Achieved peak nostalgia with THPS1+2. Thumbs are sore...

I proudly present to you: "Musical Fire Hazard by Stapper"
My first working esp32 project. An internet/bluetooth speaker!

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Chromium automatically issues DNS lookups for 3 randomly generated domains on every startup and change of network.

Turns out this "adds up to a whopping half the total load on the root DNS servers… 60 billion bogus queries every day." Oops.

Between shit and piss we are born, and live doesn't change much after that point.

Does anyone have good Api reference documentation , or do I need to reverse their desktop client myself?

So should I use for modeling an object to or is there better software?

I collect shitposts. Does that make me a dung beetle?

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ok so I'm gonna start on the actual design/architecture document for #shayu (, my static site generator project

input is definitely appreciated though, so if you have ideas you'd like to see implemented (or experimented with) feel free braindump in the replies

:boost_ok: :boost_requested: boosts appreciated, still trying to figure out if/how this will be a generally useful project for others as well :3

So Who's going to gamify the corona app?

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Who led the digital transformation on your company?


*not mine, but had to share :)

Just ordered a
Please tell me I won't regret this impulse buy...

I will not fixate on . I will not fixate on plan9, today. It's a meme-OS. Don't do it...
*10 minutes out of bed*
Well hello there Glenda...

"Of all the things I lost, I miss my mind the most" - ozzy Osbourne
-- hackers(1995)

Shitpost - us pol 

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