Truth, Proof, and Reproducibility: There's no counter-attack for the codeless

Can topic models be used in research evaluations? Reproducibility, validity, and reliability when compared with semantic maps

All models are wrong, some are useful, but are they reproducible? Commentary on Lee et al. (2019)

Modeling Provenance and Understanding Reproducibility for OpenRefine Data Cleaning Workflows

The importance of standards for sharing of computational models and data

A response to O. Arandjelovic's critique of "The reproducibility of research and the misinterpretation of p-values"

Analysis of Open Data and Computational Reproducibility in Registered Reports in Psychology

Automatic generation of provenance metadataduring execution of scientific workflows

Methodological Reporting Behavior, Sample Sizes, and Statistical Power in Studies of Event- Related Potentials: Barriers to Reproducibility and Replicability

Empirical examination of the replicability of associations between brain structure and psychological variables

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