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I'm going to add Mastodon support to an upcoming release of this tool BUT if you want to do it I won't stop you

I missed being the first mention of Mastodon on Uses This by almost a year, but I'm in good company with @cwebber and @mattl

Hey I got interviewed on Uses This about my rig. I love these interviews, and was super honored to get to do one

Meet the open-source Twitter bot to help you surface stories on anything, developed by @xor

It currently powers the FOIAFeed birdsite bot, which posts news articles that are based on documents from Freedom of Information Act or other public records:

Here is the source code:

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It's satisfying that the language of UK shipping is so densely packed with Britishisms. I put an item in my basket two days ago and now my parcel has been dispatched

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I gotta start writing again. I don't think any media people are still on Masto but if you are and you've got tips for who I should be pitching (to write the sort of thing I write) hit me up

As I've gotten more confident as a programmer, I've really started to see the value in looking at the source code underlying APIs I'm using, and I've also learned that most software is hilariously bad

Does anybody have a working example of an actual package on PyPi that uses markdown for its project description, and it works?

I haven't been good about it lately but blogging is such a Good Thing. I have a few years of my life now where I organized and documented my thoughts, and it's so incredibly valuable to me. (And maybe sometimes other people, too!)

strawberries, painted by deborah griscom passmore, 1900

I had to pick a nice-looking free font to bundle with this project I'm working on and I went with Noto and I've been seized all day with the worry that maybe that makes me look really 2014-y

What are the actual (case sensitive) filenames of some plain serif fonts that I can expect to find one of installed on various systems? I'd been using 'LiberationSerif-Regular.ttf', which is great for my computer but not everywhere, obviously.

here are two very useless choropleths I made in a d3 workshop today: NYC neighborhoods by length of name and NYC neighborhoods according to their position in a list of neighborhood names sorted alphabetically

I have learned so much packaging my first Python module for PyPi distribution! It's really hard and it sucks and I love it

How annoying is (manual, selective) cross-posting from birdsite? I presume a lot of you are over there, and a lot of you are not...