Tomorrow Ukraine 🇺🇦 goes back to the polls. Last week we were in Kyiv to hear about ppl's experience monitoring - a big issue surrounding this election.

New piece up on our site:

A big thank you to all the people & orgs we spoke with 🙏🙏

Bothered by the latest revelations about Amazon employees listening to your interactions with Alexa? So are we! So we wrote to Jeff Bezos to let him know he needs to do a lot better cc @amazonhelp

We think you should be able to use Alexa without people listening in on you so we have written to Jeff Bezos asking him to walk the walk when it comes to your privacy. Read our letter here: cc @AmazonHelp

Transparency reports from telcos are vital for overseeing government powers and holding them to account. Some takeaways from BT's latest report

Tune in on @BBCRadio4 at 8pm tonight to hear our take on the future of home and its implications for your privacy

Last week we found out Amazon had recruited thousands of people to listen in on your interactions with Alexa. We want Amazon to step up but in the meantime here is how you can change your settings:

‘This is not about left or right or Leave or Remain or Trump or not. It’s about whether it’s possible to have a free & fair election ever again.’
Watch @carolecadwalla at

Online shops and marketers routinely share customer data with Facebook. Turns out: in many cases this could now be illegal.

@netzpolitik_org reports on a ground-breaking decision by the Bavarian Data Protection Authority on Facebook CustomAudience

Companies must take our security seriously, esp when it involves the most vulnerable among us.
Read our latest blog on how security fails are endangering the LGBTIQ+ community

NEW BLOG on how governments are weaponising migrant data, leaving migrants with no recourse to challenge the identities and narratives that are being constructed around them.

'Alexa, stop listening in on your users, this is really creepy.' We are in the Times responding to the latest Amazon Echo scandal.

We'll be on Talk radio at 11am discussing the implications of the Bloomberg investigation into Amazon Echo. Read the story here:

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