"While Nigeriens race against the clock to make elections happen, will Western partners look at the protection of their personal data, or will they prioritise their geopolitical interests?"

Read @giacomo_zando's article: privacyinternational.org/long- twitter.com/privacyint/status/

Weekend challenge:

Tell us about your favourite short videos on privacy and surveillance (with links!)


What happens when the policies that are supposed to preserve your security actually undermine it? Find out more from Miguel from @hiperderecho on our website 👉 privacyinternational.org/long- twitter.com/privacyint/status/

We're happy to be at @PICUM_post legal seminar in Brussels.

We need a humane approach to immigration based on the principles of fairness, accessibility, and respect for human rights: privacyinternational.org/what- twitter.com/PICUM_post/status/

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1/3 New cabinet office report shows justice system is failing rape survivors- the use of mobile phone extraction techniques is one of the problems.

Read what the police can obtain from your phone here:
privacyinternational.org/news- twitter.com/privacyint/status/

3/3 These technologies are used without real scrutiny. The way info is saved often makes independent audit impossible. And there is the added risk of ‘push button tools’ being used by those who don’t understand them.

privacyinternational.org/expla twitter.com/privacyint/status/

NEW: After looking at Europe's shady funds to border forces in the Sahel area, freelance journalist @giacomo_zando dives for us into how Niger's biometric database will be used in the upcoming elections privacyinternational.org/long- twitter.com/privacyint/status/

"Niger is the latest of more than 30 nations in Africa that adopted a biometric voting card over the last decade. A decision that might seem at odds with a country where 80% of the population has no regular access to electricity [...]"

privacyinternational.org/long- twitter.com/privacyint/status/

Greedy Google’s grabbing more and more of our health data!
Yesterday it was reported that with Ascension they’ve been amassing patient data. This comes just after news of the FitBit acquisition.
This is deeply disturbing and it's high time we took action privacyinternational.org/news- twitter.com/privacyint/status/

The Secrets of Amazon is on tonight at 8 @Channel4 featuring the inimitable @F_Kaltheuner talking about amazon user tracking outside the platform! twitter.com/C4Dispatches/statu

Very important and urgent

By our latest count
@Facebook provides transparency in only 17% of countries
@google in only 15%
@Twitter in only 16%

Shameful that such powerful + global companies have made the deliberate decision to provide some users w transparency & some w nothing twitter.com/juliacarriew/statu

Thrilled to see the @FinancialTimes used our methodology to illustrate one more time that the internet business model is broken.

We need regulators to take action now and publishers to reconsider their use of . Our original research here 👇
privacyinternational.org/campa twitter.com/madhumita29/status

NEW: You can now buy a brand new smartphone for $20. Ever wondered how that's possible?

We found a popular phone from the Philippines comes preloaded with insecure apps that can't be deleted and scoop up large amounts of user data. @MyPhoneOfficial@twitter.com


Today we have released the first in a series of reports on .

We discovered multiple security issues with pre-installed apps that can't be updated or deleted. Read the full report here: privacyinternational.org/long-

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