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(person who owns a car voice): despite traffic law being perhaps the only area of law expressly devised to safeguard human life rather than to protect the sanctity of private property, i'm just quickly gonna break it for a moment here, because it's more convenient for me

Just found out about a site which tests your browser's protection against non-consensual Web tracking.

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Well that's worrying.

Due to the short-sightedness of the consortium back in 2009, pretty much every phone on the planet is vulnerable to this hack. I'm sure people like the NSA and ASIO/ASIS/DSD must have been having a field day.

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I used to use copperhead os on my nexus 6p, so grateful to Daniel Micay for his work. Now running grapheneOS on my pixel 2. Up until now was running it stock with no google account signed in getting apps from f-droid and using yalp store to scrape apks for needed apps. So far so good. Perfectly stable. Also found an alternative to yalp store called Aurora Store. If you have a supported phone or are able to contribute check it out.


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#2200 "Unreachable State" 

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New #climate #model for the #IPCC

There's a particular reason why the AWI has now become involved: the experts have employed a new and, to date, little-used method to model the climate—a so-called "unstructured grid", which in terms of climate research amounts to a mini revolution. This allows the individual grid elements to be scaled down—to roughly ten kilometres—for certain selected regions.

#ClimateScience #modelling

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Then it should provide you with local specific instructions for setting those hidden program settings which you need to access anyway when washing those more problematic clothes...

Then (to make it useful with those fancy modern washing machines with all the special programs) it should also be able to scan or otherwise take into account the available washing programs.

Moment of clarity: someone should make an app which scans washing tags and provides a list of instructions...

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Don't you hate it when *this* happens?

"Fidel Castro's crocodile bites man at Swedish aquarium

A man has been hospitalised after he was bitten by a crocodile that once belonged to Cuban leader Fidel Castro.

The man, in his 70s, had been attending a crayfish party at the Skansen Aquarium in Stockholm on Tuesday.

According to police, the man had his "arm on the wrong side of the security glass" when he was bitten."

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Final try before it ends up in the trash:
1) paint over the address sticker with permanent marker
2) cover any suspicious barcodes (permanent marker again)
3) cover the remaining white space on the front of the letter with a long but polite message, asking the postal service to return the letter to the sender.

Hopefully this will confuse the robots enough for this letter to require the attention of an actual human :-)

I keep getting the same letters addressed to a former resident.

The first time I simply crossed over the address. The postal service simply put a new address sticker over my changes and sent it back to me.

The second time i added a note saying the addressee has moved and crossed out the address. Fast forward three days and the letter of back in my mailbox, a new address sticker on top of the old one (!)

Heading out to the local annual wool market (mainly an excuse to visit the beautiful community garden in the same village).

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@amolith Please add me to Gardening, Geology, Mathematics, Meteorology, Physics, Sweden.

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