Did you know Nextcloud Talk can seamlessly connect to Slack, MS Teams, Matrix, IRC and a dozen other chat services on the web? Cross those barriers, BRIDGE!

@nextcloud Alas I don't see Mastodon on the list. Is there any other app to integrate it?

@dzwiedziu @nextcloud there's a mastodon notifications widget for hub, but idk if that's what you want, I think they develop a client for fediverse though

@jeder @nextcloud @dzwiedziu NextCloud Social is going to be a full implementation of activitypub, but it's in alpha stage

@mkljczk @jeder @nextcloud Ok, this will prevent me from going with "bridge on a bridge" design if I would implement it ;)

@nextcloud Except that the Matrix bridge isn't quite working yet, is it?
That is the one I was waiting for, but I haven't been able to connect them yet.

@nextcloud really nice bridging UI. Perhaps some day there could be a proper Matrix bridge for NC Talk? Relaybots are a bit messy compared to real bridged ghost users.

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