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Completed the last test. It took a day to finish the tasks. I needed to change images of fruits, upload them to the company website with the descriptions, make a report pdf file, and send it by email with the file. Also needed to make a health check script for the computer. I needed a lot of help though.

Google IT Automation with Python was a good course. I will try to develop the skills I learned.

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I finished week 3. It was about how to make pdf file and send an email with Python libraries.

In the test, I needed to summarize the car sales data, generate a pdf file with the data, and then send an email with the pdf file.

I managed to do it all by myself. I feel accomplished. I will work on the last one(week 4) tomorrow.

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Finished Week2. It was about JSON and Requests modules. I think I can use JSON to handle mastodon toots better. I will give it a try later.

I did way better than yesterday in the test. I needed to load customer feedback files and post to the company website with

Two more weeks to go.

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I finished week 1 of the last course. They do not have videos anymore, just readings. They introduce libraries to automate some tasks in this course.

I learned how to use Pillow. I needed to make a script to change the format, size, and directions of all the pictures in a folder. Dealing with directories is always tough. Need more practice.

I noticed some issues with pip settings on my pc, but I do not know how to fix it.

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I finished week4 and the fifth course. It was interesting to learn how to manage virtual machines on the cloud.

The next course will be the last one called Automating Real-World Tasks with Python. I think the tests are going to be harder.

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First time I’ve put brush to canvas in two years. Given that fact, I’m happy with it. Blew some cobwebs off at least.

I finished week 3. Created 8 virtual servers on the Google cloud platform to practice.

I am tempted to complete the course before the billing day (Need to pay the fee monthly). It is possible to complete within 2 days. Let's see.

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I finished week 2. Was too complicated for me. There were too many unfamiliar words but the last test was not so bad since I just needed to follow the instructions. I think I got general ideas on how to use Puppet.

The next topic is automation in the cloud.

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Uber will offer free Rosetta Stone language courses to drivers - Jon Fingas

Jon Fingas is a contribut... - #rosettastone #column #tceng #uber #tc

Started Configuration Management and Cloud course.

As usual, they started teaching the procedures and concepts first. They are going to teach how to use Puppet in detail later on.

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Brody freaking loves the beach. when we started digging to make sand castles, he dug a huge hole until the sand was cool and wet and he laid down in it for like 2 hours. king

Walking Dead Season 10 is available now. I totally forgot who's alive now.

Finished "Troubleshooting and Debugging Techniques". They taught concepts in Week 4 like how to manage computer resources and
our time.

In the last test, I needed to modify a slow report-generating script. I spent a lot of time on this, but it was an easy fix once I had noticed how. I just changed two or three lines on the script.

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I spent many hours on this kata. Some people commented this is easy for 4 kyu. However, this is the first 4kyu kata that I solved. My code was messy though.

Found a nice backing track. It is easy to collaborate with someone on .

They introduced a sampler lately. I tried to make use of it for my music, but it did not work well so far.

By the way, the game on google is fun to play. It is featuring the Olympics.

I finished week 3. The test was way easier than the last one. I just needed to follow the instructions.

They used a lot of examples dealing with server errors. I wish I can have some experience interacting with servers.

I am feeling way better than yesterday but still feel a bit sick. I will see if I can continue learning after lunch and shogi.

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Did not feel well today. I am taking a rest after I finished a small module of an online course.

Finished week2. The topic was slowness. It was hard to follow the videos about concurrency.

The last examination was way beyond my level. I just followed someone's code on the discussion forum this time.

I will review this test later.

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