Took off most of September from here and Twitter and it went well.

How much of a nerd was I to cut out my favorite articles from newspapers and paste them on my bedroom wall as a teenager?

Apps that say they work on 'any device, anywhere' but don't have a Linux build...

Went into a meeting by a coworker's cubicle... Me: where's xxxxxyzx? 3rd coworker: "yeah, they suddenly quit a few months ago..." 😬

interestingly, only maybe 4-5 people over 18 in the library in the past 2 hours; I asked 1 to do the user test so far; 1 said they already completed a test census (paper) at a local non-profit yesterday and was planning to do census on paper and didn't want to try online; another declined (wanted to surf the web); another person or 2 I missed since they were on other side of building.

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conducting user testing at the library (HOORAY!) but every non-employee here so far is under 18. (oops?)

Heard a co-worker swear for the first time in 3 years by describing our social media team's actions over the weekend as a shitshow.

they probably won't hear it, and this probably isn't the best venue for it, & it's not sometimes not helpful to use twitter as a place to vent, but, man, I've had this thought in the back of my head over the past 18 months.

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maybe I'm just an idiot who appreciates well-written documentation (for different audiences) & understands its value.

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(better docs will lower barriers for potential contributors, reduce ppl's time (including your employees!) to find information). ()

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@automattic: (company that funds ) (I appreciate that you're behind FOSS projects but you're bankrolling multiple FT devs to work on a FOSS project & not paying anyone dedicated to its documentation, you're hurting yourself & the project's success.

On planning committee for local conf, 2 others & I proposed a Coc; biggest opposition were 2 members, both were 60+ (1M, 1F). (Argument was how could it be enforced, skeptical of its need)...I honestly didn't anticipate their opposition.

A patron at work today showed his appreciation for me by leaving with the parting phrase "thanks OG". :)

This makes me sound old, but I have no idea what some of the tweets in my timeline (only those whom I follow) are talking about, there's no context for them.

but, eh, he helped approve about 100k in salary increases to fellow executives, right,?!

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meeting with the library's executive director later and I have his attention to talk about civic tech and open data, eek!

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