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After more than 6 years in the making we're happy to release a preview of vvvv gamma, our new visual programming environment for .NET

As proem to this years Ars Electonica Festival the based Responsive Spaces is inviting to two full days of gamma workshopping at Tabakfabrik Linz, Austria.

Sign up:

With AI and GPUs, Vadim Epstein creates an engrossing, fragmented mirror

"His showreel, full of “old and recent” work and live shows, made with the graphical dataflow development environment vvvv, plus custom shader code (utilizing the capabilities of internal graphics hardware), and TensorFlow, the machine learning library."

Need support for your current project? Join our new self-help group, the vvvv Patching Circle:

Every 2nd thursday of the month in

New Contribution by dottore:
A fully fledged CPU based particle system. Coming with a 3 part tutorial series:

Workshop: Getting started with Computer Vision

This is the first in a series of full day introductions to the all new in this summer.

For details and tickets see:

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