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I've put links and summaries of all 31 of my flash fiction in one place so you don't have to wade through a Masto thread:

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Like Rule 34, but "If it exists, there is a moral panic about it."

stop addressing all content on adhd / asd / spd to concerned parents!!

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Und wie angekรผndigt hier die Bilder vom Kometen C/2020 F3 NEOWISE โ˜„๏ธ

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Limestone chalk under the electron microscope: composed almost entirely of the tiny skeletons of ancient ocean-dwelling organisms

I hate the way the supply chain is optimized 

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I hate the way the supply chain is optimized 

Waking up to the sound of dripping water from an unknown source is a good way to get the blood pumping in the morning. (But bad news for the downstream cardboard boxes of books.)

Issue 042 Release!!! Meet Cover Artist Eleonor Piteira

It's time, dear readers, for Issue 042! This issue contains 12 stories by emerging women-identifying authors bursting with creativity, and is available on our site, in print, and in digital format. As always, we've picked the best cover art, this time brought to us by the amazing and talented Eleonor Piteira! Eleonor was kin

#coverart #featured

You know how in games you get environmental storytelling? Like a "Happy new year 1958" sign in a Bioshock game, so you deduce something bad happened that day?

Today in Spain I saw several shops still decorated with Easter bunnies. In July.

I keep thinking about an imaginary game that's a dungeon crawler, but instead of fantasy dungeons your party roams modern America, instead of monster encounters you help people or groups in distress. The overarching goal is to build people up enough to overthrow the system that let everyone down.

But games shouldn't be political. ๐Ÿ˜

Oh, and the header image on that article is the Tokyo Dome City Amusement Park, which has a roller coaster that *goes through the center of a Ferris wheel!!!*

It's *also* immediately next to one of the most beautiful and relaxing places in Tokyo, the Koishikawa Korakuen Gardens, created in 1669.

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Accidentally stumbled into the Bamum character set from western Cameroon about a century ago. It's glorious!

Tip for finding dim things in a dark sky with the naked eye: 

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Comets you can see with the naked eye are pretty rare. Here's a guide to seeing the one that's in the sky now and won't return for 6,800 years.

(Edit: Improved link. The Earthsky link had dozens of trackers.๐Ÿ™„)

If Fuji-Q sold "Please Scream Inside Your Heart" merch, I'd buy it all.

(Unrequested endorsement: They have the best coasters I've ever ridden. Laughed like an absolute loon while riding them. Also, one of their older coasters points you straight at Mt. Fuji and lets you ponder it for a bit before plunging you 100m into the heart of the ride.)

My "Make telephone calls" app has been off my home screen for years, but I thought I was maybe in the minority?

A bunch of iOS 14 previews came out today, and they all have screen shots of the home screen.

About half of the reviewers didn't have the Phone app on their home screen or dock.

I guess there are more people who don't phone than I had imagined. Imagination updated!

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