My parcel had arrived after three weeks of aimlessly bouncing around the postal service !! 🤓

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I didn't realize that youtube had a large selection of karaoke songs but now I know and we've been singing in the living room all evening. What's Up?, Country Roads, and Jump have been my favorite.

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I didn't realize you can cut ahead in line that much. I mean, I know that you can usually bypass bots by swearing and acting mad (or simply stating that you want to talk to human) but leaping ahead of over 200 people who are politely waiting for their turn?!

I will be definitely be "mad as hell" if I ever call them again.

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Today's pro-tip: Always remember to yell at phone bots

I had to call the postal service again about the parcel that's been bouncing back and for between terminals for a two weeks. I explained my problem to a bot while sounding a little bit annoyed

I ended up as number 50 in line. But the connection dropped and I had to call again. This time (on the train) I was more calm. My place in line? 230.

When I got off he train I tried again. I went all in, yelling and cursing. My place in line: 3.

Adventures with the postal service 

Part 12!!

The time was 15:45 today. My phone suddenly notified me, that my parcel had arrived at the service point.... The wrong service point...
This was the third time.

I called them (again).
They decided to send it back to the sorting terminal (again).
I asked if the old barcode was visible (again).
They said yes (again).
I asked them to cover it somehow (again).
They said they'd do that (again).

Will this ever end?

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Ever wondered how a seed cleaning machine works and where to get one? You can DIY one yourself with the #OpenSource #Seed #Cleaning #Machine Design by The Real Seed Collection:

But Open Soure not only empowers people, it also creates resilient communities. Don't miss to check out the nice acknowledgements & reproductions around the world towards the bottom of the page <3

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Guys, with a new garden year soon beginning I was wondering:

Do you guys think Mastodon would enjoy to see some selfsustainable gardening content? I'm thinking about making an account where I post my progress :)
#selfsustaining #selfsustainable #permaculture #growyourfood

Finally got my oven plugged in and cleaned. Celebrated by baking a frozen pizza and making popcorn.
(Still missing a dishwasher and a kitchen sink)

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TIL that Communism started when a Twitter account got banned.

Adventures with the postal service 

Part 11

The phone gets handed over to a new person. I explain the whole story one more time. She comes up with a clever plan:

She will call the postal service for me, thereby avoiding the crazy waiting times that normal people have to deal with.
She will personally make sure that the parcel is properly tagged before hanging up. She will also make sure that the parcel leaves [wrong service point] before the end of the day.

And THAT is where we are today!

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Adventures with the postal service 

Part 10

I explain what had happened and ask them take a look at my parcel.
After a few minutes the problem is located. The barcode from the old shipping tag is not completely covered.

Now we run into the next problem.
Apparently, the mail handling system will not accept the parcel being returned to sorting, unless the postal service tags the parcel as "wrongly sorted", which they apparently didn't do when I called them 3 days ago.

(Are we there yet?)

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Adventures with the postal service 

Part 9

Getting a bit nervous about being redirected to the manager, I quickly hang up and review my choices. I call two more times at full volume, trying to decipher options 3 and 8.

I finally give up and decide to go for option 8.

Z: Hi this is "grocery store", I'm Z. How can I help you?
M: I'm trying to reach [wrong service point]...(?)
Z: I believe you've reached the right place

*Deep sigh of relief*


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Adventures with the postal service 

Part 8

After 5 min of hoping that the postal service has a callback function, I give up and hang up.

I have one more idea.
One last resort to solve the issue.
I call the service point.

The service point is a big grocery store.
I call them, and a robot answers:

R: Which department are you trying to reach? Press 1 for meat, 2 for veggies, 3 for mrnrhrnhrm, 4 for checkouts, 5 for exotics(?), 6 for cheese, 7 for open hours, 8 for giosh(?) or wait for manager

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Adventures with the postal service 

Part 7

The day following part 6 consist of regular updates of the shipment tracking page. After three days, it is now obvious that something had gone wrong. The parcel is still at [wrong service point] and my inbox is filling up with reminders about picking up my parcel before it is returned to the sender.

I do the one thing that I know how to do. I call customer support at the postal service.

... There are 114 calls ahead of me...

Surely, part 8 is the end?

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Adventures with the postal service 

These are the incredible (retroactive) updates from Day 6:
(Brace yourselves!)

Day 1: New destination requested.
Day 2: Arrived at sorting center
Day 3: In transit
Day 4: Arrived at [wrong service point]
Day 5: Recipient notified

Needless to say, I decided to call the postal service again.

They add a "wrongly sorted" tag to the parcel and ask me to keep track of any changes for 2-3 days.

(Is the final delivery imminent? Stay tuned for part 7!)

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Adventures with the postal service 

Part 5

Five days have passed since my call to customer support. Until this day the status of my parcel has updated as follows:

Day 1: Arrived at [wrong service point]
Day 2: ...
Day 3: ...
Day 4: ...
Day 5: ...

Later, on Day 6, the tracking app starts making several bursts of noises and throws out a bunch of retroactive updates.

What are these new status updates about? Has the parcel been properly redirected!? Stay tuned for part 6!!

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Adventures with the postal service 

Part 4

Y: Hi, this is Y at "computer store" how can I help you with your delivery?
M: My parcel is heading to the wrong address. I guess I could go there and pick it up, but you know, pandemic and all that...
Y: Oh, do you have an order number
M: Reads order no.
Y: I see, this on it's way to [wrong address], where is our supposed to go?
M: [Right address]
Y: I can request a new destination. They will redirect it once it reaches [wrong service point].


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Adventures with the postal service 

Part 3

I finally reach a human being:

X: Hi, this is X at "computer store", how can I help you?
M: My order is on it's way to the wind address and I'd like to fix that.
X: Oh, you've reached "orders", I can't fix that from here. Let me redirect you to "delivery". Personal or buisnesses?
M: personal
X: Oh, this is buisnesses. No worries, I'm redirecting you now.

55 min passes

(Will the parcel redirected in time? Stay tuned for part 4!)

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Adventures with the postal service 

(part 2)

I called the computer store and which had one of these robots trying to direct my call. This specific robot was very sure of itself and didn't think it was necessary to repeat back to me anything I told it. The conversation went like this:

R: welcome to "computer store" are you calling as person or a company?
M: person
R: Is your question about... (Bla bla bla)
M: Delivery
R: One moment please...

(15 min passes)

Thrilling! Stay tuned for part 3

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