The more I think about it the more I miss Libre Graphics magazine

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Well, if you have classes that include quizzes on button positions, you have bigger problems than program names. 😿
I am all for forking, just won't recommend this fork for a few years. If it will be still around in a year or two, good.
Also please stop being this antagonistic I am not even against glimpse and you. 😅

I want a bot that crawls reddit and locks issues temporarly whenever somebody posts them in order to mob and harass the developers.

I just used the word "folklore" when making a joke, but I couldn't help feeling weird. EVERY time I hear this word I think of Gilberto Gil, one of Brazil's greatest singer-songwriters. Thread follows.

Let's be fair to #theyoungpeople who think that a floppy disk is a weird symbol for a "save" icon: lots of us have known/said that that was a terrible metaphor choice for decades; the UI-design committees stuck with it anyway. Because they don't like rockin' the boat.

A write up about and small gallery of results for the now titles "Color Assimilation Grid Illusion" I discovered last week that vent viral:

Refined examples of Illusory Photo Colorization wider lines permit less exaggerated saturation while it still works.

Playing around with Raph Levien's new curve type that he presented at the last LGM, converted to C++. Also comparing to his old spiro type. The blue dots are after conversion to cubic beziers. Where the old spiro is more like having to keep up with a higgs boson gone mad, the new type is much more stable. These curves potentially help a lot to cut down on bezier handle clutter when working with paths.

The GEGL image viewer, browser has gained a basic graph/property editor and a piecemeal migration of UI code to lua has begun for more see this post with screenshots of some of the UI pieces evolving:

There goes 2018, what a year right?

With this wonderful people we'll reap joy, love and prosperity in 2019. Wish you all the same. ❤️

babl and GEGL are starting to get deep and proper CMYK support now, paving the likely road ahead for GIMP

Imagine if there was patents/monopolies on color combinations and you either had to license them or stick to new novel color combinations:

A new – smaller and more accurate – micro sRGB ICCv2 profile: sRGBz 491 bytes

Enjoy fractals? wish snowflakes were collectible? apart from in images – and want eccentric victorian era hobby with a tiny portable non-digital collection?

Behdad Esfahbod just committed colo r-font patchset to cairo master with the help of Matthias Clasen. It only took five years! 🐯 #GUADEC2017 #emoji #GNOME (photo by behdadesfahbod)

We just supported @pippin for his work on and .

And Jacques Lucke for his work on Animation Nodes.

Support Free Software!

I'm seeing a few families that have setup their own Mastodon instance

This is a great alternative to Facebook and something I hadn't considered before. You can now keep tabs on your family and close via their own social network

The Exiv2 team has just pushed a long awaited 0.26 release! Congratulations to the team and thank you so much for all the great work!

If you're not familiar with it, Exiv2 is the metadata manipulation library under many photo projects...

#foss #photography #FreeSoftware

Indie game idea: Sandbox game with a literal sandbox and typical sandbox toys (a plastic shovel, a generic Tonka truck, and a bucket).

Make it cost a fiver and people will buy it as a joke.

If it's made with a VR mode, it'll probably sell well and people will somehow have fun.

It could have a social mode, but everyone should look like a toddler to everyone else. Randomly assign gender and race of course (or make everyone an alien child).

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