After 7 years I finally replaced the terrible Clickpad of my trusty old Lenovo L440 with a decent touchpad with buttons. They should have sold them like that.

@nause_marc Ah, the years when Lenovo wanted to "innovate". Good thing they're over 😉 But I'm still not happy with the development of Thinkpads over the last years. That's why I switched to an Elitebook earlier this year. So far, I haven't regretted it 😎

@lhinderberger I hope that my laptop will last at least another 3 years. I ordered the fastest CPU which was available for it (i7 4600M) and the maximum amount of ram (16GB) and it still is sufficient for my needs today. I am not sure what to buy once I need a new laptop.

@nause_marc Yep, if you don't need USB-C docking it would probably still be sufficient to use a laptop from 2012 (Sandy Bridge onwards, unless you want to use Windows 11 😂) for web browsing, office and even some light development. I decided to buy a new Laptop mainly due to the possibility of USB-C docking, the availability of a mobile octacore and thus the chance to replace my desktop+laptop setup with a laptop only.

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