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Nastiness Is Not Mandatory

It takes some effort yes, but nice places in today's interwebs exist.

Here's a list of interesting, silly & thought provoking sites:

- (Birdsite links without the Birshite)
- ("Daily curated links that only last 30 days")
- (The granddaddy)
- (The other granddaddy)
- (Nice images, comments(!) & community)
- (Design & more)

It's been about a week that this has been happening with on . I've tried removing all downloaded music and even uninstalling the altogether but nothing worked. Small system updates like 15.0.1 and 15.0.2 didn't fix it either. Anyone else had this?

"by god if we're going to have postmodernism happen to us we might as well happen to it back."

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Woo this article on ! and absolutely, positively slaps:

Its use is mainly headless, running , a couple of notebooks, serving video to and the occasional torrenting. I do RDP to it though, so I'd be nice to have a smoother experience than stock Raspbian.

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It looks like Pop!_OS is coming to Pi?

I've been thinking about maybe "upgrading" from to something else. looks very smooth, I wonder if it would be worth the switch?

Also, the new functionality to add images with drag & drop also works with iOS' new between-app drag & drop support!

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Woohoo, 5.2.0 is out! Lots and lots of new stuff added and fixed, have a look here:

I've updated my 2 instances running on Node.js without any problems

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Introducing bookmark folders and better popup menus in #Lagrange v1.7:


See the release announcement for all the details. Just uploaded v1.7.0 to and GitHub, download while it's hot! 🔥


swearing kobo 

What was once a simple workflow of getting a book's highlights in a simple text file, now requires using something like I guess.

It's not impossible but it's unnecessarily more cumbersome and potentially much more fragile.

The other option might be to install a different reader on my device, something like . Doable but again, a new source of potential instabilities.

I'm so pissed off right now.

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swearing kobo 

So, the latest firmware update intentionally crippled the hidden "export annotations" feature.

A hidden, disabled by default functionality, that has to be manually enabled by editing a .config file, is now intentionally broken.


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MailTape is an art collective that releases a new music mixtape curated by a surprise guest each week. You can follow them at:

➡️ @mailtape

The mixtapes so far are on their website at

You can see the latest tape by following MailTape's Mastodon, alternatively they also have an RSS feed too.

#MailTape #Music #Audio #Art #ArtCollectives #Collectives #MixTape #MixTapes #Curation #Curated

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the fall 2021 tape is out now! apologies this one took so long, life is busy & life with a newborn baby is triple-busy.

as mentioned in the liner notes, cover art has been added to all the mp3 files so, if that's your thing, snag the files again or grab the archives!


please be well. 💕


#gemini #geminiprotocol #KONPEITO #lofi #mixtape

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Which Personal Knowledge Management tool do you recommend?

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Speaking of I'm waiting for their update based on the recently released .

I'm a bit worried that discussions I've seen up to now do not mention an officially sanctioned method to upgrade in-place from to Bullseye.

I'm not very keen in performing a fresh install and re-configuring everything 😕

I absolutely adore Calibre, I think it's a modern miracle of a tool when it comes to ebooks. But the combination of a complex tool with the often black-box implementation of often leads to unforeseen instabilities.

I'll try it with a small subset of books and see how it goes. If nothing breaks, I might introduce my old library archives again.

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Decided to give a try on .

I was hesitant because:

A) it's 2 major versions behind the current one, missing a lot of improvements, changes and ereader-specific fixes.

B) I've gotten used to manually prepare and manage and annotations on my reader. Sure, it's more of a hassle to do it by hand but I've been bitten twice by the increased complexity, losing books & annotations.

Still, I've installed it and I'll see how it goes. 🤞 🤞 🤞

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ok fediverse,

do you know any transgender musicians/composers? which ones? (if a lot, your fave 3)


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