Back in 2018, we asked US authorities turn over information about the nature and extent of their hacking activities. We are now in the process of receiving the final docs. Here’s what we so far find very concerning...

Based on the accounts of four activists we spoke to from across the world we provide in our latest feature an outline of the main issues experienced by HRDs who are continuously at risk of violence, intimidation & surveillance.

🗒 Yesterday’s ICO report found systemic data protection failings in the data broking sector, potentially affecting millions of adults in the UK. This is why it matters ⬇️

As a land rights defender based in Colombia Sebastián Gómez experiences surveillance in vairous forms.

This has a chilling effect which prevents him & others to denounce what they witness.

Read our interview with him to find out more about his...

In a 2018 lawsuit, we asked US govt agencies to reveal the full extent of their hacking activities. Since then, we've pored over thousands of pages worth of disclosures. And we're very concerned by what we found 👇

Well now...@TelenorMyanmar has LOST 6.3 million subscribers due to registration laws. This loss offset any growth @TelenorGroup gained globally, reducing subscriber base by 2.1 million as a result!

Read more on SIM registration laws & their effects:

We spoke to Sofía de Robina, staff lawyer at Mexican NGO CentroProdh, about her organisation's experience of surveillance.

She tells us about the challenges they face as a result of a constant feeling of being at risk which eroded any sense of security.

Read our interview with Sam Sole, managing partner at South African non-profit amaBhungane, about his experience of surveillance & the litigation it inspired to tackle the main obstacles to accountability and/or redress for HRDs.

Find out more here 👇

The testimonies of the 4 activists we spoke with illustrate how the promises that come with innovation & the use of new tech are not enjoyed by all equally.

They tell the story of how HRDs experience the impact of surveillance by gov’t and companies.

Yesterday, the ICO released its first ever report on data brokers looking into @Experian_UK, @TransUnion and @Equifax's data practices. Here's all you need to know about it 👇

As you may have noticed our mastodon bot is currently taking a break while we are re-doing our internal infrastructure with the latest version of Thornsec.

We'll be back soon, promise ❤️

@adcderechos developed a tool to collects information on the political ads seen by users on online platforms, without processing their personal data.

🎙We talked to them about it. Listen to the interview here 👉

Find out more about concerns about smart cities with @RobKitchin by listening to the rest of our podcast!

Listen to the whole episode for more from @RobKitchin, @elliecosgrave and @lpriyagr on: what makes a smart city?

Listen now: staging.privacyinternational.o

🚨 Register to hear @joana_varon from @CodingRights speaking about digital sovereignty from a Global South perspective👇

If you want to learn about the threats to digital rights of Palestinians we invite you to watch this webinar organised by @7amleh and other partners.

Have you heard @lpriyagr on our podcast talking about smart cities yet?

Listen to the whole episode for more from @lpriyagr, @elliecosgrave and @RobKitchin on: what makes a smart city?

Listen now:

This week on the Technology Pill we talk to @elliecosgrave, Dr Lakshmi Priya Rajendran, and @RobKitchin about what even is a smart city? And what do we want the cities of the future to look like?

Listen to @MalecheAllan from @KELINKenya explaining the importance of a human rights based approach to addressing the pandemic.

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