My boss is asking for input on what laptops we want for work machines. I’ve been on Mac for a while but am willing to try something else. Windows is probably not happened though it wouldn’t be the end of the world if that’s where we go.

Any suggestions that laptops that pair well with Linux distros? I really don’t want to be fighting drivers all the time. Good video call experience is a must.

I don’t mind going to Toronto for meetings as much as I used to, but the transit time makes me really appreciate working remote. 2.5-3 hours by 🚌➡️🚌➡️🚌➡️🚊➡️🚶‍♂️➡️🚃.

We were supposed to get rail service to Toronto direct from my city in a few years, but the political party changed and one of the most beneficial public projects proposed in a long time got delayed indefinitely.

One of the reasons I cancelled my iTunes Music subscription last year was that I just listened to the same set of songs over-and-over again. I figured I'd buy them piece meal instead, but never did.

Ironic that the first thing I did when I signed up was rejoice at the joy of listening to those songs again that I hadn't listened to all year.

As a bit of an experiment, I cancelled my iTunes Music subscription last year about this time. I've finally caved and signed back up. I've just been starved for listening to whatever I want.

I considered Spotify and Google Play Music... but there's just something I like about iTunes Music.

I keep separate notebooks for my engineering notes and daily scribblings for personal and work projects.

I have 2 pages left in my personal book, and 5 pages left in my work book.

The odds of filling both up on the same day were astronomically low (since it takes me years to fill a personal notebook), but now it actually seems likely.

I'm thinking if the Glue doesn't hold, I'll look for something creative to use as a zipper pull.

Something like... maybe one of those tamper-proof seals they use on transport trucks that need to go through customs.

I got some heavy-duty Super Glue and reattached the pull. I filled the plastic part with glue and re-attached it. There's lots of surface-area for the glue to hold onto... but now I'm basically just pulling on glue when I zip up my bag.

Fingers cross that it holds a little longer. I love this bag, but having a missing pull on the main compartment is a little bit maddening.

I have a Thule laptop backpack that has gone everywhere with me for over 2 years. I took my time in choosing it and I think I chose well.. it has endured my abuses very well.

Except for one tiny detail. The zipper pull broke on me about a month ago. They're actually built really sturdy, except that - for the sake of vanity - the pull has the brand name THULE cut out of the metal tab. This left only a little metal holding on each side, and this is where it broke.

Unbroken pull pictured.

Ugh, typo. Size. I'm sure you know what I meant.

Umm... WTF?

My normal package maintenance routine for homebrew is:

brew update && brew upgrade && brewcleanup

Couldn't complete the upgrade this time because multiple versions of llvm, which were already big... all installed upgrades that doubled in side from the last versions.

My daughter’s reading is definitely improving with the more challenging books.

To now, she had settled with the early learning readers and refused to take on the challenge of something harder. There’s only so many times she could read the easy stuff before she stopped getting anything out of them.

But she has a tendency to look at the page and then shut down before she even starts. The little readers are still a good ice breaker for those moments.

Of all the languages I’ve learned so far, almost none of them have as awesome a story for testing as Go. There’s usually too much tooling and library setup to figure out. Building testing into the same CLI you use to invoke the compiler is very handy.

I’m getting used to it, but I’m not sure that it’s my cup of tea. I like C#, love JavaScript, and was pleasantly surprised by Python. Ruby up to this point has been a slog to learn, but I think I’m getting the hang of it.

I’ve always avoided ruby because my first exposure to it was DSLs like Vagrantfiles.

I’ve always felt that the syntax hides too much. The main culprits being optional brackets on calls. “Is it a method or a property?” I guess you can argue that it doesn’t matter, but I don’t consider it to be more expressive to hide such details.

The other blocker I’ve recently come to grips with is blocks and procs. They syntax was just super bizarre compared to other languages I’ve used.

For obvious reasons, to be Canadian and to say 'I'm English' or 'I'm French's when talking about which language you speak just would not wash. Which may explain my attachment to 'anglophone' and 'francophone' and why it matters less for people whose language is their nationality.

It was great teaching my daughter to play with Scratch... but helping her read her first chapter book is even more amazing. She’s reading “Owl Diaries: Eva Sees a Ghost”. 🦉👻📚

I’m super excited to help my daughter get over a little hump in her reading practice. She was freezing up and refusing to try at the slightest challenge. She’s reading with me every night for the last few and making so much progress!

I got my daughter a box of about 500 Lego pieces for her birthday. We were sitting around building stuff, and the sound of digging through the box looking for pieces took me right back to my own childhood.

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