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"The largest-known collection of teasmades is owned by Sheridan Parsons in Royal Wootton Bassett."

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worse than the protestant work ethic is internalized capitalism: believing that everything you do needs to add value somehow

thanks to the rabbit-duck illusion ( I can't see any picture of a duck without looking for the rabbit

a script to fetch and print Wikipedia's featured article every day so I can read it at breakfast time like a newspaper

Effing Penguin keeps upping their beautiful-little-book game

trying in vain to remember the name Pound Stretcher (a discount store in the UK), my brain managed to come up with Pound Smasher and Pound Crusher

a strange side effect of doing a lot of visual documentation for projects I'm involved in is that I'm probably more widely-published as a photographer than as anything else

gross: coffee breath inside a facemask
oddly nice: mentholated gum inside a facemask

today, I made a very sketchy prototype of a tile/card game for putting words together into non-sensical phrases

getting served ads for train travel that show businessmen wearing facemasks. accurate, I guess, but a bit surreal

one thing I'm learning from slowly renovating my house is that I'm far more efficient at ripping things out than installing new things

new discovery: reading big horticulture books is a very calming activity for me


tiny solar array passed 400kWh of power generation today

brain seems to not be working this morning. searching for the word "preface," I first came up with "prologue" and "pretext"

Today is the day that I finally give in and cut my own hair.

next time I teach a lecture-based course, I'm going to implement concept/buzzword BINGO.


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