Phrase of the day: "Real fake news". Spoken by past prime minister of Denmark, Anders Fogh Rasmussen at

Mycroft releasing more details about their upcoming personal server, which will allow all text and speech processing to be done locally rather than on a remote system.

"The Mycroft Personal Server - Starting the Conversation"

Road test of self driving mini busses in Copenhagen today. Cool

Just got my first smart watch. While it can be a distraction, I also find that it helps me to keep the phone in the pocket and thus minimize the duration of each distraction as well as the risk of "scope creep" (wanting to check other things on the phone).

Anyway, I would like to hear any advice on great apps or use cases?

Interesting insights from Bruce Schneier on #quantum computing and #cryptography. 

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Interesting insights from Bruce Schneier on #quantum computing and #cryptography. 

"It's a weird future. Maybe the whole idea of number theory­-based encryption, which is what our modern public-key systems are, is a temporary detour based on our incomplete model of computing."

It is interesting that our current encryption system works because of our limitations in computing technology and in our understanding of mathematics. Developments in either will require us to rethink cryptography

I'm very proud that my employer (Accenture) has been ranked #1 on the global Diversity & Inclusion index.

4 out of 5 recent joiners in my team are female. One is from South Africa and another from India. Not bad for a European office of a tech company.

Being a parent has taught me a number of valuable skills, usually applied in the following order:
* Plannig and Prioritization
* Multitasking
* Negotiation
* Patience
* Anger Management
* Risk Management
* Crowd Control
* Crisis Management
* De-escalation Tactics
* Counter Terrorism Tactics
* Damage Control
* First Aid
* Speed Eating
* Not Sleeping

What are you all using for reading news?

I'm using the following in prioritized order: Mastodon (I have my own bot running that follows RSS feeds and toots), Hacker news, Reddit.

It's ok but not great.

Another less obvious one is potential bbreakthroughs in energy production and storage (ultra cheap sustainable energy combined with significantly improved battery/super capacitor technology).

Just imagine how abundance of cheap electricity would change the way we live - and making it mobile has the potential of reforming the way we do many things today

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One candidate technology to have significant impact on the business world within 5 years is quantum computing. While still mostly under the radar, it's very interesting to follow the technological developments from Microsoft, D-Wave, IBM, Google and others.

Maturation of quantum computing technology could allow for another level of complexity in systems and thus be the catalyst for widespread adoption.

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It is interesting to see how AI is where cloud was about 5 years ago. Everybody talks about it, thought very few companies oudside tech know what to do about it. The cycle will repeat and AI will become commonplace as we start to understand it's useful applications and limitations. I wonder what the next big technology in will be in 5 years?

what do you guys think about Hot air or something promising?

I'm going on a canoe trip this weekend. They forecast about 40 mm of rain (1.5 inch) AND the fire ban is still in place. Going to be an interesting experience... (luckily we will bring lots and lost of gear and gadgets)

I wonder if we will see a lot of movement of data scientists from python or R to Julia. What are your thoughts?

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The release of Julia 1.0 makes the physicist in me super excited:

I wish this was available when I studied engineering physics so I didn't have to mess around with Scilab or GNU Octave for my computational physics classes. I settled on python+numpy+scipy which is a solid set of tools, but a purpose built language such as Julia looks super sweet

For people who like war , I can really recommend The Fear Saga by Stephen Moss. It bears some resemblance to The Three Body Problem but introduces some quite unique and interested concepts

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