Firefox shows you all of the axes available for manipulation in a variable font. You can also tinker and toy with each axis.

The font does, however, need to be included in a web page in order to be inspected.

Months of planning come to a head. @fronteers is considering applying for @w3c membership and appointing @rachelandrew as our paid representative - if members agree.

Since some people are talking about the “death of the URL” … again … it felt like the right time to re-post something I wrote 2 years ag on the topic including a link to research that seems to indicate people DO know what URLs are.

Please consider the environment before printing this toot.

"Develop in more than one browser. Test in more than one browser. Use more than one browser.

You are both consumer and producer. You have a say in how the future plays out."

Programming isn't about what you know; it's about what you can figure out.

Every great developer you know got there by solving problems they were unqualified to solve until they actually did it.

Oooh, or this one!

"Your intuition is incorrect! Your everyday HTML mental model is misleading."

Look, I don't want to reach enlightenment, I just want to write some components

Sometime I want to make a bot that toots lines from the Angular docs.

For example, this gem:

"The target name is the name of a property. It may look like the name of an attribute but it never is. To appreciate the difference, you must develop a new way to think about template HTML."

"We'll just drop in this component," they said. "We can just accept the defaults," they said.

"Page Lifecycle API" by Philip Walton

This page is so useful just for understanding how browsers freeze/discard tabs and how back-forward caching works, as well as certain gotchas around page lifecycle management. I feel like I'm going to need to read it over a few times to really grok it, but it's enormously helpful from a webdev perspective.

"Perhaps the best testament to our belief in iterative design is that literally no detail of the initial UI design for Windows 95 survived unchanged in the final product."

"Use whatever makes you happy and productive. Do acknowledge both strengths and weaknesses of what you are using."

This is in the context of static typing in JavaScript, but it's good advice in general!

Here's to celebrating Independence Day with friends. (As seen on Essex Street, Salem MA)

this awesome little tool allows you to contain a small website in a url. no hosting required, very portable.

geez. i can think of a million ways to use this for very creative little projects.

Fun fact: pressing enter will trigger a click on the first submit button in a form. I'm not sure whether this is a standards thing or just something that browsers tend to do. That behavior is reasonably accessible, but binding to the form's submit event still seems less brittle.

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