Alright, here it is: I am going to be making a zine every month this year out of newly public domain materials from 1923. I just launched a Kickstarter for subscriptions, which are capped at 100! Please back and share :)

^ doing this, probably launching it tomorrow :)

I'm a little frustrated about how this new Tor feature appears to mostly be documented through rumors and speculation, but this @mtigas guide was super helpful

ugh this was a ridiculous problem to debug. Many attempts later: the Tor Browser on my box doesn't yet include tor, so it didn't recognize the ClientOnionAuthDir flag and kept failing silently

Tor question: does the ClientOnionAuthDir have to be in a specific place, or with specific properties? (i.e. permissions or ownership or something?) Just adding the line to my Tor Browser's torrc makes the whole thing crash on start-up

*to the tune of Bruce Springsteen's "Adam Raised a Cain"* dr frasier crane

thank you

I got a pull request merged into signal-cli! Very exciting milestone for me :)

The Tor 0.3.5 series includes several new features and performance improvements, including client authorization for v3 onion services, cleanups to bootstrap reporting, experimental support for NSS in place of OpenSSL, and more:

Spent all morning wresting with timezones, but if I'd really learned my lesson I would've said I spent all afternoon (UTC) wrestling with timezones

I'm doing a 5-day Mini Batch at Recurse Center this week. Focusing on some Signal-related software I've gotten to the prototype stage and want to wrap up.

You might think, "Don't you mean stationery store?" To which I'd reply: no, it was most importantly fixed in position, it just happened to sell paper

I saw a kit for a "DIY Gender Reveal Party" in a normie stationary store and as long as the first word modifies the second and not the fourth I gotta say I love it

I want to commit to a particular year-long project in the next couple of days but I think I need a pep talk before I can pull the trigger

waluigi has a certain... je ne sais wah

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