I don't need to read another post-apocalyptic story, ever.

fun activity to try:
whisper a secret to a plant near the abandoned trails beyond the edge of the city where no one seems to go anymore

Watching David Lynch's Dune, but with the audio from Kubrick's 2001.

Kind of elevates the mess into glorious madness. Or at very least gives me another reason to appreciate how lush the visuals are.

technical death metal generated by neural network and streamed 24/7
it can do vocals and riffs that are physically impossible for humans
but it must do them endlessly forever

Going to start adding, "Conspiracy theories abound." after everything I say.

Words that rhyme with Podium:
- Sodium
- Rhodium
- Plasmodium

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it would be so much more fitting if the two were swapped and Morse's first telegraphic message had been "just setting up my tlgrph" and Jack Dorsey's first tweet was "What Hath God Wrought"

Anyone have any app/site/utility recommendations for cooperating on road trip planning?

Renaissance Knives Had Music Engraved on the Blades; Now Hear the Songs Performed by Modern Singers bit.ly/2vgIOKD t.co/RqdvGHNuAz

What is the chance that Disney's streaming service will have a "TV" mode where it plays preselected content on predetermined schedule. No need to decide what to play! It'll be revolutionary!

Both Amazon and Google are coming out with an ad supported music streaming service that you need a tabletop device to listen to.

That's radio. They've both invented radio.

"Catholics allowed to eat muskrat during lent."

Church not making the right changes to lure me back.


Somehow missed this part of the California Gold Rush: Protein hungry miners drove the price of eggs to $1 each (in 1849 money). And so began a violent turf war over eggs on tiny, harsh, Farallon Islands 25 miles out to sea.


About once a year I try changing my search engine to DuckDuckGo. This year was the first time it stuck.

Not sure if that's because it improved, or I'm more concerned about Googles data collection. Suspect its both.

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