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I’m a software developer living in Georgia, USA. Currently working on test infrastructure for and apps, but I’ve done a lot of other things.

In my spare time, I’m I'm learning to play , I run several miles each week, and I watch lots of ( and ). I like listening to and drony music.

"Is our product meeting your expectations?"

Well, I expect software to be buggy and frustrating, with insufficient documentation and poor customer support.

So, yes, you are meeting my expectations.

"A well-trained monk, it is said, lives as though he were already dead: free from attachment, from indecision, from confusion, he moves with no barrier between his will and his act."

Last Call

A Buddhist monk confronts Japan’s suicide culture.

By Larissa MacFarquhar

June 17, 2013

#Japan #Zen

I have completed all reasonable upgrades on my guitars (pickups, wiring, tuners).

I guess now I have no excuse for not learning to play the damned things.

If you're posting something on Mastodon that may upset someone (such as upsetting news), it's a good idea to use a Content Warning (CW).

CWs hide the content of your post below the warning, but people can still read it by clicking "Show more". This lets people decide for themselves whether they are ready to read it right now.

-To add a content warning, click on the "CW" or ⚠️ button while you're writing the post, then describe the warning in the line above.

-You can open all the CWs in a thread at once by clicking the eye 👁️ icon in the top right corner.

-If you prefer, you can set your account to ignore these warnings and show all content automatically (on the website go to Preferences > Always expand posts marked with content warnings, tick the box and click "Save changes").

-If you want to avoid certain topics completely, and never want to read about them, use filters instead. These are available through the website at Preferences > Filters.

#MastoTips #Mastodon #FediTips

"Important: Do not try to install the server software and the client software on the same machine!"

Guess what they did?

Please use content warnings for politics 

(This isn't aimed at anyone in particular)

I know there are terrible things happening in the world, especially about human rights.

But, please can we still have the politics content warnings?

Please? 🙏

I get these things are really important, maybe most important.

But telling people the world is terrifying, and also there's nothing anyone can do about it, and then not CWing it... how does that help anyone? Surely it will just harm?

“The people in that other department aren’t doing what we need them to do. They are lazy and incompetent.”

Have you asked them to do what we need them to do? Or asked them why they aren’t doing what we asked them to do?

“Why bother? They must be lazy and incompetent if they aren’t doing it.”

I saw an animated version of the Sickos meme and now you have too

God bless whoever decided customer service websites should have live text chat

For school, I had to make a PowerPoint presentation and upload a YouTube video of myself presenting it.

My greatest wish is that nobody will ever watch it, and I can delete all traces of it at the end of the semester.

“Under no circumstances should anyone spend more than $50 on a Father’s Day gift for me.”

- Terms and conditions for Father’s Day get-together with my dad

We've deleted over 500K lines of code from our codebase in the past year.

Yes, the product still works.

"Michelle Yeoh is great in Everything, Everywhere, All At Once" was true long before there was a movie with that name.

David Ahl posts a public domain notice for his past works on Facebook.

Kay Savetz quote tweets:

"Creative Computing magazine, the BASIC Computer Games Books, all of David Ahl's other books and articles, everything copyrighted by Creative Computing Press — are all officially in the public domain."

#PublicDomainNotice #DavidHAhl

Is there a word for the jet-lag-like disruption of sleep and daily schedule caused by somebody else traveling to the other side of the world, and you have to have remote meetings with them on their new local schedule?

A coworker just came back from a week-and-a-half vacation. He said that was the first time he had ever taken that much time off, and the first time they had taken a family vacation that was not related to kids’ soccer or other such activity.

He thought it was worth it because they were celebrating a couple of special occasions: his kid’s graduation and his 50th birthday.

He said it was nice, and thought people should do that more often.

I agree.

The worst part of a screen-sharing meeting is when I can't scroll the presenter's window to where it would be most helpful.

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