Recently, even a major manufacturer declined to combine facial recognition and body worn cameras - but accurate or not, real-time facial recognition should never be coupled with police body-worn cameras:

The menstruation app you use may be sharing data about your sex life with Facebook. Read the BBC’s coverage of our research ➡️

Period Tracker Apps: Maya And MIA Fem Are Sharing Deeply Personal Data With Facebook

For more detail, check @privacyint ‘s feed.



Menstruation apps have asked their users when they have sex, about their contraception methods, their mood, their health history, their lifestyle, their habits… And they shared it with Facebook.
Today we shed light on their data sharing practice.


What’s in PI’s latest report on menstruation apps? PI’s @CJFWeatherhead
and @Arcadian_O walk you through the findings.

“An app sharing my shopping cart/wishlist with Facebook is one thing, but details like these are very private and must remain confidential”
@BuzzFeed covered our research about menstruation apps and interviewed app users. Read what they had to say:

Nos sumamos junto a @adcderechos, @mozilla, @derechosdigital, @Karisma, @hiperderecho, @ipandetec, @R3Dmx, @TEDICpy y otras organizaciones. para recomendar a Facebook, Google y Twitter que adopten medidas para facilitar la investigación de avisaje político en sus plataformas 👇🏼

L'audience joint 3 affaires, anglaise, belge et française. Après la plaidoirie de @privacyint pour la première, à nous.

Tomorrow we’ll be releasing really exciting research about menstruation apps 🩸, we can’t wait to share it with you all! Check out this space tomorrow at 3pm 🕒 BST to find out more 👀

Ever used a menstruation app? 🩸We have exclusive research coming up on Monday… Watch this space 👀

Sensitive personal information about mental health is routinely being traded to advertisers around the web, research we published earlier this week has shown. @BBCTech

We're been campaigning against SIM card registration for a long time. Here's the latest example of misuse:
The Bangladeshi government has been cutting off mobile access to the camp.

Earlier this week a UK court has ruled that police use of impacts the privacy rights of everyone scanned – but still considered it lawful.

We support @libertyhq in their appeal.

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