What jobs of the future looked like in 1988 paleofuture.gizmodo.com/these-
1) The 1988 article sourced is behind a paywall. 🙄
2) The header image predates the 1988 article by 20 years.
3) In 1988 no one really believed in the future because mutually assured nuclear annihilation was all the rage.

Really interesting review/essay from Maria Popova on waiting, starring Jason Farman's book Delayed Response


Calling this newly discovered dwarf planet "Farout" puts it right at home in the dorky Golden Age of science fiction. carnegiescience.edu/news/disco

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Spiderman somehow predicted the age where people would spend huge amounts of time and effort running news feeds solely about their own exploits.

Rise if you're sleeping, stay awake
We are young supernovas, and the heat's about to break

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It took seeing grapes (totally not grapes) growing out of some neighborhood palm trees for me to learn just how wacky and diverse palm fruit can be.

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I expect the world to be weirder than I can imagine. And yet I'm still surprised by smuggling finches for the purpose of high stakes underground singing contests. nytimes.com/2018/12/12/nyregio

Goofy factoid of the day: On the Dutch version of Sesame street, the Yip Yip aliens are named Sjoerd and Hendrik Marsman.

Gaiman’s short introduction to Stars My Destination has some of the most concise, insightful words on science fiction that you can find.

Someday I'm going to make a Mission: Impossible 66 Labels bot (Inspired by Batman 66 Labels over on the Tweetsite.) There's more than 150 hours of this stuff.

Chekhov's Gauge: If you have a red line on your gauge, you must use it by the end of the episode. (Watching old Mission: Impossibles)

This video was made to show what a script supervisor does, but most of it applies to fiction writing as well. Maintaining the continuity and flow of action is a basic task of writers and editors. Sloppy continuity can throw a reader out of the scene as much as a film viewer. youtube.com/watch?v=NAvn7CNpdB

Thank you, Adobe.
Without you, I'd never see the crash reporting screen. I'd forget what the beachball looked like. My project folders wouldn't fill with recovery files.
So, thank you, Adobe, for all that you do.

Today a friend told me about their post-Cheers head cannon, mostly involving Cliff joining Norm and Vera in a throuple, solving all three's relationship problems.
I've decided I'm super into this.

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