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Can anybody familiar with Arch tell me whether Arch ships with firewalld by default?

The wiki says it ships with netfilter and iptables, but neither are activated by default; not clear on whether it offers a front-end at all.

I'm gonna give a talk 'bout flatpak and toolbox at All Things Open.

Klaatu Einzelganger - All Things Open

Well now I'm angry.

"Edit it in the web editor, please. We're not using version control, and if we export it now, we're afraid it'll mess up the formatting."

ONE accidental click of the back button -> an hour's work gone.

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if you're from #aotearoa / #newzealand and want to announce yourself as such, you can self-nominate for Trunk @

and check out other trunk lists @

@amolith Please add me to Board Games, Coffee, Emacs, Esperanto, Fantasy, Free Software, Gamedev, Gnome, Horror, KDE, Linux, Low-spec Gamedev, New Zealand, OSR, Podcasts, Python, RPG, Vegetarian.

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This was actually completely new to me, so probably to someone else too! A Pathfinder character sheet site that is actually pretty damn nice (in comparison with the official sites online sheet)

Sadly no DnD or other :/


OK, here's 10,882 open clip art images lovingly scraped from the recesses of to tide people over while .com is down.

Mirror this content. Redistribute. Spread this around. Do not repeat the mistake of having a single repository for this stuff.


1162 SVGs so far, 650mb disk space. This is gonna be fun to upload.

I'm scraping for all SVGs archived from

It seems that of the 100k works I heard had, the wayback machine has a little over 13k.

Interesting data point.

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What do you use as your daily driver?
(Boosts appreciated)

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