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My team is hiring: -based researcher wanted to analyze the archive at scale, for several use cases revolving around software provenance tracking. Learn more at:

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I'm glad to announce that the @swheritage Graph Dataset has been selected as topic for the upcoming @msrconf Mining Challenge. CFP to appear soon at
Meanwhile, you can learn more about the dataset from this preprint

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New personal best @semiparis: 1h45m51s. Amazing weather, if not for the heavy contrary wind in the last 5k... Thanks .

happy to partner with @github on this — the most active projects under the Arctic once and *all* projects continuously archived in @swheritage !

tomorrow I'll be at , , to talk about Source Code Analysis at the Scale of the World, with @swheritage of course ! come and say hi if you're around

no seriously, how did we get by all this time without f-strings?

hey @GiorgiaMeloni, sempre nessun commento su questa schifezza? ti ricordi mica chi ha scritto la legge?
«I dispositivi in vendita per i seggiolini non sono a norma»: la denuncia di Altroconsumo

As of today, the full @swheritage code base passes . It's been a side-project of mine and I'm supper happy about this milestone. Type annotations are still minimal, but it's a great starting point.

.@demartin: « la tecnologia […] è più celebrata (o condannata) che capita e governata. »
“Non si può fare innovazione senza cultura tecnologica” via @LaStampa

Qui su Mastodon per le nostre segnalazioni di "varia" e le notifiche di nuovi post su Giap usiamo due account diversi. Per Giap invitiamo a seguire l'apposito bot.

GregKH: "Android aside, 80% of Linux machines out there run either 's or kernels. [...] You can't ignore community distros when rolling out security updates."

Cartello al parcheggio del BLQ: "aggiornamento software, possibili disagi il 7-8 ottobre"

Domani (giovedì) sarò a per la presentazione della collaborazione tra @swheritage e @ENEAOfficial, che ospiterà il nostro primo mirror italiano
Conferenza stampa a Palazzo Re Enzo a mezzodì !

having in theaters, in 2019, both a Stallone's Rambo and a Schwarzenegger's Terminator is utterly confusing in terms of how old I feel

milestone achieved: I've run 1200 km over the past 12 months — here's to the next: 1300 km/year !

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