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This has made my day better, and improved the day of all good people I have shared it with. "Man Fashions Fabulously Tiny Hats for Toad Who Visits His Porch Every Day"

OMG!!! Apollo 11 in Realtime is now live:

This one has the audio channels from all the flight controllers split and cleaned up. This will entertain me for a long time.

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Someone at the coffee shop, knowing my interests, gave me this vintage button.

Would have vastly preferred, “Ad astra per aspera,” as the slogan instead of some trite snark, but the Omni logo still stirs my heart for optimistic futures.

#SFF (US) Kindle sales today include Octavia Butler's Parable of the Sower for $1.99 and R. F. Kuang's The Poppy War for $2.99. Sales are often simultaneous at other ebook vendors.

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At the coffee shop, my designer sneaks up behind me and slides his phone in front of me. It’s showing a timelapse of his last session working on my podcast logo. I get more and more excited watching it play... Working with talented people is good. Working with good people is better.

(Yes, there will be more podcasts after the current fires are extinguished.)

Here's a photo of that, credited to Jan Petter Jørgensen.

While I am posting about spirals in galaxies, I can't help posting this non-galactic spiral. It is the most spirally of spirals... the enigmatic spiral nebula of Pegasus, LL Pegasi. There are two stars hidden behind that reddish dust in the middle.

I've seen Captain Marvel three times now, and still have never felt it was set in the 90's (Blockbuster and CRTs notwithstanding).

I've been trying to figure out why, but I'm not really sure. Anyone else?

The big sign saying “Segway Tours” might have been a hint.

Use Mastodon Filters (Preferences -> Filters) to keep from importing other people's rage.

It's okay to not be incandescently furious about every goddamn bad thing in the world. In fact, it's required to get through the day.

Pick your passion, fight for it furiously, don't get distracted.

the most messed up history fact is that they had ancient egyptian ruins, in ancient egypt

"ancient egypt" went on for so long that we're closer to the time cleopatra was born than cleopatra was to the time the early pyramids were built

This is the best tree.

Against the odds, it grew large in a volcanic cinder field.
Then it was struck down.
It said, "You know what Universe? I don't care that you don't want me to exist. I'll not only exist, but I'll thrive!"

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