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For every coffee you buy me (Β£3), I will write you 300 words on any topic you like. Check out my pinned post for stuff I've written before.

I want to play Black bird with 2 fingers style before work but I need to wait some more to be socially acceptable.

The Beatles(a new album) is so good. I feel like staying with them in the recording studio. There are so many conversation on the track.

Damn Mexico is a so intense show. I will binge watch after work. 😎

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I am downloading a new album of the Beatles.

My coworker gave me tamales today. I had 3 tamales today. I had one with coffee in my house with my friend.

I went to see my friend's soccer match. The place was really cool. I wanted to play there.

His team players were bit older than the other teams. A lady swore a lot to her teammates and the other team players. I do not know why.

My friend made a beautiful goal and his team tied to the 1st team in the league. πŸ‘

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Oh hey, I think it's my one year anniversary of being on Mastodon! I've met so many wonderful people here. Communally and individually you've been so supportive and encouraging and kind. I'm so glad I decided to come see what all the fuss was about!

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I was reading a book ''How not to fall apart'' on the bus. When an old lady was getting off the bus, she told me that it is a helpful book. I'm bit embarrassed but thank her anyways.

I remembered something from dream. I bought 2 CDs and I tried one of them. The songs were not so good as I expected. I just kept listening to the end though.

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I set the rice cooker this morning for η‚ŠγθΎΌγΏγ”ι£― takikomigohan.
I am watching while waiting for my breakfast being ready.

I had a long dream this morning but forgot almost all part. I was a fresh university student and many people invited me to come to their after school activity.

I had a meeting tonight. I expressed myself well and I did a opening role as advised.

We had a veteran speaker from other toastmasters group tonight.
He used the time effectively for his speech. He was a highly trained speaker.

I noticed my next speech will be 8 to 10 mins. That is the last project. I said I will do it in December.

I am hangover. I am not in the mood for work. I just like to watch Beverly Hills Ninja in my house.

In dream, I was in my grandparent's house and my grandfather presented me something. It said "It does not matter where do you come from.----"(I forgot after this part.)

I was crying after reading that note for some reason. I moved to the window so that nobody could not notice I was crying.

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you shouldn't be worried you don't understand the memes.

you should start to worry when they make perfect sense...🀣

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