The US have issued their first gender X passport! This is fantastic news for many people
🤓 To find out more about the concerns with ID for trans people around the world, read our report on the topic:

The Covid-19 pandemic raised privacy issues due to the scale of the data collection.

At this panel (featuring our @alexandrinepdec) will engage in an in-depth discussion.

Today we launch this work with our first analysis on MOSIP which is an open source, open standards based foundational identity platform.


ID systems are the gatekeepers to access an increasingly-wide range of goods and services, resulting in potential limitation of the exercise of a range of human rights.



National digital ID schemes can take various forms: some rely on biometrics, some are open source, some are proprietary, some are linked to citizenship, some link to birth registration, some link to voter rolls and some give everyone a unique identifying number.


Learn more about how different approaches to developing such systems and their features can impact the lives of those relying on them.

Full analysis here 👉


Sadly not the first time we learn of @Facebook's failures to uphold their own standards.

Earlier this year we found staggering inequalities in enforcement of political ads transparency policies in Brazil and Indonesia.

Read more 👇

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Highly recommend reading this piece from @elpaisinenglish about anti-abortion tactics in the Americas.

We did our own research into how anti-abortion activism is exploiting data, which is here 👇

In April this year we showed that some companies selling diet products use online quizzes to collect sensitive personal data and share it w/o consent with third parties.

5 months later this is still largely true...

🚨Hearing is TOMORROW🚨

The outrageous charges against Assange criminalise and endanger journalists around the world.

They must be dropped.

The @AfricaPrivacy symposium will include also trainings and workshops.

Don't miss this one, facilitated by our own @LucieCAudibert!

A victory against : a Swiss court has confirmed that messaging services cannot be considered as telecom providers in 🇨🇭.
As a result, they are not subject to the data retention requirements imposed on them, reports @fourmeux.

Diet ads can be deceptive in their own right, but sharing your personal data is never something you'd expect when taking an online diet quiz 🤬

Read our updated research into how diet companies can collect and share your data (and the change it created!)

are described as efficient and effective. But are they really improving the lives of their citizens?

Don't miss this panel at @AfricaPrivacy feat. our own @Arcadian_O, our partner @adcderechos and many more!

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Back in March we exposed how some diet ads were using tests to collect sensitive personal data and share it with third parties.

We've observed positive change by @betterme but @noom and @Vshred_ have failed to address our concerns. To learn more 👇

We're very proud to be supporting the upcoming 3rd next 3-5 November 2021, organised by our partner @UnwantedWitness!

Find out more at @AfricaPrivacy!
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Congratulations to all participants and winners of the awards, celebrating impactful work to improve digital identity for all.

We're also particularly glad to see partners and colleagues recognised - here's a short thread!

First of all, congratulations to our partner @StrathCIPIT for the Privacy Community Champion award!

Find out more about their work:

... and our colleague @TomSamaki was runner-up in the Privacy category!

Here's what he thinks about the recognition of the work of so many people and communities in the awards:

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