Analytic reproducibility in articles receiving open data badges at Psychological Science: An observational study

Reproducible Software Environment: a tool enabling computational reproducibility in geospace sciences and facilitating collaboration

Toward Enabling Reproducibility for Data-Intensive Research Using the Whole Tale Platform

Assessing the impact of introductory programming workshops on the computational reproducibility of biomedical workflows

A Realistic Guide to Making Data Available Alongside Code to Improve Reproducibility

Leveraging Container Technologies in a GIScience Project: A Perspective from Open Reproducible Research

The Unfairness of Popularity Bias in Music Recommendation: A Reproducibility Study

Publishing computational research -- A review of infrastructures for reproducible and transparent scholarly communication

Introducing a Framework for Open and Reproducible Research Training (FORRT)

Reproducibility, Preservation, and Access to Research with ReproZip and ReproServer

Opportunities for increased reproducibility and replicability of developmental cognitive neuroscience

Use of study design principles would increase the reproducibility of reviews in conservation biology

A deafening silence: a lack of data and reproducibility in published bioacoustics research?

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