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I've put links and summaries of all 31 of my flash fiction in one place so you don't have to wade through a Masto thread:

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room for diversity 

homophobia, aids, room for diversity 

Shazam but for flags. Extra credit if it breaks it down to the heraldic implications.

(UX note: If you pop up unskippable customer satisfaction surveys in an app while I'm trying to do work, it's always going to come out poorly for you.)

The Star Streams of NGC 5907

Image Credit & Copyright: R Jay Gabany (Blackbird Observatory) - collaboration; D.Martinez-Delgado(IAC, MPIA),

J.Penarrubia (U.Victoria) I. Trujillo (IAC) S.Majewski (U.Virginia), M.Pohlen (Cardiff) #APoD

Book has many fewer songs, a lot more murder.

Wizard of Oz: Sure, I'll send you back to Kansas, but first you got to kill a witch for me.

Dorothy (age 8): Sure!

Tin Woodman: *Cuts the heads off of 40 wolves*

Scarecrow: *Wrings the necks of 40 crows*

I was doing okay until the CAPTCHA asked me to select all of the photos that contained ghosts.

Reading some old classics that I've not gotten around to before. (Or maybe just forgotten?)

A little of startled to discover the Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz in the book is only six years old. (Such that I associate Judy Garland with the role at three times the age.)

I wish I could watch Star Wars as if it was a tiny cult film that no one knows about. I can't even talk about it in public because people will chime in with their bile-drenched unassailable opinions.

I'd just like to enjoy a simple escapist film. I think that would be fun.

The Expanse opening credits done in Kerbal Space Program. This is a good overlap of interests.

I usually consider a conversation with a new person a success if it ends without anyone asking what anyone's job is.

BREAKING: a federal judge has ruled that suspicionless searches of travelersโ€™ cell phones, laptops, and other electronic devices when we cross the U.S. border are unconstitutional.

This is an enormous victory for privacy.

Rant: Veterans Day, Boomers 

That thing where you spend three days troubleshooting an entire factory, only to discover the reason it wasn't working was because no one plugged in the "It's working" light.

This is my kind of ridiculous fun: Adding vectored thrust to the standard Estes model rockets, so you can do SpaceX-style vertical landing.

Yes, it's over the top, but would be so personally rewarding when you get it right!

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