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new paper: « Building the Universal Archive of Source Code » ← our manifesto for software source code preservation at @SWHeritage . On @CACMmag with @rdicosmo & @JFAbramatic

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New personal best on half-marathon: 1h49m17s at @SemiParis (avg. pace ~5m10s/km). Very nice run, despite the rainy weather (again!).

by @mozilla is a pretty great project, aiming at building free/open datasets and models for speech recognition. You can to help ( & speakers are particularly needed wink wink).

the governance change is a really nice example of self-determination (or, re-determination, in this case) for communities: via @lwnnet (which you should support for the great journalism they do, btw ☺)

RIP Mario Gerla. I had the pleasure of attend one of his classes back in 2004 on wifi LANs/PANs as a PhD student. Thanks for all the fish!

A #Copyleftconf abbiamo partecipato a un'interessante sessione sull'applicazione delle licenze #CreativeCommons nei tribunali USA.

Alcuni autori si fanno sentire, altri forse esagerano, come balanciare i vari interessi e intervenire in modo efficace?
holy cannoli this session on #copyleft litigation is so much fun. Great moderators, impressive audienc…

the Cryptographic Autonomy —still in draft, but already an interesting experiment on "maximal" —is also available as a Git repo here cc: @vanlindberg

in aggiunta a quanto riportato nell'articolo, sta quindi pure violando la licenza di , avendolo abusivamente distribuito sotto un'altra licenza
« Corruzione, è stata un’occasione mancata » via @fattoquotidiano

wi-fi on train is shit again. Phew. I was starting to worry.

« What is » — Federated () video streaming platform using P2P (BitTorrent) directly in the web browser with WebTorrent and Angular

“Public Money? Public Code!", a policy brochure published by (pdf)

"Why should governments develop Free Software? Where is Free Software already generating benefits in the public sector?"

#FreeSoftware #PublicCode

some free software is "libre as in lucha libre":

it helps to make up a secret identity, because you're going to have to do battle with a bunch of masked chuds with opinions before you even get to wrestle the software itself

The target versions of and for the next stable release are now available in debian/testing:
$ sudo apt install beancount fava
If you want to give feedback on the packaging of these great tools, this is the time !

oh the irony ! audiovisual and sport sectors lobbyists are now arguing against of the because it will *strengthen* the power of online content sharing platforms welcome to the light side, "friends"

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