Today they do not have a music event at the library because of the public holiday. Next week will be the last. I have time by a pronunciation lesson but I do not feel like doing my hobbies or preparing a speech now.

What should I do? Going out for ice cream maybe. :eo_thinking:

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My very #Finnish accent for #English hit me again and I imagine it's going to keep doing that as I don't know how to learn a better accent and speak understandably.

#Pronunciation wasn't very big priority at school and most of my English comes from #IRC and fantasy books and neither cared about how I speak, it's when I go abroad or have to #VoIP when the problems come.

How have you learned to actually speak English assuming you aren't native? And how did you find the time for it?

I am listening to my lesson recording now. It is good to remind myself some new tips I learned. To be honest, I feel I sound good. I will see what will happen after practicing with my mentor(he does not like to be a teacher).

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Last night at the arcade bar they were screening #HighScoreGirl. I didn't know what it was, and I was taking quick peeks at it during short breaks of my gaming. I thought it was pretty unique to see Japanese animation interspersed with lots of actual footage from 1990s arcades.

After some searching online, I found it and just watched the first episode. It's pretty good! Pretty goofy and childish, but I enjoyed it. It explains several videogame techniques and reminds me of my childhood.

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Empty your mind, be formless, shapeless, like water. Be water, my friend

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I want cat ear headphones but I want quality headphones... all the cat ear headphones I see in stores I can tell are terrible just looking at them.

Can't sacrifice quality for fashion!

This time I have to speak about my communication style.hmm The topic is too broad. I might talk that I have changed over 2 years thanks to and Spanish community. I can talk about Japanese myself too. The title would be how I changed myself in Canada.

I start singing drum beats. Filling parts are tough to catch. I will be weirder in public more than ever for sure🎧

I saw a dude playing air drums with sticks on the bus though. :eo_thinking:

I found out how to download the evaluation form for my next speech. It seems I can choose any topics this time. Anyway I will make my breakfast.

Online resource is not user-friendly. It discourages me to prepare a speech.🙄

We had 2 experienced speakers from other group. They are like coaches. On of them made a long speech "how to be a better swimmer". It sounds dull but it was fun to listen. I like to try some tips from his speech. I am too lazy to go to the pool though.

I did a toast master role tonight. I did well in front of 12 people. Next week I will make a long speech. I have to prepare beforehand. I am a bit busy weekday.

I will get a prepared speech role for next week. I do not feel like but I am supposed to make a speech every month to finish 10 speeches in a year.

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I did a listening section of today. I got 36/40. My score will be 8.0. Master courses require over 7.0 normally. I should focus on writing to make sure that I can get over 7.0 all the time.

Do I have to take a speaking assessment just in case? I have been a toastmaster over a year. I deserve over 7.0 for sure. maybe. :eo_thinking:

Day to go back to work.😇 Yesterday I went to an event at the library to play music together. There were older people except for me and the organizer. I did not enjoy so much as usual for some reasons.

I talked with the organizer lady after the event. I missed her show since I got the wrong date. Maybe it was my fault. She is planning to have more shows in the future. I might ask her to do something together next week.

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