Remember all those emails you were receiving from companies 2 years ago, asking you to consent?
Today marks the 2nd anniversary of , the EU data protection regulation. And, although your spam folder might have reduced, there’s still a long way to go.

25 May 2020, bank holiday in the UK, another day in lockdown and the 2nd anniversary of .

We've spent the last 2 years holding the hidden data ecosystem to account but we need enforcement:

Amazon’s refusal to listen to their employees and employ basic protections for them is undoubtably part of why they've decided to buy thermal cameras to temperature check their employees from a company accused of helping China persecute Uighur muslims

You have the rights to decent standards and dignity at work, and the right to join a union to protect yourself and your rights. That might come as a shock to Amazon - who have been using Covid-19 as a reason to undermine those rights.

Is there an app for Covid-19?

Listen to our podcast where ever you get podcasts for a quick update on the state of play when it comes to apps and Covid-19

(Soundcloud ->

Often the most surveilled work places, whether in a warehouse, a call centre or as a delivery driver - are those where people’s job security and rights are the most precarious and these tools and data, can be used as a tool to target and sanction.

Online depression tests gather intimate information about us.

9 months after our initial research, some online depression tests still share all your answers with third parties 🤬:

NEW interview from PI's Reproductive Rights and Privacy Project! We speak w @nandi_naira from the @5050oD @openDemocracy about how Heartbeat International is coordinating + promoting misleading reproductive health info globally

1. Most of the platforms we looked at state that they do not allow political advertising, except for Snapchat and Reddit

Want to know how you can avoid being targeted by ads? Read our step-by-step guides at

3. ALL of the platforms we reviewed facilitate intricate targeting of ads based on demographics, interests and more

2. Platforms banning political advertising provided 0 ads transparency for commercial advertising

Better technological systems can emerge when there's careful scrutiny, but governments’ responses are being hamstrung by their pre-existing tendencies to secrecy, tech-enabled authoritarianism, and austerity.

Covid Apps are on their way to a phone near you. Is it another case of tech-solutionism or a key tool in our healthcare response to the pandemic?

NEWS! Amazing victory of @freiheitsrechte et al, the German Constitutional Court declared certain powers of Federal Intelligence unconstitutional! Crucial victory in a moment where agencies seek to ever-expand surveillance capabilities!

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