Got my final 1923 zine from @xor this week! what an amazing project. Parker has packed these chock full with absolutely stunning artwork, poems, writing, and some truly amazing glimpses into an earlier age—one not so different from the one we live in now

I got SO MUCH better at the mechanics of making a zine during my Kickstarter run. I'm kind of annoyed at how much better.


I want to organize a NUMTOT Cannonball Run, where you have to get from one city's downtown to another using any transportation method except car

lmao three evenings into debugging a PDF rendering thing when I discover that portions of a single page only don't render at a scale of 50% or less!

That is my contribution to the subs v. dubs discourse, which is apparently happening right now on the birdsite, for some reason

One time I was in Germany (but didn't yet speak German) and went to go see an American movie "OmU" (English audio, with German subtitles) but it turned out to have a couple of Russian characters who speak Russian to each other (still with German subtitles). I leaned over to ask my then-girlfriend what they were saying and she was so annoyed I couldn't understand it.

the tires are the things on your car that make contact with the road

I'm about to post the final two issues of my _1923_ zine (timed to the anniversary of the Kickstarter!) and I'm grateful that people let me get very weird with this project

some original artwork I made for a "champagne socialists" theme party

the tires are the things on your car that make contact with the road

One messed up thing about my social-media-addled brain is I had the thought of like, why bother read the Google v. Oracle filings this weekend, they'll already be several days old at that point

I haven't watched HACKERS (1995) yet this decade and I think it's starting to affect my mood

I'm strongly considering printing out all the Oracle v. Google (excuse me, it's Google v. Oracle now) filings and holing up for 72 hours and reading everything

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