Someone in the mainstream has reached a conclusion so obvious to all of those already here: That the only way to really protect your data in today's age of harvesting, is to just join the already:

I am working on a way to reorder timelines. My goal :
- Allow : Tags, lists, followed instances
- Allow to reorder or hide them
- Avoid the horizontal scrolling with three dots and a vertical list with icons.

I just published a long, rambling on recollection and memory from a 's perespective anew, using Plume's new editor to make that big chunk of text more pleasing on the eyes, and easier to digest in strides with small paragraphs.

The takes there are subjective, so it's nothing definitive, but I do cite a few studies you may be interested in out of curiosity:

✨Once upon a time there was a good witch who retrieved secret treasure from a wicked advisor.
Things looked bleak, but in the end she succeeded, thus bringing relief to the forest.✨

From Peterson's explanations, it seems like capitalists're the managers who don't want to do any actual work. So his definition of a capitalist's a manager who does ''abstract work''. But communism was never about limiting oneself to manual labour, as he admits: ''the aim of utopia should be to persue creative persuits...
Then he launches into an argument that ''creative utopia isn't good because creativity may not suit everyone''.

But it should suit everyone to work a 9-5 draining job instead?

zizek vs peterson the match you've never been asking for. watch the man who has been right about like 2 thingsand has had a permanent cold since Yugoslavia fell against the man who has been right about nothing and is on the brink of dying from his all red-meat diet

seems to suggest that Marx wanted the communist society to produce an excess of goods, and he makes an argument that capitalism already produces excess of goods, so what's Marx on about?

Is this what passes for intellectualism in 2019? Well...

Yes, produces excesses. Which destroy the environment, lives and rights.

But wanted to produce and distribute just as much as necessary for everyone. Not to produce an excess. But to produce and give out enough for everyone.

Amazing how authoritarians give themselves away by how they never explain anything of real importance.

#Eunomia says ratings will be given based on their link to "known trusted sources", but they don't mention what those sources are, let alone who trusts them and why. (1/2)

Check out what other projects the lead research grand poobah Su Anson ( has been involved with besides #eunomia, such as #INSPEC2T

"Improved early warning and identification of public safety and security risks."

LMAO an actual spy grid!

INSPEC2T – Inspiring CitizeNS Participation for Enhanced Community PoliCing AcTions
Hello! I opened a topic about moderation tools for #Plume on Loomio.

If you have some experience in moderating online communities (or even if you don't) your help or feedback would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

(boosts appreciated)

Blockchain? Psh, back in my day a blockchain was a weird necklace that some of the artsy/hippie types from my high school would make that had their name or some weird cutesy thing on it.

New Plume Alpha

After a few months without publishing about Plume, we are pleased to announce that a new alpha version has been released today.

Assange and WikiLeaks: A view from Kenya
"...this will endanger every other journalistic enterprise that publishes accurate but embarrassing information that governments would wish to keep secret."

The Book of the New Sun was a very emotive and atmospheric read for me, with a lot of lyricism and mystery if a somewhat dragged plot, but definitely unique, and although in the future, it had the aura of ages long past unlike anything else I've .

His Long Sun cycle was in a more direct tone, a chaotic world, but the amount of chatacters, their concealed intentions and interactions was something of a precursor to with more intellect to it I thought.

@jalcine I suggested it to #Plume and one of the maintainers worked with me to add it a few months ago. And I contributed some basic support to #Prismo. The Prismo lead dev was also very receptive to my feature request for #webmentions.

Layering some #IndieWeb tech onto the #fediverse will be huge. Every time I see you posting about IndieWeb stuff, it reminds me to check out the smaller fediverse projects and make a few requests or contributions.

So if journalists are not supposed to report on what was secret and concealed, if the role of journalists should not be to reveal information, what the f*** f****k is the official governemnt position that the role of should be?

I mean, where is there even a story worthy of being written about by journalists, if it was not originally secret, or concealed?

This is a basic logical fallacy really.


I don’t kno JA as a person, plus pretty much the entire time I’ve been aware of him & WL he’s basically been in solitary confinement. Regardless of JA himself, Wikileaks has been an invaluable tool and what was revealed in the Iraq documents and Apache helicopter shooting finally shed real light on the actual sadism of our foreign policy. I’m sorry if that’s inconvenient, but shits complicated.

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