We updated our Collabora server. Many new features and bugfixes. You can extend your cloud with this addon here: shop.portknox.net/products/col

Last update before Nextcloud 16. We started migration to 15.0.7. New customer get it already: portknox.net/Plone/de/app_list

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More than 130 businesses signed our public letter urging MEPs to vote against and as these are very bad for EU business. Your company can sign, too!


Möchtest du 2019 etwas für deine Privatsphäre tun?
Dann starte jetzt den 14 Tage test auf portknox.net/de/free_cloud

We started migration to 15.0.4. New apps added, many updated. New customer get it already: portknox.net/de/free_cloud Existing customer migration status: portknox.net/en/status-updates

In den nächsten Tagen erscheint Nextcloud 15, wir haben schon alles vorbereitet! Stay tuned :)


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