just completed my first full watch-through of ds9 🥲 i'm so happy for all my friends in space 🥲

I love free software, and I love encryption tools 🥲

This feels very silly to ask but I have a crossword-y Python coding problem that I can't crack and it seems very much like an interview question or an Advent of Code challenge. Does anybody find that kind of thing fun and want to talk it through with me?

I love songs about how cool it feels to be a musician

My current set-up uses a basically ancient Kindle that still works just fine. But of course I'd love to excise Amazon from the equation entirely!

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After years of resisting (and, frankly, lack of interest) I've finally broken and started borrowing ebooks from the library to read on ebook hardware. What's the most free software version of this I can be doing?

I love the openness of podcasting architecture and the ecosystem that it enables, and I will admit to feeling a petty satisfaction that Spotify's attempts to undermine it seem so cursed

mammoth pippin apples, painted by royal charles steadman, 1920

jaycees building ("world's largest bureau"), high point, north carolina, 1982

Really digging Knotwords, a new puzzle game that's kind of like sudoku slash picross slash crosswords. I'm playing on iOS but it's also on Steam polygon.com/23059935/knotwords

A few recently circulated videos of live performances have inspired me to check out the Harry Styles solo oeuvre, and, I gotta say, it's uniformly pretty solid

alright getting my hands dirty again on something that will hopefully be generative art

papa joe's fireworks, elephants, route 17, hardesville, south carolina, 2004

Literally a half dozen people have sent me viral tweets with the TNG screenshot that shows Data talking about the Irish Unification of 2024, and I am feeling very good about my personal brand

I had this spidey sense a few months back that I was about to be very productive, and then, for a stretch, I WAS! The exciting news is the same spidey sense is now telling me I'm about to be very creative

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