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Found another mega-sentence last night and almost laughed out loud at the end of it. Hashtag getting-meta-in-here.

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Very surprised = OMG
Little bit surprised = omg
Barely surprised = oฮผg
Not surprised at all = 0mg

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@Truckdriver2 It's a partial protection, and works both ways. Your mask captures the aerosol you emit when you speak or cough. Wearing it is an altruistic gesture for protecting others, so please do it.

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Mindfulness does not cure #MECFS.

Meditation does not cure MECFS.

Pacing does not cure MECFS.

They might, give you a brief moment of quiet, at best. But they don't do a damn thing to help the unending exhaustion to your very soul, the constant pain, the crashes you experience just because you wanted to cook dinner to give your partner a night off for a change.

They make ableds feel better, not us.

#ChronicIllness #Disability

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I wrote a text game.
You can play episode 1 of YOU ARE A GOD right here:

Hint: Try playing the story a couple of times and make different choices.

(I wrote this a couple of years ago, so maybe you already know this, but I thought it was about time to link to it again)

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At the height of Covid-19 pandemic, authorities evicted Kenyans from their Kariobangi homes and later demolished. This is way of creating more street families and spreading Covid-19 pandemic more details

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Someone said "is that still a thing?" when I announced I was on Mastodon. Is it?
Boost this so we actually get a few votes maybe? How far can it go?

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Concentrations of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere will NOT decrease this year as a result of #COVID19 lockdown because of long life time of CO2, WMO tells @GENetwork event

[:tw: โ€” #bot]

Bad mood: someone was in my garden last night. They trampled a tomato plant, tipped over a tray of basil plants and broke off two sunflowers that just started flowering.

Why would someone go through the trouble... ๐Ÿ’”๐Ÿ˜ฅ

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#2324 "Old Days 2" 

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Front garden: Spring 2020 overview, in pictures

Lots of pics on the blog. The photos posted here are the before (when we moved in, Nov 2017) and May 2020, to give you an idea of how it's changed.

#Gardening #Plants #GardeningWithME #mecfs @plants

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So... We have one of those easy to assemble but not so easy take apart cabinets from [big brand furniture store].
We wanted to move it downstairs...
It was to big to get it down in one piece, and of course, the last three pieces are attached with a hidden click-lock. On their own they're very unstable.
It took us the better part of the weekend (the planning and preparing, not the carrying) but we finally got it downstairs without breaking anything (!)

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I've made a game - do you wanna try it?
My game, The Cursed One, is currently in beta test, and I need beta testers to play it online and file in bug reports from a form.
The first bugs have already been fixed, but I want as many testers as possible :D
The Cursed One - Part 1, is a short, fun game with a mix of turn based combat (like Pokรฉmon), talking to NPC's and solving puzzles.

Check it out (there's even a trailer!):


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"And for Canada, the latest results are terrible. The new data show that in 2018, our annual emissions rose yet again. This time, by a depressingly large 15 million tonnes of CO2 (MtCO2). As my chart below shows, we are now emitting 729 MtCO2 per year โ€” our highest level in more than a decade."

#climatechange #climatecrisis #ClimateStrikeOnline #xr #fridaysforfuture #divest

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Found this gooseberry bush trying to grow around the concrete base of a fence pole. Managed to dig it out with some of its roots. I then gave it a serious pruning and transplanted it in better soil. I worried for about a week that it would die but it seems to be doing fine :-)

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