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New personal best @semiparis: 1h45m51s. Amazing weather, if not for the heavy contrary wind in the last 5k... Thanks .

**En France, les magasins de vélos en plein essor, boostés par la hausse de la pratique de la bicyclette**

"La forte croissance du nombre de boutiques accompagne, en ville, une mutation commerciale, voire sociologique."

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« Quand la fissure la française », par Renaud Lambert (abonnés ⁕ en kiosques, juin 2021) //

FSF, Freenode. 

This will hopefully be my last #freenode related post. Today the #FSF meets to decide if they will move their channels off of freenode. I won't attend that meeting because (catch-22!) it is on freenode and I already dropped my account. I hope that they decide to move, but either way I'm not moving any of my Free Software support (#emacs, #notmuch, #debian) activities back. The FSF should meet Free Software where it is, which no longer is on Freenode.

Tiens donc... #TousAntiCovid
RT @anticor_org
Le Parquet national financier (#PNF) a ouvert en septembre une enquête préliminaire pour « #favoritisme » après un signalement d'#Anticor concernant le contrat de maintenance de l’application #StopCovid, devenue depuis « #TousAntiCovid ».

it is good to learn that pulling the paper was under consideration at the PC level as well, and that stricter ethic-related processes will be added in the future at the review stage

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technical track is about to start, with Tommi Mikkonen's keynote "Open Source Software Is Eating the World":

There are now enough people for the interview analysis and the #fedeproxy community should be proud to have a #diversity of participants for this first IRL meeting.

Thanks to everyone for the recommendations and efforts!

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at we start with the industrial track, where @cedricth lined up an impressive program:

« Pourquoi les américains ont perdu face à  », par Maxime Robin (abonnés ⁕ en kiosques, mai 2021) //

There’s also a few more days to improve translation of the upcoming #GNU #Guix release into your language!

You can translate messages printed by commands, package descriptions, documentation, and the web site.

#Translation #I18n #FreeSoftware #LinguisticDiversity

As an update on the "Hypocrite Commits" scandal, the authors have now withdrawn the paper from the IEEE S&P 2021 symposium.

Withdrawal letter:


Le saviez-vous ? Le nouveau t-shirt @aprilorg « Le logiciel libre donne de la voix », inspiré de notre émission de radio « Libre à vous ! », est désormais disponible sur la boutique En Vente Libre 👍

Venez le découvrir et le commander !

the archive has now passed the threshold of 10 billion (!) unique source code files archived (and 2 billion unique commits, coming from more than 150 million projects)

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