The Colt 1911 is a disturbing reminder of the relationship between ideology and the material world. It exists as a direct response to problems the USA military had with wiping out and conquering indigenous peoples in the Philippines.

Open slots in Threema’s beta program for iOS 🔎 If you don’t mind bugs and are willing to report any issues you encounter when testing new features, join the beta program of Threema’s iOS app: (Slots are limited.)

Hey Rustaceans, I need your help! Have you ever wanted to clone an io::Error? Have you, like me, been very annoyed that you can't? Please let me know so I have more examples for a potential RFC.

So many self-hosted platforms still don't have a dark mode for their editor it's embarassing: neither , nor Ghost offer dark mode with a white font in this day and age. It really gives them the air of a previous, bygone era.

@gitea needs your help to implement #ActivityPub 🙏

Browse the task list maintained by @ta180m at, pick one and help #Gitea move towards #federation. If you are not sure how to help, just reply and someone in the @forgefriends community will guide you.

🚀 boost appreciated!

Hey everybody, I'm in the process of starting the data collection part of my thesis on Why people are Joining Mastodon. I'm looking for people who would be interested in participating in an interview to share their experiences about their time on the platform. If you want to
participate or have any advice (which I really appreciate) please dm me. Thank you all very much!

► Crypto-Anarchist Warning :

(We warned you so many times, but you did not listen, ass holes)

A new study has shown for the first time that the Bluetooth signals constantly emitted by our smartphones have a unique fingerprint that can be used to fingerprint and track individuals' movements.


Those interested in operating systems may be keen on this powered operating system for called MuditaOS. It has an optimized low-refresh rate and is based on .

I started to write an app for my #pinephone that can display video streams from the internet in the app, or if you like, via chromecast.

Very early days yet, but check it out if you want.

#postmarketos #mobian #pine64

There are two kinds of downstreams. When they see upstream struggling to finish a big project in time for release, one of them helps out to get it over the line, the other prepares to hold back packages.

Guess which one we need more of 🙃️

This is really a great initiative. is so much needed, but it is for that reason made expensive by .

If an alternative, open way of producing insulin doses could be found, many lives across the world'd be saved in a direct, tangible way.

think every time i'm forced to think about the pope, who has no effect on my life whatsoever, the pope should have to think about me for the same amount of time

is the of the capitalist class - Ben Norton @thegrayzone and thus a rule of the majority, by the minority.

Identity Providers are basically recording your login and sharing this information with other pages. Here GMX sends your login ID "tpid" to Adition which shares its own cookie with several ad tech companies using a classic cookie matching. In this case only with your consent.

Other Publishers like Spiegel Online, BILD and SPORT1 track households based on the IP address (also with consent).

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👀 … if just 1,000 people renew/become a new Sustainer (at the very reasonable level of just $120/year), we meet the match target — that will instantly double all your donations!

If you didn't donate yet this season ,help us bring #Vizio and other #GPL violators to #copyleft compliance, and support #FOSS projects as well!

Western Digital drives seem to require Windows to update firmware. Even though they could provide transparent updates via

I've learned some of mine have dangerous firmware bugs.

I've posted on WD forums and filed a support ticket for this.

Maybe if enough people are a PITA about this to them, they'll finally do something about it.

I wonder what datacenters do...

#WesternDigital #HDD #DataStorage #Firmware #Linux

⚠️ Important news

There's a new @fdroidorg app called #AirGuard protecting you from being tracked by AirTags.

It scans your surroundings for devices that someone might have put into your pocket to track you via #Apple's #FindMy surveillance network and alerts you if a device is following you.

Download it here: 🔗

"The concept of "carbon footprint" was coined by an advertising firm working for British Petroleum to shift the focus for climate action onto individuals."

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