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Essentially what Facebook and Twitter have proven over the last decade is that it is possible to psychologically manipulate people via the internet on a mass scale, for the purpose of advertising. People can believe themselves free, but really be trapped in an algorithmic timeline or personalized web search which is feeding them biased profit-maximizing information.

Your mission, should you decide to accept it, is to escape from the world which digital advertising created.

Stock photography featuring people of colour.

Creative Commons licensed.

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I am not myself free or human until or unless I recognize the freedom and humanity of all my fellowmen.
-- Mikhail Bakunin

#anarchism #quote #bot

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Ijust finished uploading all of @pla ‘s photos to this pool so they won’t be lost with his instance. I also grabbed all of his blog posts and attached photos if anyone wants them (will have to send them directly). Photos from his Google profile that aren’t directly linked in any of his blog posts aren’t included.

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i think the memorial montage i did for @pla ( has been the most shared post i ever made on fedi. i don't mind. good guy. deserves to be remembered. glad people like it, but mainly because i'd like people to know who he was, not because of social media narcissism. his passing away just hits me harder when i see how many people cared about him.
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The Fediverse won’t be the same without @pla ‘s unique combination of positivity, cycling content, and tech savvy. He was one of the nicest people I’ve ever met here and would always have something nice to say.

For those in the thread who haven’t seen yet, @hollma thinks this might be the news report, with this as the intersection where it happened (post).

. @mastobikes @bicycling @t54r4n1 @xosem @kambing @clacke @lnxw37b3 @andyc @normandy @schattenspringer @fitheach @thor @elmussol @zudn @radis_noir @encarsia @bikejourno @GoatsLive @Luke @herag @randynose @Moon @icedquinn @FediFollows @stux @pony @Ahuka

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If you are a #cyclist, please share your ride photos. It would be nice to honor @pla's life of cycling after such sad news.

Please boost this if you can. Thanks.

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@pla Patrick, brother, I just heard the sad news that you're not with us any more.

I'm going to miss you. Thanks for the years of tech talks, feedback, and support.

Oh and I forgot to respond to a recent message. Yes, peanut m&m's are the best.

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@DialMforMara You're the MTG expert, so I'll ask you this. Pardon me if you're not familiar with programming stuff.

Do you happen to know of a site with an API for querying prices of cards? I want to loop over my personal card list and get up to date resale values, just in case Bear Cub? suddenly hits it big.

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The GNOME Shell & Mutter blog is back with an update on exciting GNOME Shell design changes coming in GNOME 40! See all the details here:

#OpenSource #FOSS

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I'm sunsetting Libre Graphics World to replace it with Libre Arts. Here is the why and how:

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BTW, today we released #PeerTube v3, complete with p2p live streaming features and a behind-the-scene short film.

Read more about it on our blog (and please share 😉)

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Use the Markdown Editor app in Nextcloud 🔽

Nextcloud has one of the smoothest editors of the popular Markdown file type, with lots of convenient and intuitive features. via @opensourceway

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Enjoying my morning #coffee as I listen to the 9th annual #HackerPublicRadio 26-hour #NewYearsEve Live Show! 🎆 ☕ 🎇

Listen in at

Join in the fun and talk live with others via #Mumble client for your preferred platform. The Mumble server is below.

Mumble Server:
Port: 64747
Channel: Hacker Public Radio

Be sure to boost so everyone can participate! 👍

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Been a while since I did an #introduction , so here it goes:

Hi, I'm Zac. I'm a problem solver who crafts mostly (but not entirely) in code. I do product/project/software/consulting work through my llc, Gaze.Dev. I also work on housing data and tools locally as, which are generally meant to be whitelabeled and instance-ized(?) as a part of

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It's time again for the
HPR New Years Eve Show.

For those who don’t know, on New Years Eve 2020-12-31 10:00 UTC (5:00 AM EST), we will have a recording going on the HPR Mumble server for anyone to come on and talk about whatever they want.
So please stop in. Say “Hi” and maybe join in the conversation with other HPR community members.
We will leave the recording going until 2021-01-01 12:00 UTC (7:00 AM EST) or until the conversation stops.

Go to for all the details

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