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2. Largest portion of funds will go to build more camps to keep migrants locked in and ensure they stay there. It also suggests contributing to ‘relevant equipment’ for border control, without any clarification on what this may be.

privacyinternational.org/news- nitter.net/privacyint/status/1

3. In the context of a global pandemic, migrant populations can be disproportionately affected because of their existing social, economic and legal contexts.

This is why we call the European Commission to reconsider the proposed distribution of funds.

privacyinternational.org/news- nitter.net/privacyint/status/1

1. The measures in Commission's proposal do little to ensure the safety of migrants in light of the Covid-19 pandemic.
The proposed distribution of funds focuses again to enhance control and surveillance over migrants:

privacyinternational.org/news- nitter.net/privacyint/status/1

URGENT! The EU needs to provide emergency assistance to migrants affected by Covid-19. But their latest proposal does nothing of the kind.

We looked at the European Commission proposed distribution of funds. More in this article and in the thread below:

privacyinternational.org/news- nitter.net/privacyint/status/1

In the rush to respond to Covid-19 and its aftermath, government and companies are exploiting data with few safeguards. PI is acting to ensure that this crisis isn't abused.

You can find our hub, with all our resources here: privacyinternational.org/campa

Where, when, and what you watch is becoming very interesting to political actors and the marketing companies they work with..


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What’s always motivated and inspired us is what privacy enables, and what we lose if we lose our privacy.

That's why we have started looking at privacy’s key role in protecting people’s freedoms. We've called this series Privacy Matters - enjoy!


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Don't forget! The deadline for applying to be our new Digital Fundraising Officer is midnight tonight (BST)!


Don't forget to apply to be our new Digital Fundraising Officer! You have until midnight tomorrow to apply!

Nos sumamos al rechazo de @Karisma sobre la circular de la @sicsuper en Colombia.

Tal como hemos venido señalando: poderes extraordinarios requieren protecciones extraordinarias privacyinternational.org/news- (link en inglés) nitter.net/Karisma/status/1244

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