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Jehovah's Witnesses: *knocks on door*

Me: *open the door*

Jehovah's Witnesses: Good morning, we've updated our Privacy Policy.

I think Linux and Windows don't handle HDD shutdown the same way.

Windows seems to make a shutdown call while Linux just powers down everything. I don't know which method is safer.

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Ce que tu vas faire, c’est que tu vas te déguiser.

I tried to make a cover art, based on a photo made by Joel Filipe (unsplash.com/photos/xJYKOzNpLa)

Daft Punk's Discovery fan cover art


I really like Too Long, Nightvision, Something About Us and Face to Face

Yesterday I woke up sucking a 🍋

C'est assez déprimant le VU de France TV en vrai

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I like the name of maps in Counter-Strike, like de_dust, de_inferno, de_spacito

If Team Fortress 2 is so great, why isn't there Team Fortress 2 2

For a minute there, I lost myself

Remember when UK people were singing "Oh Jeremy Corbyn" to the tune of Seven Nation Army?

Il faudrait qu'on soit rémunéré à chaque vidéo regardée. Certains seraient rapidement riches.

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Collecting vinyl records while not owning a record player is gay

Google Chrome ne quitte pas le métro, il libère la RAM

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i could write a better script with my eyes closed

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