The use of such an intrusive form of surveillance without any safeguards or guarantees simply has no place in modern democracies.

Congratulations to @DrEdBridges & @libertyhq for their well-deserved victory!

Our partners in Uganda @UnwantedWitness warn of the risk of digital tools in political campaigning. They highlight the need to regulate their use by a variety of actors and the importance of implementing safeguards to help prevent data exploitation in political campaigning.

💪 @FMA_PH join others in the Philippines to challenge proposed Anti-Terror Law.

Key concerns relate to disproportionate expansion of gov’t surveillance powers by
- increasing periods of surveillance
- creating new grounds
- wider discretion to define “legitimate" targets.

Latest report by @StatewatchEU provides a critical examination of forthcoming travel initiatives that will deploy technologies which will intensify processing of personal data of visitors to the EU.

This raises clear risks of unlawful surveillance at the border and beyond.

Second edition of "Handbook on Data Protection in Humanitarian Action” by @ICRC and @privacyhub_bru demonstrates why data protection is a piece of the puzzle to “do no harm” in the digital age.

Find out why we contributed to this important initiative —>

Happy to see that @EU_Competition is not convinced by Google's promises. Instead of giving them a green light, they are carrying out an in-depth scrutiny. Read our concerns here:

"The commission seems to be finally seizing a unique opportunity to stand up to digital dominance that seeks to exploit our most intimate data for profit” PI’s very own @IoannisKouvakas is in Bloomberg talking about the Google/Fitbit merger.

We told @EU_Competition about our concerns regarding the Google/Fitbit merger. Good news: they have not given them a green light 🚦and are investigating them further 🧐. They have until Dec 9th to make a decision so follow our campaign here:

Use of thermal imaging cameras can infringe individuals’ privacy rights, particularly if the information is later shared with airlines, health authorities, or other third parties.

Working with global partners we produced a series of country case-studies highlighting data exploitative tactics being used to delay or curtail access to reproductive healthcare in Brazil, India, Kenya, Argentina, Chile, Indonesia & Peru 👇

"The acquisition [of Fitbit] would not only squeeze competition in the nascent digital health market, and also for wearables, but also reduce what little pressure there currently is on Google to compete in relation to privacy options.”
Read our take:

🔍 Over the last few years more & more tools & techniques are being deployed as part practices and data-driven immigration policies routinely leading to discrimination and undermining peoples’ dignity.

Here we outline 10 we’ve observed:

Wondering if TikTok is a national threat? Truth is, it's as bad as any other app...

It's time to fix the abusive data exploitation industry!

The @EU_Competition is looking into the Google/Fibit merger and we are super chuffed to see them taking into account our concerns.
Read our submission 👇

Excited to hear from excellent speakers including two from our wonderful partners @FMA_PH and @elsamnews! You can sign up at

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