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Latest alpha releases now shipping with nodes. Have a look at the helppatch of Rabbit (RCP) to get started.

RCP is the "remote control protocol" and is your friend for quickly remoting parameters in any application.


"A vector field is a uniform grid of vectors that influence and control the directional velocity or acceleration of a particle."

Using with

A multi-sensory virtual reality installation has been created at the Saatchi Gallery by the Marshmallow Laser Feast. The show, named "We Live in an Ocean of Air", brings together art, science and technology to explore the invisible connection between plants and humans allowing the viewer to interact with nature throughout technology. It will be open to the public at SALON at Saatchi Gallery from Friday 7 December.


Here is to announce the first milestone for our integration with the .

A project we've been working on together with
"We live in an Ocean of Air" is a multiuser installation open on December 7th at the Saatchi Gallery in

Watch the trailer:

Get a ticket:

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