Who's reading Ted Chiang's EXHALATION? I just got through the title story and it is fantastic.

It's such a consistently charming quality of hacker-type spaces that (a) there are fun technological solutions to common logistical problems! and (b) they are unbearably janky

I think my personal website was down for like a week before anybody noticed, which is

I continue to want to publish zines and rage against machines

Biked into Manhattan for the first time today, and it ruled. I think I was a little nervous about crossing a bridge but it turned out to be very easy and well-protected

If it's NOT bad it does seem like a pretty good way to distribute `cursewords`, because I've never really been satisfied with pip as the only way

snapcraft really tickles the part of my brain that says "this must be bad because it's convenient," but I haven't followed any of the conversation around it. What do people think?

Anyway if anybody knows why one program just won't show up in xfce's alt+tab window cycler, I'm all ears

I'm experiencing the very rare Linux problem where no amount of searching appears to turn up anybody else experiencing the same thing and it sure is a lonely affair!

I had to repartition my whole hard drive and reinstall my operating system, and it's the wildest thing to me that you can copy over one folder and your Firefox is not only the same, but the same TABS are open

Wow my computer got really broken (wouldn't boot at all, ahhhh) and it took my 24 hours of frantic effort but I think I fixed it?

Sorry this sounds way more dramatic than I meant. Current example is that the NPR podcast feed directory is going haywire and it gave me some insight into a creative thing you could do with podcast clients

Nothing gives me more or better creative ideas than seeing how systems break

I was able to recover the images (although the metadata is kind of hosed I think) but each step was extremely xkcd.com/349/

Last night my being too lazy to grab a printer cable from the other room kicked off a sequence of events that resulted in my accidentally formatting an SD card that contained two years of photos

May I some day pursue an endeavor with the single-minded focus of my neighbor trying to nail this one vocal run for literal weeks

What is it in my nerd brain that wants sharper boundaries between content and containers? Why, if you ask me what a podcast is, do I think "an RSS feed with enclosures that point to audio files" instead of, like, "an episodic true crime story"

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