2678. Wing Lift 

title text: Once the air from the top passes below the plane of the wing and catches sight of the spooky skulls, it panics, which is the cause of turbulent vortices.


Dagens citat från barnens skola:
"I anslutning till arbetet i barnens matteböcker kollade vi på miniräknarna som bjöd på riktigt skrattfest då dom hittade bajs i olika storlekar."

eating half a pie to turn my sinus infection into a cosinus infection

Trains are canceled again (third time this week). At least it's the morning train this time, so I'm not stuck at work.

VERY good news!!!
The European Parliament today has voted with great majority (453-57, 123 abstentions) for tough and comprehensive new anti-deforestation laws in important EU product chains. Now the Commission most not waffle! Press release:

#Artemis1 launch is a scrub today. The leak in the hydrogen tank will get fixed. These are complex beats, and this rocket is all new to NASA (even if some parts are legacy). It's worth the time to get this test flight right. bbc.co.uk/news/science-environ #Artemis

The first search engine which figures out how to ignore machine-generated nonsense farms will be as transformative as Google was in the early days vs Alta Vista and Yahoo and whatever. Seriously: would you like to be Google-founder rich? Solve this.

This Is the Data Facebook Gave Police to Prosecute a Teenager for Abortion vice.com/en/article/n7zevd/thi

Cancel it. Delete your account. Help your friends delete theirs. Abandon that dumpster fire.

I probably should have followed the simple/newbie YouTuber's advice and glued the wedge in place rather than the super hardcore axe enthusiast YouTuber who hates glue...

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Reshafted my hoe. I've never done this before, I hope it holds together.

Ordering a new shaft for my gardening hoe... from Germany. Because, apparently, no one uses hand tools anymore. (except Germans?)

Hit a bit of a snag. Broke my best tool for hacking through the mud...

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Last summer I almost dug off a live 400 V cable in my backyard as I was planting some chili plants. One of my projects this summer is fixing that stupid lazy ass ****-job. I'm digging the new trench by hand for some wierd reason. The old cable runs 5-10 cm below my lawn(!), it's a little bit deeper in the picture because there used to be a raised bed there.

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