who the fuck still uses landline phones?

baby i think you just lack my extra chromosome <3

this thought spawned from me judging myself for having low skills on a certain area just after i made something related on that feel, and thus improving a bit on it

maybe we get most critical of things when we see a sign it might be getting better. Like you see a show about a talking dog and complain "why aren't there enough shows about talking animals?"

maybe the future will be like, you have all clothing styles from all of history available
and all of them will be socially acceptable

Interesting site to learn/practice programming languages exercism.io

Giving money to a musician is always a sound investment

resonance at day, lisa frank at night

what is it with people that they annoy me so easily?

my superpower: getting creative under anxiety

wondering if i can turn coca cola into coke...

Please just, don't show that "this site uses cookies" warning that absolutely nobody cares about. It's a stupid law only followed by small businesses.

one day a robot will win the lottery

Discovering the importance of free trials before throwing money out of blind hope.

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