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Sure my workspace may look like a disaster, but a more nuanced look will reveal that it is actually me who is the disaster

Staryed playing "Disco asylum" yesterday, and it's great!

Ooh fuck this...
" In order to use the tablet the customer must enter into this subscription agreement which gives the customer access to the cloud service (the “Subscription Agreement”)."

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Seems like there is a mandatory cloud account hosted by Google. This is starting to look yuckie.

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Been looking at this remarkable Tablet thing for note taking. Wondering if it's customizable, like can I run other applications on it?

Received an acme klein bottle! Finally a a zero-volume, single sided, non-orientateble bottle immersed in 3 dimensions!


Seedlings are hatching and growing fast, had to change out their box to keep them from touching the "ceiling". 7 plants is way to much, will need to give some away, if they all make it

SocialMedia®: A botnet for the Human Brain

Finally got the approval to make a gemini capsule at, not like they're doing anything with that domain. Don't except any content though...

I could really go for a "Jungle Book Groove Party" HD remake

Another "Audio Firehazard by Stapper" nearing completion. Now to paint/burn/print some decal on it....

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Normalise giving unfinished projects as birthday gifts!

If not for the shitty sshclient it would have been a great experience. So thank you all for your work and sharing.

Now I will lift that butt and make myself a cup of tea.


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Just reached peak laziness:
Wanted to browse some with my e-reader using Phaedra (thnx @oppen ) but due some bug the app is always crashing, and needs a reinstall via PC. Not wanting to lift my butt I decided to install an ssh client, connect to my freshly build RPi radio - that was playing Osamu Kitajima (thnx @solderpunk ) - because it's the only system I have with passwd login and installed amfora(thnx @makeworld ).


I'm starting to worry about the ecological shock, when western countries reach a vaccinated post-covid stage, and everyone all together starts traveling at once.

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the german language is a scam invented by grammar companies to sell more syntax

🎶Weet je wat ik wel zou willen zijn?🎶

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