Does anybody want to share with me their experiences of having pet rabbits

I hate that Mozilla uses the designation "extended support release" because the string "esr" absolutely raises my hackles

these are the books I've read so far this year, if anybody wants to talk about any of them

this may be opulent but whatever, i'm reading a book at a baseball game

If anyone works in NYC, or knows someone who works in NYC in tech and is hiring please hit me up 👍

Please boost.

Might have broken my finger yesterday doing my one (1) annual non-running athletic activity

I saw my first two Phish shows this weekend and I can finally say: I get it. It's ridiculous and so silly but it was also so much fun

My trackpad occasionally becomes unresponsive after suspending, and I've gotten in the habit of fixing it by disabling and re-enabling the mouse driver with modprobe. I finally thought, "there has to be a better way!" and googled it, and it looks like the "better way" is... running a script to disable and re-enable the mouse driver with modprobe

Image from page 29 of "Alfred J. Brown Seed Co. : growers, merchants and importers of garden, farm and flower seeds" (1900)

Local bookstore find: a beautiful old 4-volume set of illustrated home carpentry and repair guides. I probably would've gotten them in any case but then—miracle of miracles—published in 1923!

There's a newsworthy audio file I want to listen to, but "Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now)" just came on and now I have to wait like 6 minutes

I wish I remembered how to write words down!

Who's reading Ted Chiang's EXHALATION? I just got through the title story and it is fantastic.

It's such a consistently charming quality of hacker-type spaces that (a) there are fun technological solutions to common logistical problems! and (b) they are unbearably janky

I think my personal website was down for like a week before anybody noticed, which is

I continue to want to publish zines and rage against machines

Biked into Manhattan for the first time today, and it ruled. I think I was a little nervous about crossing a bridge but it turned out to be very easy and well-protected

If it's NOT bad it does seem like a pretty good way to distribute `cursewords`, because I've never really been satisfied with pip as the only way

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