Behold, the rare long-eared cottontail hound!

Photo description: A black dog snuggling with a rabbit

Lukewarm take: Apple should call their new device "iPhone (13th gen, late 2021)."

iPhone. iPhone Pro. iPhone SE. That's the entire product line.

There once was a singer of old
Who then broke away from the fold
He won't give you up
He won't let you down
In a word, you have been Limerick-rolled

This 💯 And I’d even say you’re going to be a *better* engineer if you’re kind. Why? Because others will want to learn from you, so your knowledge and skill will spread, and other will be eager to help you when you find an area to grow.


Good morning 🌞 You can be a great engineer and be kind. The two are not mutually exclusive.


i was wondering how "pico racer" does engine noises, given there are no built-in functions to modify sound effects... turns out it literally modifies the memory containing sound effects #pico8

"Why are hyperlinks blue?" by Elise Blanchard

Incredibly thorough history. I love stuff like this.

I just picked up "Sayonara Wild Hearts," and it's as incredible as everyone says it is.

Between that game and the comic "Goddess Mode," I'm starting to notice a distinct "hopeful cyberpunk witch" aesthetic. Tarot cards made of lasers. Mythical beasts that are also computer viruses and also metaphors for overcoming adversity.

Is there a name for this genre? Any recommendations for more stuff like this?

Birdsite thread from the guy who built the engine for Sonic Mania:

"I've been iterating on engine tech for over 10+ years, and the biggest accelerator to quality is having team members who use your tools daily and hold you accountable to it!"

Carpenter Brut's cover of "Maniac" is my jam. If you've ever wondered, "What if synthwave, but also heavy metal?", here's your answer.

My GitHub Sponsors profile is live! You can sponsor me to support my open source work 💖

Join Mastodon and read my doofy posts in whatever font you please!!

The latest version of the thoughtful, capable, and ethical replacement for Windows and macOS is here. elementary OS 6 empowers you to be in control and express yourself, continues to innovate with new features, and is both easier to get and more inclusive.

Dear Netflix, it's cool that you want to get into mobile gaming. Why not buy GameClub? Give them lots of money to keep preserving and porting awesome under-the-radar games. Get the best mobile game library this side of Apple Arcade. kthxbye!

"Accessibility to me means hard-core usability. You make it work for extreme cases and thus make it better for everybody. And by thinking like that, accessibility work isn’t a chore or something we need to do to be legally compliant, but it is a quality feature of our products."

Fun fact: web accessibility overlays just make accessibility problems worse.

My Palm Pre is now 12 years old, and it's still the one mobile and platform I wish I could resurrect.

Such a promising and lovely device.

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