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"The largest-known collection of teasmades is owned by Sheridan Parsons in Royal Wootton Bassett."

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Today is the day that I finally give in and cut my own hair.

next time I teach a lecture-based course, I'm going to implement concept/buzzword BINGO.


food, scary future 

bought a used book online and ended up getting a signed copy. "very good condition" indeed

the buttons on my trackpad gave up the ghost a couple months ago. finally, suffering from Stardew Valley withdrawal, I have ordered a mouse.

borrowed an ebook from Internet Archive for the first time today. despite the drm that makes the borrowing possible, there's something kind of lovely about the giant online library

Dear fedi-friends (with apologies for posting work things), my department is hiring a new (senior) lecturer with a focus in digital media (0.2 - 0.4 FTE). Here's the posting:

Re-tooting is appreciated!

I bought a bread maker online. Now I'm being served ads for hair clippers and slow cookers. These suggestions feel oddly... topical.

I got a new pen and it is intensely satisfying

more patent fun: a patent related to e-commerce, from a European company which also operates in North America, giving an A4 sheet of paper as an example of a reference object to help determine dimensions in a photo. I LOLed

I'm down a patent rabbit hole this morning and damn, it's interesting to see how many different industries Amazon is making land grabs in

my tiny solar panel array passed 200kWh of power generation today!

one of my neighbours has treated their yard with some herbicide/pesticide junk and the fumes are giving me the headache from hell

Open Publishing Fest is a decentralized public event that brings together communities supporting open source software, open content, and open publishing models

I've mentioned this in the past, but I'm repeating it periodically since that the only way — I am interested in assembling some full sets of Libre Graphics Magazines to "donate" to a couple of design libraries, so if anyone has spare issues they're interested in donating, send me a private message. (esp. any of the hard to find ones, and esp anyone in North America, for shipping-cost reasons...)

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