I'm about to post the final two issues of my _1923_ zine (timed to the anniversary of the Kickstarter!) and I'm grateful that people let me get very weird with this project

some original artwork I made for a "champagne socialists" theme party

the tires are the things on your car that make contact with the road

One messed up thing about my social-media-addled brain is I had the thought of like, why bother read the Google v. Oracle filings this weekend, they'll already be several days old at that point

I haven't watched HACKERS (1995) yet this decade and I think it's starting to affect my mood

I'm strongly considering printing out all the Oracle v. Google (excuse me, it's Google v. Oracle now) filings and holing up for 72 hours and reading everything

I saw the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile! I use its full name here in the hopes that there are other less famous wienermobiles from which to distinguish it

Hey #CactusCon pals, come see @yaelwrites and give some cybersecurity reporting a reality check and talk about how the proverbial sausage is made this Saturday, December 7th 2019 at 11AM AZ time: cactuscon.com/schedule-2019-ta

Does anybody do anything fun with alternate Page Styles? I'm embarrassed to say I never even knew about the feature until I saw it mentioned on adventofcode.com/2019/about

Anyway, may this toot serve as a reminder to examine the assumptions you've made about the workflows in your life! Some constraints are silly

I made a major realization that will save me a lot of time on zine assembly and I'm SO annoyed that it happened right at the end of the project

The reviews for the O'Reilly book Fluent Python are very good and the description sounds more-or-less right, but is 2015 too old for such a book? (It's focused on 3.4, it sounds like.) Anybody know that one?

Does anybody have recommendations for books on Python that aren't, like, strictly instructional? I am reasonably comfortable writing it, but I'd like to dig deeper into how it works and why certain design decisions were made, and I had a good time reading Eloquent Javascript recently

What's the etiquette for an account where all or almost all posts could be behind (the same) CW? (In this case: food.) It seems needlessly clicky to set it each time, but I don't want to surprise anyone either.

Hmm I have now read the entirety of ELOQUENT JAVASCRIPT and yet my Javascript is not Eloquent

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