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"The largest-known collection of teasmades is owned by Sheridan Parsons in Royal Wootton Bassett."

I've just doubled the ambient level of lumberjack flannel in this metro carriage.



fitness, fat shaming 

Something went wrong with my scan of The Library of Babel...

a bot that designs imaginary conference logos by making up an acronym and drawing a random skyline

this Decathlon label isn't pulling its punches. EU size M is a US size S.

need to start writing Poirot spin-off fanfic starring Miss Lemon and her filing system

horse update: two of them, last night, causing a two-car traffic jam on one of the neighbourhood's main roads

standing in front of fridge with laptop, comparing contents to "previously ordered" tab of the grocery store website, giving in to being constantly informated.

I don't believe that there's such a thing as "too much Leonard Cohen" but I'm going to darn well stress test that assumption.

bought the latest Neal Stephenson brick today. nearly 900 pages. should soon be able to build a house out of them.

one thing mastodon does just like birdsite: makes me a little sad that I'm not at Camp right now

reading a book right now (for research, so I can't abandon it) that's making me incredibly angry, but in a non-productive way

should maybe toot like this more frequently, but this is a start at least: even though I didn't accomplish everything I wanted to get done today, I feel really good about myself right now

I think I've found a new corollary of Murphy's Law: when one carves out time to do mental work about something, a million other --apparently unrelated-- thoughts will take up that thinking time/space instead.

problem with living in a house while renovating it: a trip to the kitchen for a glass of water somehow ends in ripping out a wall

seasonal allergies are being a real bastard this year

the cats in my new neighbourhood are super brazen. I just found one literally sleeping in my bed.

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