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"caramel" crows for your viewing pleasure

they're actually just normal crows with leucism !

photos ─ Kaeli Swift

The library will be open for picking up hold books next month. They are planing to open fully in July. I hope it will work out without problems. Now many books to put hold in my mind.

I've started reading Emma by Jane Austen today.

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animal crossing 

I had a headache and did not feel well when I woke up for work. I managed to finish my shift though.

My work week is over. Time to rest and relax myself.

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I read "The Happy Prince and other tales" and "De profundis" by Oscar Wilde today. I liked his tales for children. I loved "The nightingale and the rose" most.

I've gotten easily irritated with tiny things since yesterday. I might be tired. I was so sleepy at work today. 8 hours sleep is indispensable for me. It is tough to keep up my sleeping schedule in place for some reasons nowadays.

I am almost finishing The return of Sherlock Holmes. I am enjoying his short stories. It reminds me of Black Jack(Manga). Black Jack is a doctor though.

I finished reading The Great Gatsby and started reading The return of Sherlock Holmes. Thanks to old days fans, I can still enjoy his stories.

Time to take a bath with a book or music. Gladly I have more time to be with my guitar recently. I will try to find someone to play music together once everything is over.

I quickly cleaned up a bathroom and emptied a recycle bin after work. A week has just started.

I am going to read The Great Gatsby next. I need to send some of Oscar Wilde to my Kindle.

I can see I will not have enough time for all the books I want to read once the library opens.

I put 5 stars for "the picture of Dorian Grey" on Goodreads. I think this novel will influence me in many ways. I felt like I was drunk with the story. It was fortune to grab this book and have time to read at this point.

If I need to recommend a book someone, this book will be my first choice.

I made soy milk hot pot last night. I put bacon, enoki mushrooms, bok choy, and wonton noodle. I made the soup with miso paste, mirin, soy sauce, fish stock powder and soy milk.

It turned out very well. I had left over soup this morning. I found out the soup tastes similar to my favorite soup called kasujiru. I will gather the ingredients and make substitute kasujiru very soon. One ingredient is very hard to find here.

I had a dream. I worked remotely at my childhood friend's house. My friend was playing Superfamicon. I got a call while I was watching his play. The person on the phone told me that I needed to go back to my house for the Vpn.

My friend's house was so far away from my house in distance and in time.

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I've started reading The picture of Dorian Gray. It was published in 1890 but it feels like a more modern style compared with other books from the same era. I do not know why.

What is like Dorian Gray? I'm getting curious. I've just finished the first chapter.

I am wondering what to read next. I will most likely read The picture of Dorian Grey by Oscar Wilde.

My work week had ended. I can watch something beside reading.
I need to go to an Asian market to buy rice tomorrow though.

I read Heidi today. I used to watch the Japanese anime with my mother when I was a kid. I felt like I was in Alps while reading the book.

Peter made me laugh out loud several times at the end of the story. His conversations with Clara's father and Grandmother were so funny. The novelist had a good sense of humor for sure.

I should grab a Children's classic book when I feel down. It makes me feel nicer.

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so here's an idea for them who is crafty enough to be making/selling masks

if you're making masks for children and have some awkward scraps, consider making some masks that are around the right size for 18-inch dolls/american girl dolls and selling it as a pack

kids make sense of the world through play and wearing masks is gonna be the new normal for a hot minute, after all

(also doll people? kinda nuts with money. i know because i am one)

I finished reading A tale of 2 cities.It was scary that ladies kept knitting while watching executions.

I want to learn about French revolution to understand the story well now. The summary made me realize that I'd missed juicy parts of the story.

I want to read Dickens' more nevertheless. That is his mysterious power, I think. I hope that I will be able to fully enjoy Dickens' stories one day.

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