Thank you Techdirt for letting me opine on how good boring is for a thousand words

I've blogged again! Nominally about the unsurprising outcome of a recent SCOTUS copyright case, but REALLY about what a relief it is when copyright is as boring as it's supposed to be

The degree to which I've settled into being a (friendly! but) annoying print shop customer astonishes even me

Should I, the Bad Sysadmin, upgrade the Ubuntu version on the box on which all of my bots run, or is that just asking for trouble

the ultimate dream would be to integrate it back into cursewords, so you could run something like `cursewords --download newyorker` and work the latest puzzle

Currently you need to give it the very specific solver iframe URL for the puzzle you want but hopefully I'll be able to abstract some of that away soon

More software tonight: a very first pass at a PuzzleMe liberator, to extract local .puz files from online solvers at places like NY Mag, New Yorker, WaPo, Newsday, etc

🎉 I'm releasing new crossword software today! cursewords is a terminal-based interface for solving crossword puzzles while looking like a hacker. Opens most any .puz file on Mac or Linux. ✏️📓

Alright this is an extremely poorly kept secret on here, but

I'm trying to decide on a license for my first independent non-trivial software release in a while. What are the good licenses, folks

I think I actually just have to give up on fixing this and instead mentally train myself to never hit shift plus arrow keys. This is good, computers are good.

Something changed something in my terminal settings and now shift+arrow_keys are being interpreted literally and printing letters and t̼͟h̠͚i̦s͏̹ ͏̱͍̪͈s͜h͔̺̕o̵u̳ḻ̶̗d̡̩ ̝b̸̪͖͔̫͓e̘̹̳͍ ̴fu͍͎ͅn̘̤͘ ̧̫̥̱͔̦̪t̫o̧̖̯̭͔̮ ͚͟d͜e̱̝b̴̗̪̝̗ug̮̰͎

Hey quick Q, what should human beings want

lol sorry I could see how you might read that caption as "on today's date in 1923," which this picture definitely doesn't depict! It was probably too cold on 1923-02-23 to go in the water off Coney Island

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