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Very cool feature by @fdroidorg
We all need more of this air gapped friendly functionally

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Do you haven an interest is playing around with a #JoyPI? @opensuse is having a lot of fun with our! Our @Raspberry_Pi images work like a charm. See what you can do with it & how you can teach kids/Adults the basics of programming -

@Karlitschek literally advising the UN on how to switch to open source.

It's amazing that it's even a thing, but doubly amazing that it's a guy I met casually at an FSF meetup last month, and even more amazing that he also happens to be the project maintainer of @nextcloud !!

@h4ck3r9 Does your blog site have an RSS or Atom feed? This isn't a feature request, just asking in case I've missed some obvious link to its feed.

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> ubiquity is adding phone home analytics to their gear

> guess we will be blocking DNS to their destination

> but what if they use DoH?

BINGO this is what I've been talking about!

Found this zx at a vintage club. USA power adapter only, so couldn't plug it in to try it.

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#emacsconf 2019 - Main Page

This year, we are holding EmacsConf as an online conference. We will be using free software tools exclusively throughout our infrastructure, with a detailed write-up of our setup coming after the conference.


@cobra2 OK I'm hearing up your run cat5 cable through my house. Any tips or warnings for stuff I should consider?

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I've tried a lot of software because of Fosstodon that I probably wouldn't have if I didn't see so many others using it. It's been a good experience. Out of everything I've tried since joining here, I think Tiny Tiny RSS is my favorite. The powerful filters let me easily see the news I care about.

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Proudly presenting WireSep v0.8.0. WireSep is a privilege separated implementation of WireGuard for OpenBSD.

Some highlights of this release:
* private and pre-shared keys should now be put in a separate file. Default paths are used if not overruled, see wiresep.conf(5) for details.
* greatly reduce the maximum resource limits on data and stack size and open descriptors
* various improvements to the documentation


#vpn #wireguard #openbsd #privsep

@claudiom scroll down to #5 of and see if you recognize any of the screenshots

The author clearly has excellent taste. (Also wasn't sure if you wanted credit and/or how to list you, so let me know)

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You want to try out the current state of Shortwave 📻, but don't want to compile it by yourself? No problem! 😉

There's a nightly repository available now! Just run

"flatpak install"

More information:

#Flatpak #GNOME

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My most recent open source project:

Prevent short link services from tracking you and remove tracking parameters from the underlying urls.

You can 100% host it yourself and its #GPLv3

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@klaatu agreed. Federate all the things. Build communities. Let them cross pollinate

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