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There's nothing better than spending 5 hours troubleshooting network issues to realize it all boils down to wireless crosstalk and internet speed

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I think A Hat in Time is one of my favorite Mario titles

If someone is on Mastodon a lot, can we start calling them "gassy"?

WINE Development has updated to version 5.0-rc5!
Check the release notes here:

Maybe if I stay up all night it will tire me out tomorrow and I’ll get to bed early.


About a decade ago I was very much into the #bittorrent scene. Enjoyed sharing and briefly ran a popular site. Got a real job, etc, and stopped doing it.

Fast forward to the future and here we are again. Tons of things I can't watch behind paywalls. I pay almost $200 USD a month to the media giants.

For a while it seemed like the sharing community was over because the media companies appeared to have figured out a path that doesn't involve trying to extract every possible penny. But no.

The Mandalorian is the Star Wars we need, but not the Star Wars we deserve.

Me: "I'm too fat and none of my clothes fit, I need to lose weight"
Also me:

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