The reviews for the O'Reilly book Fluent Python are very good and the description sounds more-or-less right, but is 2015 too old for such a book? (It's focused on 3.4, it sounds like.) Anybody know that one?

Does anybody have recommendations for books on Python that aren't, like, strictly instructional? I am reasonably comfortable writing it, but I'd like to dig deeper into how it works and why certain design decisions were made, and I had a good time reading Eloquent Javascript recently

What's the etiquette for an account where all or almost all posts could be behind (the same) CW? (In this case: food.) It seems needlessly clicky to set it each time, but I don't want to surprise anyone either.

Hmm I have now read the entirety of ELOQUENT JAVASCRIPT and yet my Javascript is not Eloquent

Occasionally I get the whiff of drama on the Mastodon TL and I have to admit I have *zero* idea how to follow sub-toots upstream

Today we got a new printer in the office and I, a Linux user, was the first person to successfully connect to it. I'm calling it now, 2020 will be the Year of Linux on the Desktop

I woke up this morning and blearily read a message from a friend, and now I've spent 20 minutes trying to remember which platform it was sent through so I can find it again

Does anybody have a sticker company they like?

I love singing karaoke and I love eating sandwiches and I find the impulse to videotape somebody doing either deeply, profoundly weird

Sometimes I watch people stream themselves solving downs-only puzzles on Twitch and I laugh and laugh thinking about how frustrating it would be to watch me

I now do 2-3 daily crossword puzzles downs-only, and I feel like my whole relationship to them being "fun" has changed

should I read a book about javascript? does that mean I'm getting old? shall I wear the bottom of my trousers rolled?

I find myself actually wanting to learn javascript, which I think means it's "over" as a language

sorry to this man but it's very funny to me that this helpful blog post was the only thing written by this start-up before they shut down

Today I'm annoyed by the intersection of lazy-loaded images and browser automation

Was gonna make a 1923 issue out of this super charming Japanese comic about a young journalist and his squirrel friend, but NYPL isn't sure on the rights and so doesn't post the high-res scans :(

chinese peaches, painted by deborah griscom passmore, 1893

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