Looking at what ppl are saying about Mastodon on Birdsite (PSA: not recommended!) reminds me that - even with the excitement of the influx this week - we don't need to get too caught up in 'converting' as many ppl from there as possible. The fediverse is actually better off without some of them - those who react by mocking & belittling. Instead of being like Pied Piper leading as many as we can, we can be like Morpheus offering Red & Blue pills; some will choose to stay put & that's OK.



Imo Mastodon is already "good enough" in its early form to satisfy several niche needs (people wanting more or less or different moderation, people wanting no ads, people wanting clients that are free to innovate, people wanting to own and/or host their own content etc). As it has a sustainable patronage model, it can build up over time and be able to keep innovating. It's not like a startup cloned and had a 12 month runway to go big or go home.

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