It's and mental health matters more than ever in these stressful times. Yet, some websites dedicated to mental health still track people.

The need for change is urgent:...

🚨English version of @ipandetec's report is now available!

The report explores digital 🆔 of three Central American countries: Rica, and , with the emphasis on their relationship with the sector due to the pandemic of 👇...

Nous avons besoin d'un million de signatures pour forcer la Commission européenne à écouter - la vôtre sera-t-elle la suivante?


We said a sad goodbye to Yahoo Answers on Tuesday.

In our latest episode of the Technology Pill podcast we try and tackle some Yahoo questions:

Next Tuesday we'll be at talking about aid and security programmes, how they're increasing surveillance around the world, and what needs to be done about it!

Info at


Check out this event by @AmnestyKenya with key experts including @iruten from @StrathCIPIT to discuss data protection and privacy in 👇

We join other CSOs in calling for the Colombian government to stop repression and violence against protesters.

Nos unimos al llamado de la sociedad civil al gobierno Colombiano que detenga medidas de represión y violencia en contra de las protestas.

@Karisma @APC_News...

In our guide find out why is essential for exercise of right to as well as for the protection of an array of fundamental rights and freedoms. 👉

The new iOS 14.5 update brings some interesting changes for your privacy.

Check our short guide and take advantage of it right now!

Heard of the iOS update but not sure what the privacy change is about? 🤔

Have a look at our guide and learn how you can use the update to limit app tracking on your phone!

And if you don't have an iOS device or want to learn how to protect yourself from online tracking on all your devices, we got you covered 💪

When you link access to food to the use of e-coupons, apps, and online forms, accessibility issues arise.

In India, the digitisation of welfare continues to aggravate the effects of the pandemic.

Learn more 👇

Facial recognition can be biased, innacurate and invasive and yet it's creeping into our daily lives a little more every day. It's time the EU made the law clear and banned biometric mass surveillance

Join us:...

Facial recognition is an unacceptable invasion of people’s privacy - but more and more governments and companies across Europe are starting to use it.

We need 1million signatures to force the European Commission to listen. Join us and...

Under the Freedom of Information Act, govt bodies can lawfully withhold information to protect commercial interests other than their own.

Read the ICO decision in our complaint against @DHSCgovuk’s refusal to disclose its full contract with...

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