#2679 Quantified Self 

It's made me way more excited about ferris wheels, subways, car washes, waterslides, and store entrances that have double doors with a divider in the middle.

#2678 Wing Lift 

Once the air from the top passes below the plane of the wing and catches sight of the spooky skulls, it panics, which is the cause of turbulent vortices.

#2677 Two Key System 

Our company can be your one-stop shop for decentralization.

#2676 Historical Dates 

Evidence suggests the 1899 transactions occurred as part of a global event centered around a deity associated with the lotus flower.

#2675 Pilot Priority List 

CELEBRATE: Serve passengers tiered cakes shaped like the airspace class diagram

#2674 Everyday Carry 

Someday I just know I'm going to encounter a problem that requires 500 flashlights and 700 knives with weird holes in them, and on that day I won't be caught unprepared.

#2673 Cursed mRNA Cocktail 

Serve one each to guests whose last cursed cocktail was more than 2 months ago.

#2672 What If? 2 Flowchart 

Don't worry, the dogs are all fine. That's actually kind of the problem.

#2671 Rotation 

It's okay, we can just feed the one-pixel image into an AI upscaler and recover the original image, or at least one that's just as cool.

#2670 Interruption 

It's been extra bad ever since my GPS got stuck on Phoebe Judge mode.

#2669 Things You Should Not Do 

Now I'm tempted to start telling people that I secretly don't actually know how to do any physics calculations, and so all the answers in What If are based on me actually trying to do the thing and then reporting what happened, but phrased as if it's hypothetical.

#2668 Artemis Quote 

Another option: "It is an honor to be the first human to set foot on the moon."

#2667 First Internet Interaction 

To that stranger on the KOOL Tree House chat room, I gotta hand it to you: You were, ultimately, not wrong.

#2666 Universe Price Tiers 

In Universe Pro®™ the laws of physics remain unchanged under time reversal, to maintain backward compatibility.

#2665 America Songs 

Juraaaassic Park, Juraaaassic Park, God shed his grace on theeeee

#2664 Cloud Swirls 

'Why did you get into fluid dynamics?' 'Well, SOME planet has to have the coolest clouds, odds are it's not ours, and rockets are slow.'

#2663 Tetherball Configurations 

Ground-pole-ball-pole can be fun if you shake the first pole to get the second one whipping around dangerously, but the ball at the joint gets torn apart pretty fast.

#2662 Physics Safety Tip 

In general, avoid exposure to any temperatures, pressures, particle energies, or states of matter that physicists think are neat.

#2661 Age Milestone Privileges 

If you reach 122, you get complete unrevertible editorial control over Jeanne Calment's Wikipedia article.

#2660 Gen Z 

Curdled milk, of a peculiar kind, made after a Bulgarian recipe and called "yaghurt," is now a Parisian fad and is believed to be a remedy against growing old. A correspondent who has tried it, says he would prefer to die young. (1905, The Elk Falls Journal)

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