Over the past few years I've noticed myself stopping to do custom tweaks on my own system, and instead working to fix the underlying issue for everyone.

I finally wrote my thoughts about this down in a more coherent form blogs.gnome.org/tbernard/2020/

"There Is No Design System" Move away from thinking of design systems as an actual thing and more as a way of working better, more efficiently, and more creatively so that we can build great experiences for our users. 24ways.org/2019/there-is-no-de

This is amazing: a comics that explains a user centric process by using the redesign of the Batman's outfit as an example.
No more excuses to say "yeah but I don't understand what you people do" now!


This holiday season, get them what they really want: gender roles!

For those interested, these are the CSS media queries I mentioned:

- developer.mozilla.org/en-US/do
- developer.mozilla.org/en-US/do

Because of these, a website can automatically infer whether a user prefers fewer animations (e.g. due to vestibular disorders) or whether they prefer dark mode, based on an OS-wide setting. The "reduced motion" one is especially impressive, as it works across a wide variety of OSes – Android, iOS, Windows, macOS, even Ubuntu! developer.mozilla.org/en-US/do

Just occurred to me today that you younger folks who have the benefit of awesome tools like #blender might not even know that POV-RAY exists.

Pretty amazing what people are doing with this stately old piece of code these days. Check out the hall of fame, I think you'll find an image or two to be impressed by!

Many years ago, when computers were crawling, embryonic half formed things compared to what we use today, this thing was AMAZING and let anyone ray trace. It was *empowering*.

Elm is like The Velvet Underground of web frameworks.

Not a ton of devs actually use it, but it seems like half the frameworks are influenced by it in one way or another.

Since learning more about #accessibility, I've had some fun tabbing around different websites just to see what the experience is like. Sometimes it's actually more comfortable than using a mouse.

Slack has a neat feature: if you start tabbing around, it pops up an info message telling you about the keyboard shortcuts.

(I feel like I'm 12 and making shops to exchange gems for torches in zzt again, very good nostalgic feeling)

We can work in a way that’s efficient and humane; we don’t have to choose one over the other.


Apparently CSS grid was implemented largely by an open source consultancy, not by browser vendors. What a great reminder of how vital open, decentralized communities are.

What if AT&T acquired T-Mobile?

Downsides: reduced competition, increased costs, delayed rollout of 5G
Upsides: we could call it AT&T&T

"PWAs on iOS 13 beta: Here Comes Good News"


Looks like PWAs on iOS 13 will finally be fully usable. Looks like a landmark OS release for the iPad especially.

That said, I'm already using toot.cafe as a home screen web app on my iPad and it works quite well.

Icon Library by @bilelmoussaoui is here, and it's awesome!

It's the best way to find symbolic icons to use in your mockups and apps. Find icon names, copy icons into Inkscape, and include them in your project as gresources.

Get it while it's hot flathub.org/apps/details/org.g

"Making an accessible site doesn’t mean that you have to decide whether to use JavaScript or not. Accessibility is about making content available to as many people as possible"


I've finally sunset the first open source project I built. I'm kind of bummed, kind of relieved, but mostly excited about the future.


every-layout.dev/ seems like an updated successor to learnlayout.com/. Looking forward to seeing more from these folks!

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