compete, and rarely cooperate?

there's some #programming food for thought....

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