i don't care about the summer olympics or the winter olympics. give me the autumn olympics. i want to see teams from different countries compete in Corn Maze. i want to see who podiums in Jack-o'-lanterns. i wanna see a bunch of track suits with skeleton motifs. i want to represent my country in Haunted House

Alternate names for Apple's Adaptive Island:

- Notch Nano
- Power Pill
- Mighty Morphin Power Oval
- Live Lozenge
- iVoid
- Dynamic Unibrow

Today is rainy and blue. Here is a cute photo from the library staff room in these trying times:

Today #GNOME turns 25! We're so excited to share this milestone with all of you, thank you to our wonderful community of contributors and supporters for helping us get here!

Take a look at our anniversary website for some photos, history, and fun facts! happybirthdaygnome.org/

#opensource #GNOMEParty

Kind of impressive how useful it is, when you’re working on something complex, to regularly step back and ask yourself “hang on, what’s the simplest thing that could actually work here?”

Too often you realise that you’ve been way overthinking the problem.

abortion access volunteering, PSA 

Midwest Access Coalition isn't taking new volunteers right now but they linked me to digitaldefensefund.org/ and I just filled out their volunteer application form

They're looking for anyone with tech skills and a strong belief in safe access to abortion and I am pretty sure there are some other people on here who fit that description :BoostOK:

Gadget hot take: I don't think the Nothing Phone 1 is "full of warmth." I find it to be quite brutalist.

That's okay! It's certainly distinctive; it's just not for me. I'm drawn to industrial designs with color and texture and playfulness, not designs that look like they'll zap me if I touch them.

What I'm listening to today: "Sanxion" loader music, Rob Hubbard

The Commodore 64 had an unusually featureful, musician-friendly and *weird* sound chip. It also had a problem: Games took a *long* time to load off tape. The solution was epic and very long (often 10+ minutes) "loader" songs that played while the game code loaded. The loader for "Sanxion", by C64 master Rob Hubbard, suggests an alternate universe where 00s IDM musicians had a knack for perfect pop hooks.


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Open source contributions are so much more than commits. Design, marketing, strategy, coordination, outreach, support, and communication are areas critical to success that aren’t always well captured by something like GitHub.

Proposal: rename TypeScript's non-null assertion operator to "hold my beer" operator

Check out the new pop-punk spreadsheet band, SUM(41)

Oh you lovely creative creatures - stop apologising for your work! Stop making excuses for it!

Your work is valid. You don't need to say 'sorry for the' or 'sorry it's a bit' or sorry anything. Everyone here is learning - some people have been learning for longer than others. Every single one of us knows that sometimes the paint splodges or the pen wobbles or we mess up somewhere.

It's fineeeee. You're fine. Own it, and carry on. <3 :bear_hugs: :bob_ross: :bowie_stardust:

Paying technical debt in our accessibility infrastructure - viruta.org/paying-technical-de

Pagar la deuda técnica en nuestra infraestructura de accesibilidad - viruta.org/paying-technical-de

Now is a great time to come together with some of your friends and spin up a community you've been wanting to build.

"The excessive vigilance against the “stealing” of knowledge incurs a much more profound loss on all of society, the loss of an alternative vision for development rooted in abundance and care, unbound by the need for profit or lust for power."


The #Unix developer, creator of dc + bc +many other tools, Lorinda Cherry passed away. Read this mail by Douglas McIlroy about her impressive achievements and how much she had to fight for equal treatment:


Thank you Lorinda for your contributions 👏

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