said if you want to call me baby, just go ahead now

My white whale joke combines Spin Doctors' "Two Princes" with the 16th century Italian telling of the Persian fairy tale "Three Princes of Serendip." Can't quite figure it out but someday I will

lol @randylubin i forgot you were on Mastodon! Anyway this happened and apparently the ARG idea that I was so excited about I was... also previously excited about

I think a fun thing would be a podcast hosted at an Onion Service! You'd need to do horrible things to obtain it. Probably the files are Ogg Vorbis too

Today I told a friend about a fun side project I was working on and he had some great suggestions on how to improve it. So I excitedly told my collaborator about his great ideas and she told me I had pitched them to her (and completely forgot) like, days ago. No wonder his ideas were so good!

Anyone going to THOT CON? I've never been and it seems pretty cool! Tickets go on sale next week-ish

This feels very remedial but I'm walking my way in circles here: how do you calculate (say) how many hashes you need to generate to get one that begins with an 8-character base32 string?

finally made it through that stupid dungeon

Lmao it's been exactly long enough since I last tried Rust that my brain started thinking I want to learn Rust again

For the late night crowd: I have my first *brand new* Mastodon bot. It's available at @animorphs and it generates book covers from the Animorphs series featuring all your favorite celebrities

I've spent a long time avoiding doing any "web" stuff because I'm stubborn and weird, and now I'm kind of doing a "web" project and you would not believe the degree to which you can torture a web stack

Or even just point to an explanation. I'm good at googling but those words are all very common words

Also if somebody could explain the tor.service and tor@default.service thing, I would be very grateful

Any Tor folks on here who are also Debian or Ubuntu users? I kept running into permissions issues when starting tor as a service because it couldn't read/write from the directory I'd designated for an Onion Service in my torrc. I had to manually add a ReadWriteDirectories line to the tor@default.service file. Does that sound... correct?

I don't really understand why systemd is so bad but every time I encounter it things go very badly

I feel like there's a hard cap on the complexity of software I can write because I'm unwilling to learn the support structures that would allow me to do things more complex than what I can hold in my head

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