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MECFS petition to Austrian parliament - anyone can sign 

This Austrian petition is for more recognition, medical care and protection for #MECFS sufferers, and is now also is available in English.

This needs 18, 000 signatures from Austrians and as many as we can get from around the world. Please sign and share!

11 days left to sign.

English version:



Check top right on website to see full list of languages available.

@MECFS @ChronicIllness

Before you ask:
Yes, I did manage to figure it out *before* picking up my phone.

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The new NICE #MECFS guidelines HAVE been published!!!

This is just the beginning. Now we need the research!* But what a relief to have finally got to this point.


*Other countries have been doing research but the UK has been massively held back by the old guidelines from 2007 that basically said ME was psychological.

Last weekend: made 10 kg of apple sauce.
This weekend: 50 apples worth of apple pie.

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I'm gonna keep posting this until one of you fucking boosts it

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The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy was published 42 years ago today.

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MECFS/Fibro - Health Rising info 

Not sure how many people know about Health Rising, so sharing just in case you don't...

It's a website that publishes lots of overview of research being done on both #MECFS and #Fibromyalgia. It can get a bit technical/scienc-y at times, but they always include a box with 'the gist' to give you an overview.

It's where I learned about Heart Rate Monitors for pacing, and Thiamine for fatigue etc.

This is the website and I recommend signing up to get the regular emails on the latest research etc.

@MECFS @ChronicIllness

To all northern hemisphere temperate zone out there:
Happy mulching month!

Let's cover up those beds and get ready for winter :-)

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Ok so yesterday I decided to start sending e-mails to every website I visit that doesn't comply with #GDPR when using #GoogleAnalytics etc. (things like: "by using this website you agree to...")

And the first one I contacted replied today to tell me it's fixed now 😁 They ended up removing Google Analytics all together.

You should try this too! 😄

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Dagens ämne: brott & straff. Det dryftas i senast Filosofiska rummet i P1.
I en tid då politiker tävlar om att föreslå skarpast straffskärpningar, kan det vara vettigt att tänka på vad straffets syfte är, och vilket stöd det finns för att straffskärpningar leder till färre brott.
En av deltagarna, Torbjörn Tännsjö, medverkade 2018 i SVT:s serie Idévärlden. Inledningen till det avsnittet kan ses på Youtube:

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Vill du bidra till att Sverige får ordentliga e-legitimationer som alternativ till #BankID och #FrejaID? Missade du förra veckans projektmöte 15/9?

Läs mer om det nystartade projektet här:

#FrejaEID #eID #EIDAS #mydata #eleg #elegitimation

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As some may know, I work on historical climate data. Quite often we have to hide the work we do in bigger proposals that solve some practical problems. (I also got funding from general programs.)

So I am really happy that Belgium has a program where the aim is to get the foundation right, rather than to produce something that can be published in Nature.

Only Belgian federal institutions can apply, but I am posting hoping more countries will follow.

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Got this ridiculous notice from a web page earlier today.

It's like something from Kafka's Der Prozess. If Josef K. had a computer, I bet it would have shown him messages like this. 🙂

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MS onedrive gives such a professional impression in Swedish.

When you copy a file, "kopiera" is appended to the file name (the verb "copy"), whereas it should be "kopia" (the noun "copy").

Probably the work of Bing translator (which I didn't know was a thing until I googled it 5 sec ago)

Nice proofing there microsoft...

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