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I've put links and summaries of all 31 of my flash fiction in one place so you don't have to wade through a Masto thread:

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**So your grandmother is a starship now: a quick guide for the bewildered**

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One of my all-time favorite things is using science fiction to imagine better futures. So I jump when I see the headline: "A brief history of using applied science fiction contests to design the future"

And then I stop because it's a Medium link and ugh, Medium. But it's a persistent itch, so eventually I click through.

And see the entire thing is just quoted Tweets. Probably more than 100.


The worst GD future is what that is.

Thinking a lot today about how many bands I know whose breakout hit was a cover song, wondering about the idea of cognitive accessibility in that space and how I can leverage it. โ€œHere is a song you already know how to sing along to, delivered through this new artists sound. Next, we can give you this artists real first single, once you are familiar with that new sound.โ€ I have to assume this is a well understood marketing process at this point, given how common it is.

With internet searches getting more polluted every day, I get a lot of use out of the aptly named "Highlight or Hide Search Engine Results" browser addon.

Use it to hide or dim sites that always throw up garbage results, highlight sites that that you prefer to visit.

It's open source, works with most search engines, most browsers.

Obsessed with CLIP+FFT, which uses CLIP, an internet-trained image-judging AI, to steer a deep dream-like image generator.

It'll do what you ask, but it will do it excessively.

"Frodo Baggins delivering pizza through the mines of Moria"

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Life of a contractor is weird. Rewatching Iron Man 2 and I only realized 3/4 of the way through that I did a *ton* of promotional work for that movie. It wasnโ€™t until the post credit sequence I realized I also did a ton for the first Thor.

Pre-Disney Marvel was a delight to work with and I completely shoved it in the memory hole with all the other work.

Okay, more pieces now than when it landed. (If youโ€™re looking for the post-landing explosion in replay video it happened around 17:29 Central time.)

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Ooops. And it blew up several minutes after landing. SN10 had a fire near the engines after landing and it blew up the leftover fuel.

Next up... SN11!

A hell of a bounce when it touched down, but it's down in as many pieces it went up!

Such an unlikely thing for anything that big to do.

Nicely done all you engineers!

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SpaceX says they're going to try another launch attempt (after an abort at T-0) in about two hours.

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The official SpaceX video is now live for the Starship SN10 flight. It should have the very best views.

T- 2:30 and counting.

The official feed hasn't started up, but here is a live feed of today's SpaceX Starship launch:

Currently the launch is expected for 14:14 central time - in about 10 minutes.

It is expected that Starship test article SN10 will launch/land within the hour. Third-party live video (sometimes with commentary):

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