I've never really enjoyed video game cut scenes but the ones in Celeste are (a) delightful and (b) extremely hard won

While sick at home this weekend I started playing Celeste, and between the cold and my body being in constant tension from that game I am EXHAUSTED

very mild illness 

lol I just experienced the entire emotional range from, "wow, that was a pretty clever solution I figured out when writing this code 2.5 years ago!" to "oh wait, it is a fundamentally flawed approach and means all my results for that entire time are incomplete"

Bought a new laptop because my 'd' key is broken

cincincis pears, painted by royal charles steadman, 1922

The thing about Dorian Gray jokes is they honestly never get old

My dental appointment was serendipitously scheduled for 2:30, a fact I found much more amusing than did the woman working the front desk at the dentist's office

honestly I hadn't really ever "shipped" a 1.0 of software before this. And certainly never a 2.0. I didn't realize I'd need to take a few months off in between.

I'm doing the big Sunday WaPo puzzles in cursewords now and it looks so freaking cool. I'm really excited to get back into developing this software

I deepcleaned my apartment in anticipation of a friend coming to stay this week AND THEN my landlord had to come take a look at my oven (on the fritz) SO NOW I get to pretend that I always live like this

Digging these beautiful maps and stereograms from @xor's zine project featuring material from 1923

As ever, you can see all the issues I've sent out so far at 1923.press

Tomorrow I send out the last issue of the first half of my 1923 project, and the first issue of the last half. I'm going to write up a "process post" about my workflow and how much money I've spent on it (the Kickstarter will be slightly profitable!), but does anybody have any specific questions I should make sure to address?

Does anybody want to share with me their experiences of having pet rabbits

I hate that Mozilla uses the designation "extended support release" because the string "esr" absolutely raises my hackles

these are the books I've read so far this year, if anybody wants to talk about any of them

this may be opulent but whatever, i'm reading a book at a baseball game

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