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"The largest-known collection of teasmades is owned by Sheridan Parsons in Royal Wootton Bassett."

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I love having imperfect memories of childhood stories or anecdotes. On my mind today, a story I can't remember, with the (frequently repeated in my family) punchline: "Keep your fork, Duke, we're having pie."

Author copies of my actual book arrived yesterday. Aaaaaaaaah!!! Also, squeeeee.

Bus drivers in Rotterdam seem to get to choose which music to play when they're driving. Getting some nice Dutch hiphop this morning as a result

My brain is melting from working on a multi-collaborator, multi-institution grant application. It feels like a really special kind of cabin fever.

My book has been sent to print! I'm unreasonably excited about this!

in the space of less seconds, I went from the realization that the coffee machine at work doesn't do soup (and yet it does hot chocolate) to feeling totally affronted by that fact

There's a sign next to the information desk at school that says "No shaking hands given the current situation"

oblique alcohol mention (in that it's about non-alcoholic beer) 

There's a brewery called Uiltje (little owl/owlet), so of course they've made a (non-alcoholic) beer named Superb-Owl. It's one of my favourite jokes, now in beverage form!

For the last ten or so years, I've made a point of periodically writing down a note to myself when I'm particularly happy, describing the feeling and the situation. I keep these notes somewhere handy so that I can refer back to them when I'm not in a good place, and remind myself that I have the capacity to make myself happy again. It seems like a simple thing to do, but it makes a very big difference.

Someone tried to cover the "Boooo!" stickers with a home-printed sticker. Not a good move in rainy Rotterdam

So. In Dutch, there's a decent number of words that end in "schap." The word for sheep is "schaap." Hence the hilariously punny get well card I once bought a colleague which says "beterschaap" ("beterschap" meaning "get well soon") next to a picture of a sheep. Interestingly, though, the word "wetenschap" means "science," even though "wet" on its own means law (presumably the jump comes through "weten," to know). But this means that "wetenschaap" would be "sheep of laws," which pleases me.

Among my top-five most hated interface design dark patterns are lists of tickable boxes/togglable sliders that have a "select all" button but not a "deselect all"

typed "pipeling" instead of "pipeline" and it sounds like a cuter name for mole people, or the baddies from Super Mario

Just realized that "snack drawer" has the right cadence to fit into the Batman theme song. Will now be singing that all day.

being back at school in person is great for many reasons, but maybe the best part is that today I got mistaken for a famous product designer with a TV series

So someone I would think of as "MvdV" or "RvR" becomes simply "MV" or "RR" in the eyes of a system that only takes first and last name (and not the separate tussenvoegsel field) into account when generating initialisms.

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I do enjoy using productivity systems designed by English speakers, in a working environment that flips frequently between English and Dutch, and with colleagues whose names often conform to Dutch naming norms. Small example: the tussenvoegsel (van, van den, etc.) that doesn't appear in auto-generated initialisms of names, making it harder to tell which little dot is meant to represent which person, or making a disconnect in my head because there's a letter missing.

(And yes, I know that the price is highly exclusionary. It will presumably mostly be bought by academic libraries.)

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