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I watched a very depressing documentary yesterday about a couple who failed to pay their mortgage and had their house foreclosed on.

Despite this house being utterly stuffed with things (clothes, books, furniture, toys), none of it could be resold for any significant value whatsoever.

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Recently I've caught myself noticing more LGBT people in public places than I've ever seen before. Don't know, maybe it's just me and they have always been there. Or... I don't know. Feels weird, considering the times.

What saddens me, though, is that it's mostly youth. College kids, university students, people in their late twenties max.

Maybe they're just braver than us, old farts. :) Not afraid. More free in their hearts.

This gives me hope. And makes me grieve.

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I currently have 315 electronic documents in my collection, including books, reports, papers, etc. I want to read them all. Unfortunately I keep buying new books faster than I read them... So today I'm starting a personal no spend challenge (for books only) until I finish processing at least 90% of my collection. Wish me luck! 😀


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I watched the hateful 8 yesterday and am going to watch Django Unchained today.😎

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Pokemon anime spoilers 

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I missed the sun rising directly behind the Cathedral by a few days. It is amazing how quickly the sun swings round from North to South at this time of year.


My training starts evening and ends after midnight tomorrow. I am a bit worried that I might fall asleep at the first day. I sleep around 10 pm nowadays.

When I was reading a book at a reception in a hospital, a lady touched my shoulder and asked me "What are you reading?". I just put my bookmark where I was reading and handed the book to her.

We had a small conversation.I was just waiting for my girl friend. My gf works at the pub inside the hospital. The lady was sent to my city for her treatment from Ontario.She begged me money for the dinner. I gave her some and she stormed into the restaurant with her clutch.

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It’s my cousins bday & he flew in & asked me to come to dinner with his friends. We went to a super bougie restaurant & at the last minute they decided to split the bill equally & it came out to $67 a person. Before tip. I’m about to cry, I wasn’t expecting this much. I can’t afford this rn & it’s too late to do anything. Can any allies send me a bit of $ to help? I am so embarrassed jfc. My meal was $22 😭😭

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I slept roughly 11 hours. I had many dreams last night. My friend is coming to see my place to rent. He could be my gym buddy.

I received Open City by Teju Cole from the library. His novel does not feel like a novel. It is like a diary or memoir. I felt the same about "Everyday is for the thief". A life in NY and Lagos.

I borrowed some of novels by Paulo Coelho, Brazilian writer who wrote la alchemist.

When I came home, I was with a guy in the elevator, who wore a card key of the company I am going to work for.

Another guy asked him "Are you working for THE Company?". I could not listen where their conversation was going because the elevator reached my floor. I think the other guy also works for the same company.😂

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気 has two full pages of meanings in the dictionary. Perhaps this would be a worthwhile place for new kanji, instead of having several different writings for the same thing everywhere else

I will do some exercise before taking a bath. I do. I promise. 😂

I have been lazy so long. I am not sure how long I can bike or run. I think those will help my mental health. I will go back to play soccer after winter hopefully.

To my surprise, I can read news articles in Spanish very smoothly. It also feels fun . I wish I can find someone to talk in Spanish for fun in my new work place.

I am shy to talk in Spanish so I need to be a good friend with him/her first.

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Vietnamese cashier, as I was buying dried lime leaves, spent a good minute looking at the package, then looked at me and asked what do I want it for 😂

I know almost all the words on El Alquimista but I could not follow the story well. Maybe I better read it in English first. I feel this book is really good for Spanish learners as I was told.😀

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