Migration from my old account at @mgdelacroix has been quite easy and painless... just made a follows and blocks exports, imported them in my #pleroma account, set up the profile redirection... and done 😄

Need to add more emojis to my instance tho...

open source software development advice 

If you do a thing in an open source project, and you have a hard time doing it because it's not documented, after you finish doing the thing... document it. If the project has a wiki, put it in the wiki. If it has a docs repo you can write to, put it there. Or at least blog about it so search engines can index it.

Please don't leave the solution to languish in a chat log somewhere.

I'm absolutely amazed by how awesome @sir 's projects like sourcehut.org and aerc-mail.org are. If you don't know about them, they are well worth checking out, same as his blog at drewdevault.com (have already several articles saved to read later)

Maybe making a guinness cake in the oven when is 30-something degrees outside was not a great idea

Here's a blog post about blogging with links to other people's blogs with blog posts (not about blogging). Should I tag this with #blogging? 🙃

I ❤️ notmuch. I don't know why I didn't set it up again, made the whole process very easy for myself with org and such back when I configured it the first time, it was a breeze to configure it back.

Everything perfectly sorted, reading and sending from emacs, all plain text... is just 💗

It has been 2.5 amazing years in the UK. Pretty excited about what comes next

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Just landed in Spain, with no plans to take any other flight in some time

You don't realise you're moving from a country until you cancel your Prime membership...

"Go out, take care of yourself and others, away from the screen. And then come back and publish your own stuff on your own site."

Very inspired by this "Take back your web" talk, about the building blocks of the


Finished Katana Zero and Celeste this last week. Beautiful pixelart 2D games are my weakness

Spending a lot of time with lately, couldn't be enjoying it more 😄

I was finishing a pull request when suddently I focused on the last notes of the ongoing song and I thought: "I'd love to listen to some Lifeformed right now...". Seconds later, bam, Cider Time.

I love when randomness hits the spot 😄

The best, deepest, dialogues they ever had on Star Trek: Voyager.

Janeway: Let me ask you something. If you were something other than a human being, if you were a different kind of animal... If you were a small bird, a sparrow - what would your world be like?

da Vinci: I should make my home in a tree, in the branch of an elm. I should hunt insects for food, straw for my nest, and in the springtime, I should sing for a companion.

Janeway: And you would know nothing of the politics of Florence - the cutting of marble or mathematics.

da Vinci: Of course not.

Janeway: But why not?

da Vinci: My mind would be too small.

Janeway: As a sparrow, your mind would be too small, even with the best of teachers?

da Vinci: If Aristotle himself were to perch on my branch and lecture till he... fell off from exhaustion - still the limits of my mind would prevent me from understanding.

Janeway: And as a man, can you accept that there may be certain realities beyond the limits of your comprehension?

da Vinci: If I could not accept that... then I would be a fool.

Trying to get used to get up at 5:30 in the morning

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