I have a Star Labs Star Lite laptop (runs Linux) that I’d like to give away to an open source developer. Please let me know if you are interested, or nominate someone. Thanks!

It’s “unsubscribe” day. Thanks to all these brands for reminding me.

And I cropped out the coffee mug, but it is there.

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Took one LoRa radio with a battery out while one stayed at home on a USB wall wart. Something went wrong with the one at home, since I can’t see it from down the block.

I’m also looking more at esp32forth.appspot.com/ESP32fo but no promises that I can recreate the LoRa code and disaster.radio and/or meshtastic protocols on top of Forth.

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I’m also planning to try these for “marine” applications — with a larger antenna, on a small sailboat. They aren’t terribly long ranges, but should do better on open water. (LoRa says it can do “more than 10km.”)

These aren’t suited for saltwater spray being exposed devboards. I’ll work on a waterproof case with an antenna connector pass-through.

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@requiem I suppose we’ll have to string a line of solar-powered nodes between our abodes, so that we can chat in an impractical fashion.

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These work across the house, but of course I’m talking to myself so it isn’t very exciting yet.

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Found a local boat builder fellow, introduced myself asked about the boat I was thinking of building. Turns out he volunteers at a local youth program that builds boats and they had one. Showed me what it looked like as a CNC cut kit with a similar boat being built. Very cool, and now I’m very excited about starting to build a boat. I would like to volunteer there, eventually.

As an example, here’s a small sailboat that has been converted for rowing and solar electric drive: forum.woodenboat.com/showthrea

(It is a John Welsford-designed 16’ Walkabout which is a very nice little open cockpit sailboat. jwboatdesigns.co.nz/plans/walk )

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Thinking about small (15-20’) sailboats with solar electric motor drives today. Demands for such motors for small fishing boats and general improvements in EV tech mean that electric drive for this size boat might be fairly practical, provided you aren’t motoring for hours as the primary locomotion.

“Life is about experiences, it’s not about having something that impresses someone else” — quote from youtu.be/NbPgP6wIF44 about dinghy sailing in the UK and France, also referenced in mastodon.xyz/@mathiasx/1071700

YouTube’s ad algorithm doesn’t quite know what to do about all the sailboat related videos I’ve watched recently. The ads keep coming for jetski’s and bass fishing — because Americans apparently can’t enjoy water unless it is powered by oversized internal combustion engines and by slaughtering wildlife. Gross.

Overcast, windy days like this make me wish we had a little wind turbine making electricity on every house.

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