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This means it is now impossible to see statuses, to follow and to interact in any way with people on this instance. blocks whole countries they considerate hostile and we believe this is a huge error. This is pure racism, tainted with hate and we don't want to promote this behavior. is the only blocked instance on xyz. While we want to be as open as possible to all opinions, we don't want to be open to fascists.

@paulfree14 @status thanks! I was unpleasantly surprised that so many proxies are banned here now..., wayback maschine, webpage ban, wayback maschine, webpage ban, wayback maschine, webpage ban 

thank you. :)
they block nations we block nationalists
✊ ❤

But, and I think that's very important to mention, they don't seem to be fascists.

I have seen jester also speaking out against the muslim ban and also made actions against homophobia.

I think it's important to make the destiction between fascism and nationalism, otherwise me might loose credibility by those how critisice our action.

I agree with all the rest you've said

@paulfree14 @status they're jingoist liberals. jester was in the military. they support the american state unapologetically.

that's functionally the same as fascism because america is built on a fascist mythos. "manifest destiny", "monroe doctrine", "world policeman", etc. are all fascist.

@status so because they block the wrong outgroup...your group is going to block them. #hypocrisy

@status @jeffcliff
why is it hypocricy?

It's simple. I don't want nationalists. What is hypocracy about that?

@paulfree14 @status Then don't claim that it's about who they block. It's much more consistent to not care about who they block, and just block them because they are in your outgroup.





@jeffcliff @status good job u made an equivalency good thing those are never false

@dn3s @status How is it false? If you substitute #G_001 for group 1 and #G_002 for group 2 #G_003 for group 3, who is blocking who and why? #G_001 is blocking #G_003 #G_002 is blocking #G_001 for blocking #G_003.

if you wonder who else is promoting counter . social

''In 2003, Cuban founded the Fallen Patriot Fund to help families of U.S. military personnel killed or injured during the Iraq War.'' His networth is
US$3.3 billion (March 2017)

@paulfree14 @status portugal the man, seriously? i'm so disappointed in them...


yeah, that seems like a great reason to ban an instance.


in case anyone didn't know, i am being sarcastic here.

a misinformed blocking policy, largely implemented through cloudflare, while unfortunate, is not really a good reason to block an instance, nor imply that they are fascists.

remember when you block instances, you are punishing *users* not the *owner*


i mean, if you want to ban, be honest about the real reason: wanting to ban jester and his social circle, because you don't like them.

because really his bad take on anti-abuse policies is not causing your instance any abuse.

and no, i am not *personally* a fan of the guy, but that's no reason to ban his instance.

no to nationalism 

no to nationalism 

no to nationalism 

nationalism, counter social 

nationalism, counter social 

@paulfree14 @status

we do not actually know jester's instance blocklist, unless this information has been recently published.

a bad take on what IP ranges he accepts users from is not nationalism, it is simply a bad take based on a complete and fundamental misunderstanding of how counterintelligence ops work on social media.

intelligence agencies use VPN and proxy services, making his entire strategy for preventing intelligence ops pointless, and he is naive about the west not doing it's own intelligence ops, of course.

but none of this is nationalist on it's own, and i'm not willing to throw that type of accusation around without having evidence.

in the immortal words of Jesus Quintana, "you might fool the fucks in the league office, but you don't
fool Jesus."

@status @kaniini

lol. the only person that seems to be naiv is you.
jester is known for being a patriot hacker. They know what they are doing here.

They are blocking others based on in which nation they are.

@paulfree14 @status

i am well aware of what he has posted on his site.

i have also described why what he has posted will fail, according to his rationale.

thank you for implying that i am an idiot, though.

@status @paulfree14

by the way, in case you didn't notice, posting a screenshot is not evidence that he intends to be nationalist, and even if that is the case, that's not the reason why an instance should be blocked.

an instance should be blocked if it's users are harassing people and the admin doesn't care about it, or if there is reason to believe (backed with evidence) that this will be the case in the future.

otherwise you are just punishing people who got sucked into his instance for no reason other than that you dislike the owner and/or his bad take.

@paulfree14 @status

in other words, an instance block should be considered a nuclear option, and used only with extreme prejudice.

where my position is that admins should take care with regard to blocking their own/remote users, it is even more stronger when it comes to blocking entire instances.

reading an about page and getting pissed off because you don't agree with it, without it otherwise being an actual problem, is no reason to just start playing ban-hammer.

@status @paulfree14

and to be clear, i'm not a fan of the guy, but i don't see that as a reason to punish 9000+ users.

consider strongly that these people probably just signed up through his advertising and aren't really super aware of other instances yet. that is a problem with rapid growth. is nationalist is nationalist is nationalist is nationalist is nationalist is nationalist is nationalist is nationalist is nationalist is nationalist is nationalist is nationalist 

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