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It's such a great feeling to be able to get off and host the content that I've spent myself, thanks to .

Probably my most detailed has to do with the basic necessities of structuring a :

@GBCDude Alternative media was an organic creation of a free internet. Many of them now are supported by millions of dollars from legacy corporations (like because it's becoming increasingly difficult for for entities like CNN to compete on a level playing field. Alternative media doesn't really work unless people are free to share and discuss the things they are reading about.

Notice that in the last few years comment sections are disappearing and social media is becoming more monolithic as far as opinion.

It's all about maintaining control of the narrative because of a combination of business interests and the need to remain absolute authorities on the truth.

IMPORTANT: Call for Participation in protocol Community Group:

To standardize the Zot currently used in and Zap, and to push its adoption for social web

Happy #Birthday #Openstreetmap #OSM 🎉

You have been making the World, build by a Community for the past 15 years


look you wanna be elite, you gotta do a righteous hack. none of this accidental shit.

six assassins having a awkward moment when they all arrive at epsteins jailcell at the same time and have to draw straws to see who gets to kill him

USpol, Epstein's death 

Having Pillars of Eternity in handheld on the is seriously addictive. Loving it!

**Firearm violence expert says the ‘good guy with a gun’ myth is a ‘collective adolescent fantasy’**

"Speaking with PBS Newshour this week, firearm safety expert Dr. Garen Wintemute of UC Davis Medical Center offered a firm rebuttal to the claim — often repeated by defenders of gun…"

#news #bot

In neuroscience, brain states are sometimes modeled using "attractor networks," a type of network that settles into a stable pattern without any external input. If such networks are present in the brain, it implies that neurons can fire in stable, sustained patterns in the absence of any new memories or sensory input. The brain could indefinitely maintain a specific firing pattern without any external stabilization of the pattern as long as there's a steady source of fuel and oxygen.

The free open pro painting software #Krita has a PeerTube channel which has just become active :blobaww:

You can follow Krita's official PeerTube at:


You can follow their official Mastodon account at:


You can download Krita from their official website, it's available for Windows, Mac and Linux:

(NOTE: PeerTube is part of the Fediverse, so you can follow its channels and comment on its videos from Mastodon etc. 👍 )


the 3 types of indie game:
- castlevania but not
- earthbound but not
- sexy visual novel made in unity

“The realization of art means that one cannot realize oneself in a “work,” but rather realizes oneself, period.”

'Journey' from thatgamecompany just had a surprise launch on the App Store from Annapurna Interactive bringing the PlayStation classic to iOS

Institutionalised learning is horrible. They call it learning but it's more like cramming for tests. No curiosity is developed. The teacher doesn't wanna be there. The pupils don't want to be there. For a person with a genuine love and curiosity for the arts and sciences, it's soul-crushing.

Pathfinder; oppressing atheists lol 

if your album isn’t nearly two hours it’s not art

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