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I wrote a book. Please buy it. 


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Apps like Pocket and other blogs understood that users want to read the content. So when users start scrolling down to READ the content they hide the sticky header. When user scrolls top, they predict that user might want something else and display the bar again. Nice experience.
Navigation, especially on sites and apps that focus on content reading should be like a good friend: around to help when you need them but don't want them to be around 24/7 ^^

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>Ever wonder why your phone needs 30 to 60 seconds to boot?


My calculator has a CPU which is literally 4,000 times worse than my phone's CPU and it boots to an interactive graphical user session on a fully preemptive multitasking Unix system before you can even take your finger off of the "ON" button

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devs, do you like to add columns to your tables without making your users endure hours of downtime? I just released GhostMigration, a Ruby ActiveRecord tool to help with that github.com/playerfm/GhostMigra

It's based on Github's awesome ghost tool.

could really do with a good, high-level, HTML parser. Nokogiri's syntax, even with css selectors, is cumbersome compared to something like jQuery and Hpricot left along with _why_.

Whoa never even thought of running ChromeOS virtually

How to Install and Test Google Chrome OS on Virtual Box in Linux, Windows, or Mac OS aatayyab.wordpress.com/2017/02 via @danie10 馃敆

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There's a lot of customer culture attitude in Mastodon-the-community, where people treat Gargron and other devs, the instance admins, moderators, etc. like service workers. It's a spoiled, entitled attitude, where "the customer is always right" and it's okay to be abusive or demeaning to people providing a service when they don't give you what you want.

The fediverse isn't a corporate model. When you're rude or demeaning to someone here, you're being abusive to volunteers building a playground

Ansible's great and all, but the best Ansible move I ever made was making a Plain Old Bash script to invoke Ansible for every use case under the sun.

Thanks to this one weird trick, I don't have to jump hoops remembering which flags to set.

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In 2014, I added ASCII art to Sidekiq's bootup, the now-infamous kicker.

I thought "I need something even better for Sidekiq Pro customers". I recalled my BBS years and thought ANSI art would be awesome.

I found an ANSI artist on DeviantArt and emailed him about commissioning something similar. He replied, saying "I don't charge for my work, here's something for free (!!!)".

That's how I got Roy/SAC, world famous ANSI artist, to build Sidekiq Pro's boot screen.


Amazing to see the entire stack for something as powerful as laid out in a "point and click" text file, with email, search, etc. From a Github commit today: github.com/tootsuite/mastodon/ via @webinista

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Hey, anyone familiar with Amazon Cloudformation stuff out here able to review this submission?


I don't have any experience with AWS #mastodev

I find it hard to believe this, expect London will see Bird or Lime or $clone within 6 months, they just dropped in Paris. wired.co.uk/article/electric-s



I fat-fingered "fingerpints" which could be a good metric for shots of vodka. Fancy a fingerpint?

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