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Been here for five years (😮 ) but here's an post in case of new people with an interest. (And for pinning)

I'm a researcher, educator, designer/artist working with F/LOSS, and concerned with digital fabrication, systems, and the place of individual humans in a big world. Teaching/researching at the Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam, and was one of the founding editors of Libre Graphics magazine, back in the day ("the day" was 2010!). Many silly hobbies, intermittent posting.

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"The largest-known collection of teasmades is owned by Sheridan Parsons in Royal Wootton Bassett."

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I know this is an old news complaint, but I'm damn tired of Android forcing software updates that make my phone slower and less functional.

An idea I had a few years ago, with which I never did anything.

Shakespeare of the troll farm: a Russian propaganda operative and thwarted writer inserts hundreds of new words into the English language over the course of a decade of being deployed on twitter.

It would be nice if there were some way of knowing what the standard pet peeves in a given profession were, so as to be able to avoid pressing someone's most obvious buttons. Eg: It grinds my gears when people suggest that graphic designers "make things pretty", and it's such an easy thing to not say!

new lifehack: move items from "to-do" list to "done" list prematurely in order to make myself do said tasks

non-alcoholic alcohol mention 

Bought a bottle of 0% gin from a decent distillery. Damn, it tastes inexplicably like Kool-Aid.

Need to start a sideline in selling wall art that's only marginally inspirational. Eg: "Life works out well sometimes"


We’re back! We are happy to announce that on the 5th & 6th of November, @zinecamp is back for its 2022 edition at WORM Rotterdam! As always, there will be stalls, workshops, talks and more. And, of course, it is free to join!

Zine Camp is a space to connect with the self-publishing community, make friends and learn new skills and techniques. We also have open tables to collaborate and create your own zines on site.

📍To apply to hold a workshop or talk, email with your details, a title, description, how long your proposal needs and an image.

📍For stalls, send us your details, and a link with your zines, website or portfolio!

📍Deadline for the open call is the 25th September!

Zine Camp Team 💕

The municipality of Rotterdam dealt with a damage report about the sidewalk outside my house so quickly that, when I got the email saying the file was closed, I assumed that they'd decided for some reason that the issue didn't need fixing. Sometimes, things are good.

Definitely says something about search engine priorities that if I want to buy something, I use G**gle instead of my default DuckDuckGo

Every time I have a close call by, eg, spilling coffee on my phone, I briefly become very conscientious with my backups

The more countries I live in, the more I realize that everyone thinks their country likes talking about the weather more than anyone else does.

Twice in the last week, I've had the great pleasure of explaining that a pair of apartment buildings in Rotterdam, the Lee Towers, are named after the singer, Lee Towers, not after someone with the surname "Lee". IMHO, this is one of the best mind-benders in Rotterdam architecture.

If there was ever any doubt that I live in an extremely neighbourhood-y neighbourhood, my nextdoor neighbour (who yes, I know) just borrowed my ladder to break into his own house

Hi friends, here is a self-promotional toot. (Complete with moody-looking author photo.) The lab I used to belong to at the University of Toronto is hosting an online launch event for my book! It's happening on June 29th and promises to be entertaining.

Love taking time out to do some light union agitating at work

first-world problems, coffee complaints 

The cafe at work insists that a cappuccino with two shots of espresso is a flat white. This pains me in so many ways.

I seldom say this, but it's just possible that I've had too much coffee today...

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