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Zidane is my new motivation for my learning. I can easily understand him.

Solo pensamos en la victria.👍

It is fortunate that I have a good friend. He encouraged me. He knew how to encourage people. 👍

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i wish i could give people better hugs but my paws do not reach very far

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"We become suspicious if people haven't lived a life on social media", says an advisor at a Norwegian recruitment agency.

So if I care about my online footprint, that's suspicious behaviour? This pretty much amounts to saying that having strong opinions about privacy makes you an undesirable candidate.

Does this mean that I'm fucked if I delete my LinkedIn account? I still have one, but I'm considering to delete it.

This is extremely creepy, and nobody seems to notice that.

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You don't really notice the extreme societal pressure that exists around having a social media presence until you attempt to not have one.

It's the subtle things. Every app offers a big friendly button for signing in with Facebook, and a tiny link for signing in with your email. Event invitations and photos of important life milestones are sent exclusively via Facebook. Recruiters expect a Facebook profile. If you leave, people get worried about you and check up on you.

I went to buy underpants. I ended up getting a book from my library. All stores are closed at 6 pm in downtown. Too early.

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I think I should try #StardewValley in #Spanish #español. No, this is not a scheme to play and call it studying. I think I just need something to up my motivation. Other suggestions welcome.

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Today has been a simple day. Dad and I shopped some groceries. I bought some new clip-on shades to replace the ones that were ruined in the drier. Afterwards, we cruised around town and looked at new houses before going home for dinner.

Before I left for this vacation, I signed out of Slack and blocked my colleagues' phone numbers. After all, what's the point of a vacation if you can't escape your job?

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My thumb still hurts. I am not sure if I can use a knife well today or play the guitar.

ghhh. I hit my thumb of my left hand to a person. It hurts. I have pain on my low back. I cannot run. I lost another kind of game tonight. 😇

I made several beautiful goals but those goals does not pay off. I missed the most important thing.
I will be sad for a while. 😂

One of soccer friends got me a ride. He invited me to another football group. The organizer is a professor of the University, who teaches Spanish or something. I should go there.😎 I forgot asking for his contact. 😇

I am excited. I cannot wait to play a football tonight. ⚽

I loved Luca Modric. I wish he could make more shoots. He kept crossing a ball to the middle and played defensive. It was a good job though.😇

I watched the final with my soccer friends at a cafe. They are all for France, but an old lady just next to me is for Croatia. She was very funny to cheer up Croatia.

What a game. Congratulations for France.👍

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A French friend from college who has since moved back to Paris just made a Twitter post with only the hashtag #happy. I love that, let's all be hashtag happy whenever we can.

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I have listened to my recordings. Last year I covered "Moon river" with my online friend. He is a great singer. I do not know how he is doing now.

I went to my favorite bakery last night. They had not fix the ice cream machine yet. I had a lemon poppy seed loaf instead. I hope they fix it as soon as possible before the winter is coming over.

It is too early to play the guitar or to go to a restaurant to watch the world cup final. I am lost.