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Legal notice sent to #Hyderabad Police Commissioner after cops were seen checking people's phones and WhatsApp chats for ‘drugs.’ The notice says the police action is a "blatant abuse of power."

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simplicity is a prerequisite to reliability, don't forget 🙏

Is and so cheap that nobody wants to care about it? I am talking about activists who fight for and and defending anti-freesoftware standards and platforms.

It's always the same reason, people are on facebook, google, zoom OR I can work fast in this. After reasoning the pro-capitalist stand, they give sermons on capital, labour and equality. I am always asked to make compromises and join their fight. Does my privacy mean so little and your choices great?

I've won a medal from an international math competiton but i've not got my money reward from my university yet :(

I really need that money since I don't have any job right now after focusing studying math. Now I only have little amount of money and some debt. They said I need to wait for it until the end of the year.

So in this last few weeks I only eat less meal and do so much sleep to save some energy. I think I am in very bad situation right now and really need help.

Maybe $100 is enough to pay my debt and to live for a few days. Please help me.

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I am appreciating boosting.

What have you done to prevent this @CMOTamilnadu @chennaipolice_ before rolling #FRT using #CCTNS? cc @PanopticIndia
காவல்துறையின் பயன்பாட்டிற்காக முக அடையாளம் கண்டறியும் மென்பொருள் - மாண்புமிகு தமிழ்நாடு முதலமைச்சர் திரு.மு.க.ஸ்டாலின் அவர்கள் தொடங்கி வைத்தார்.
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Just watched . OMG, just awesome. Recommend everyone to watch

@riz I have posted this on Twitter too. . . Now treat me with some good food :-D

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To my BFF @riz , we have had a lots of love, fight, railing angers of disagreements and music. But hey, there is one thing, I never know you ever backing down from a challenge. Always wants to win with love. You are an inspiration, my friend.
Happy Women's day to U💝

The sky is blue, and the lakes are dried,

The stars shine, and the roads bleed,

and Democracy they say, .

Except disagreeing with adopting Buddhism as a religion, I am yet to find my disagreement with Ambedkar.

But hey, can we start looking at Ambedkar beyond a statue holding the constitution and read the books and papers even better ?

This art work by FSF India is just right.

Please move to decentralized / P2P alternatives like Matrix or Tox.

Bold stance:

If you're running a successful business that's built on top of open-source software and you're neither contributing code to these projects nor donating money to them, you're not only a freeloader, you're actually harmful to the entire movement.

You should take an interest in the sustainability of these projects as they ensure the likelihood of your own success and future.

Repeat after me.
The Internet has always been Decentralized and Federated.

Who the hell build Centralization ? The corporates. The bloody corporates. Why ? DAU & MAU (Daily & Monthly Active Users) which inturn results in better targetted advertisments and thereby leading to better control of the users.

The corporates are never giving you anything free, they are making you however they want. You are giving up yourself for the free cost.
Decentralize. Democratize.
Use Matrix. Use Mastodon

Signal is not the right alternative. Dont go from one walled garden to another.

Move towards a decentralized federated Instant Messaging system like Matrix.

You can reach me at @voidspacexyz@matrix.org

Read your article (plausible.io/blog/building-ope)I like the fact that you are talking against surveillance capitalism (not many organizations talk about it today).

Just one comment. Please say GNU/Linux. The beauty of free software is also the credit system on how the contributors (all and not the popular ones) get their contribution respected. GNU has the most important contribution in the free software world today.
If you could change it and give GNU the credits they deserve :)

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