Kinda bored with HTTP, what are some other good protocols

I figured it out! I ran a script that watched for X CreateNotify events and printed the process that sent them, and the culprit was software a friend of mine wrote and I will be respecting their privacy at this time.

Does anybody know if it's possible to get the xprop style properties of a window after it's been closed?

OK the window spawns every 60 seconds and it is driving me nuts

My computer keeps doing this thing where it spawns a tiny window in the center of the screen that is just barely perceptible and disappears immediately, at regular intervals. It's vaguely annoying because I can, in fact, see it, and it also messes with focus and cursor placement. Does anybody know what this is or have any ideas for how I can find out?

OK I didn't get in to 35C3! Now I have options about what to do over New Year's!

Stan Lee gave me a reference to make sure the other party heard my name correctly, and for that I'll always be grateful

(Unless they heard Peter, which happens, and in that case it's not super helpful)

My only take on Detective Pikachu is I hope the movie is inexplicably 4+ hours long

I think some folks can't distinguish between chaotic good and lawful neutral

Does anyone want to play-test a crossword puzzle I made?

What do we think is the *single* US state not represented in the Hunts Point Produce Market?

I love the idea of carrying a little USB key on my keyring but I think the stress of it has made a handful of drives fail very quickly

I always forget that Yoshi Committed Tax Fraud, and it's so funny every time I learn again

I'm about The River years old, which feels *fine*, but it's hard to imagine that I'm almost Nebraska

It was pretty recent that it really clicked that I could deliberately listen to the music that older artists were making when they were my age and it's had a pretty profound effect on me

naranja chino oranges, painted by ellen isham schutt, 1909

update to this: I had the date for the first thing wrong (meaning my 2019 calendar accuracy was literally 0%) and I will be able to do both

Yesterday I put into my calendar my very first plans of 2019, so I'm booked on Feb 7. Today I get invited to speak out of town on Feb 7. How does this always happen?!

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