Finally I felt my house is comfortable. I can chat with people in the kitchen. I would cook something different. I have tried to avoid any complication with the lady.

The lady with problems moved out finally. She argued to the owners at the last moment. I was watching Walking dead new season so I have no idea what she said.

She is really annoying, but somehow she makes me sad for her. Seems she has a lot of issues all by herself.

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I love Thanks giving episodes of . They are so funny. Unfortunately I have only one left to watch. The end is near.😇

I went downstairs to toast my bread. I found someone leave the breads inside the toaster. I knew who it is. I ended up making a coffee. Maybe I will go out soon to grab something. It is cold outside though.

Yesterday my friend from soccer came to my restaurant. I did not notice him but he talked to me.
He came with his boy and wife. I suppose they are from Mexico. He wore Mexican uniform before.

My boss talked with the boy. He is little and speaks Spanish. He was looking forward to a Saturday night party. Everyone smiled with his talk. Unfortunately I did not understand so much.

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I am hungry in the middle of night or in the early morning. I had only jam toast last night. I wish I had snack in my house. It is not a good idea to cook at this time.

My Korean friend is traveling to Japan in Ferry. I wanted to try the ferry 2 years ago but I could not make it because of a typhoon.

He told me he is going to eat sushi every day. Sushiii!!

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In my accounting books I have an expense category for paying the kids for work and it's called "child labor" and I sincerely hope I never get audited

Ghhhh Need to work today. Unfair. 😂 I just want to sleep some more. It is too cold to go out.

I am listening to Sing on the window by 🎧

I just finished the season 8 of .

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I'm not a religious person by any means, but there's something about funeral ceremonies that makes it easier for me to accept and come to terms with the loss of a beloved person.

It's also one of those rare moments in life, where the world around you stops turning for just a few minutes, and all your problems and sorrows seem minuscule, almost crushed by the weight of a much, much more significant feeling.

It gives you the chance to stop and re-evaluate life and its meaning for a brief moment.

I feel cold today. A girl wore a tank top on the street. I wore a down jacket. It is 4 degree. I will put on one more layer from tomorrow maybe.

I need to sleep one more time before work. I hope for a sweet dream more that taking a test. 😇

I took a Japanese test in my dream. Probably I was in middle school. I'm surprised my brain still remembers what kind of tests I had long time ago.

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