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Babylon 5 rewatch (prologue) 

The announcement of J. Michael Straczynski rebooting Babylon 5 seems like a good enough reason to kick off a rewatch.

I was an enormous fan when it originally aired. How big?

It was syndicated so it would show on different days in different markets. Me and my college friends would pile in a car and drive a few hours to watch episodes a day or two earlier and bring back a video tape.

I even had a short exchange with JMS on Usenet!

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I've put links and summaries of all 31 of my flash fiction in one place so you don't have to wade through a Masto thread:

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Aside: Can we go back to using "gratis" instead of "Free as in beer"? a) Gratis is a perfectly cromulent English word. b) "Free beer" drags a lot of baggage with it (alcoholism, bro culture, etc).

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I did find a caption tool that worked.

Yes, it's a web tool. But it more or less runs locally and doesn't require a sign-in. No uploading videos to a third party, site generally clean of trackers.

I found it very easy to use, stable, full featured, and gratis.

An offline, native app would be better but ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Spent a lot of time installing all kinds of things trying to find a good non-Windows captioning tool and almost every single one has several (or all) of the following issues:
- Expensive.
- Unmaintained.
- Crimes against interface design.
- Not documented.
- Buggy/crashy.
- Doesn't work without installing lots of other components (which also suffer from all of the above.)

After a day and a half of evaluating it was easier to hand write caption files in a text editor. BUT as a last resort…

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One of the most damning pull quotes from the NDSA 2022 staffing survey "Interestingly, collaboration was chosen as either the number one or two most essential skill by all position types, except by senior-level administrators/executives."

I keep forgetting that I once did a short video series where I built inventions from the patents. It was a lot of fun!

Etch A Sketch, pin tumbler locks, Air Bags, Otis safety elevator and more. Things blow up sometimes! Life risked only once!

Oh lord, the cat has learned if he knocks the robovacuum off it’s charger it freaks out until it can find the charger again and it’s proving him endless entertainment.

So follow along and tune in later tonight as humanity tries to redirect an asteroid for the very first time!

Impact is at 7:14 PM EDT, with the onboard camera live stream starting at 5:30 PM EDT and the main event live stream starting at 6:00 PM EDT

We should get images up to a few *seconds* before impact! For this mission, a loss of signal is a GOOD thing 😉

#DARTMission #PlanetaryDefense #NASA

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Did you know there will be a LIVE STREAM from the DRACO camera onboard DART as it comes in to impact the binary asteroid Dimorphos??

Get the links at and follow along as humanity tests our ability to redirect asteroids🚀

#DARTMission #PlanetaryDefense #NASA

Three times today I’ve seen people claim that “society is near collapse” and I gotta say [citation needed] because if you think things are bad now, you should probably know about the rest of human history.

Pre-coffee thought on software numbering:

What if we gave beta releases negative numbers that get smaller to indicate how close one is to release? Start with Beta -1.0. Beta -0.012 is very close to full release.

Went out this afternoon, after the morning rain, to Ulu Sembawang Park Connector, Singapore. One of the last things I expected to see there was this Sunda Colugo (Galeopterus variegatus) mother with baby on a tree near the walking path. Spotted on 25 September 2022.

Colugos are mammals that can glide from tree to tree using skin flaps attached to their appendages.

On iNaturalist [ ]

#iNaturalist #Nature #Singapore #Photography #Mammals #Mammalia

AI chatbots are so, so vulnerable to being fucked with. And since they are created and operated by natural language, there's no obvious way to prevent it.

A good overview of the problem and lack of solutions.

If you’re not raised on a farm you might not know this: That corn you see growing across the Midwest?

99% is not the “sweet” corn in a can or on the cob. It’s industrial feedstuff, for livestock and ethanol.

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