✔ Mastofication of ~ 81% complete

Original SVG source by Roman Poulvas, David Liuzzo (Wikipedia)

@lightone crazy that germany has mastodon servers at actual physical locations, instead of just at us-east-1

@CodingItWrong @lightone well… I'm not sure they are also there, likely also a lot of #Hetzner boxes in some bigger data centers.

@rugk @CodingItWrong Oh yes, Hetzner is among the biggest - if not the biggest - hosting provider of Fediverse.

@lightone Ich finds lustig, dass wir die einzigen mit dummem Namen sind 😁

@Lars_Roskoden @lightone Ich durfte schon öfter die Diskussion führen, ob machteburch oder machdeburch richtiger ist. Aber ja, authentisch ist er. Und die Domain ist billiger ;)

@lightone All of Germany is Mastoficated. All of Germany? No, the resistance in Hamburg is running two #Friendica servers 😁

@heluecht Resistance, or peaceful co-operation? ;) I'll gladly make a Friendica regional map, once there're enough regional nodes. At the moment, Friendica is rather resistant to regional domains creation ;) Which could be said of many Fedi networks (though Pleroma has recently made some progress). There actually used to be a Mastodon node - - but it went down.

@lightone Yeah, I guess there are not really much regional Friendica servers. In fact i currently can think of a single one:

@heluecht I guess this will improve as soon as the number of Friendica servers grows, which is the most important indicator of success anyway ;D. In that sense Friendica is already network number 4! (Also, thanks for the server tip - didn't know about that one, will add to the list).

@lightone fehlt auf der Karte. Woher stammen die Daten?

@lightone Öhm, wird denn wieder aktiv betreut? Ich bin extra zu migriert weil das sehr lange Zeit auf der Kippe stand.

@lightone I especially love the way you can see the eastern and northern Frisian islands

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