"My support was cut off by the [UK] Home Office because of Aspen monitoring"

Being spied on shouldn’t be the price you pay for getting basic subsistence.

Pls take 2 minutes to tell Priti Patel to stop through ther Aspen Cards.


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PI campaigns against companies and governments who exploit our data and technologies - they threaten our freedom and the very things that make us human

@ibn_syed18 Thank you so much Syed, both for your excellent performance of a real testimony about how Aspen Card surveillance can have such serious consequences, but also for your wider campaigning and activism for the rights of refugees and asylum seekers.

Asylum seekers have a right to dignity, over which the UK Home Office is trampling with its inhumane practice of combining subsistence with surveillance.

Pls take 2 mins to tell Priti Patel to through their Aspen Cards.


Some UK asylum seekers have had their benefits cut because their 'Aspen Card’ purchases didn't conform to the Home Office’s idea of what they should buy.

Pls take 2 mins to tell Home Secretary Priti Patel to stop


2/5 Together we wrote to the Home Secretary, Priti Patel to tell her that asylum seekers are being forced into destitution when they do not adhere to invisible and arbitrary rules and conditions around the use of their Aspen Card.

4/5 And you can write to Priti Patel in less than 2 mins (we’ve got a template letter!) to add your voice to the campaign. pvcy.org/pritipatel

5/5 Thank you!

We discussed with @SamSoleZA how he found out that he was under surveillance and what the case is all about. He urges journalists and civil society around the world to remain vigilant and put unchecked surveillance powers under...

"I realised that I was at the mercy of the system because I did not know how things work". We spoke to UK asylum seekers who have had lives seriously impacted by Aspen Card surveillance.

Take 2 mins to tell Priti Patel to


@misasplace Thanks so much for writing to the Home Secretary!

@MrsAuld Thank you so much for joining our campaign Laura!

When UK asylum seekers use their 'Aspen Card' (a debit payment card for basic subsistence), the UK Home Office can monitor every single purchase, sometimes with devastating consequences.

Take 2 mins to tell Priti Patel to


UK asylum seekers receive £39 a week to survive, but all their transactions are monitored by the Home Office.

We don't think privacy should be the price you pay to live with dignity.

Take 2 mins to tell Priti Patel to


Privacy International and 20 other organisations are telling UK Home Secretary Priti Patel to .

Pls take 2 minutes to add your voice to our campaign!


NEW! The Aspen Card is a debit card given to UK asylum seekers to provide subsistence support.

But it also allows the Home Office to monitor every purchase.

Take 2 mins to join us and tell the Home Office to


When South African journalist @SamSoleZA found out that he was under surveillance, he couldn't imagine his story would have led to the Constitutional Court of South Africa declaring unconstitutional years of secret surveillance.

This is his story 👇...

As British gov’t announces way out of lockdown there has been mentions of domestic & in’tial “immunity passports” or health certificates

Find out why we’re concerned with such proposals including risks of discrmination & exclusion 👉...

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