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Nastiness Is Not Mandatory

It takes some effort yes, but nice places in today's interwebs exist.

Here's a list of interesting, silly & thought provoking sites:

- (Birdsite links without the Birshite)
- ("Daily curated links that only last 30 days")
- (The granddaddy)
- (The other granddaddy)
- (Nice images, comments(!) & community)
- (Design & more)

fonts, ebook readers 

You can’t change Game of Thrones, but you can deal with it - Polygon

> We live in the age of the franchise, of fiction as a brand. The most dominant stories in our cultural consciousness are designed to go on forever, and the law of averages states that at some point those stories are going to be bad.

This is the main reason I'm not at all interested and actively avoid the new-age Disney blitzkrieg culture tactics.

🎧 Now Playing: David Attenborough – Three Balanges and Chorus of Women with Iron Rattles (My Field Recordings from Across the Planet)

English “partridge” also traces back to *perd- via Ancient Greek “πέρδιξ”. Apparently someone thought partridges trying to fly sounded like farting.

🎧 Now Playing: Robotaki – Right Time (feat. Ari) (Right Time (feat. Ari) - Single)

Maciej Cegłowski, founder of Pinboard bookmarking site, to Testify at Senate on Digital Privacy


If you haven't ever read/watched Maciej's eloquent and thoughtful talks, do yourself a favor and do so. Through talks and organized action he's been dissecting adtech and other modern web ails for some time now in a clear, approachable and funny manner.

Gorilla Vs. Bear — april 2019 mix

> Presenting our newest monthly mix for APRIL 2019, featuring our favorite tracks from the past month from the likes of Heaven, Kelsey Lu, Kornél Kovács, Bella Boo, Claud, Sports Boyfriend, Lisel, Japan, Man, Men I Trust + more

Invisible Cities is amazing, and it's neat how a book from 1972 echoes modern internet microfiction so much in both style and theme

Kublai Khan has recruited Marco Polo to report on all the cities in his impossibly vast empire, and almost all of the book is 1-2 page prose poems about fictional cities, reflecting on memory and trade and social bonds and bureaucracy and faith

I'm at the end of The Odyssey and I'm getting emotional. He made it through. He'll have to make amends with Poseidon, explain to his fellow Ithakeans him righteously slaying their sons for courting his wife and disrespecting his name.


He made it through.

Σιφινιέρα — Σπάνιοι Άνθρωποι

> Λιγοστοί οι άνθρωποι που μπορούν να αλλάζουν γνώμη.

this screenshot leaves out an even better more peak lynch part

I get a small dopamine rush every time I see the "Removed by filter" entries in my Masto feed.

Fffffyeah, dodged another one

Kissing my 6 yo godson goodnight, he casually replies

"Goodnight godfather, see you in… 25 years"

and I'm all like

@Gargron The Greek Backend sub-project in Weblate has been "locked for updates" for almost a week now ☹️ Is there something stuck somewhere?

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