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Any gamers here? If so we'd love to have you join our video and photo sharing site. -Plane and others. We accept you all, like this site does! Come visit:

(Desde Twitter) 


First full blown #pico8 flight simulator is out!
Collaboration work with IRL pilot, enjoy smooth landings, night flying and -not-crashing into things:
#flightsim #gamedev


Photo of the Day 2019-03-28.
N1751A, McDonnell Douglas MD11, American Airlines at Manchester Airport, somewhere between Febuary 1991 and January 1996.
#avgeek #aviation #planespotting #potd #manchesterairport #man #egcc #l13 #mcdonneldouglas #md11 #americanairlines

Simspotting is considering launching a Mastodon instance dedicated to the community. I wonder if it will be lonely and echoey there.

Since the 737 Max has been grounded in the real world let’s fly it in a sim! Post videos or pictures of your 737 exploits with us.


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