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I've put links and summaries of all 31 of my flash fiction in one place so you don't have to wade through a Masto thread:

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My brother asked if a siphon works in a vacuum. My best guess said yes, assuming you can find a vacuum-stable liquid.

Of course, someone already has done it and made a video. (I'd love more explorations of things that stay liquid in a vacuum.)

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Margaret Burbidge, the astronomer who's work demonstrated how we are all made of "star-stuff," has passed at the age of 100. Here's a celebration of her life and work from last year in Sky & Telescope.

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Sewing several different mask patterns today to see whats up.

As predicted, the mask from an anonymous makerdude fits only that guy's face. (Wouldn't even cover both my nose and mouth.)

The one from medical professionals looks less fancy, but has a lot of thought put into how it can be effective and produced quickly. eg:

(Video tutorial here: )

That thing where you decide to improve someone else's design, only to learn why ever single thing is the way it is.

One of the most bonkers things I’ve stumbled across. Rockwell International’s “Integrated Space Plan” from 1989, starts with the Space Shuttle and ends with interstellar flight. (By now we were supposed to be mining the moons of Mars.)

folks: Affinity is commissioning† work from 100 artists over the next 100 days.

† They pay $1,500. You retain copyright. It does need to be made in their software. Right now it's half-price (pay once, no subscription) with a 90-day free trial.

H just told me that she reads this story when she needs a positive pick me up.† I'd completely forgotten I'd won a contest with it.

It's called Rebuilding. It's short.

†She is biased.

How to fit a face mask 

How to fit a face mask 

You can turn off the news and sign off social media for a bit. It's okay.

My city is giving up to $2K in financial assistance for businesses to board up their building—if they cover it with art. Neighborhood is starting to look a lot less like a disaster area and more like we're all in this together.

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