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Hey Mastodonians, citizens and others! Gear up for tens of millions of Nextcloud users spread over several 100K servers who can now join the in just one click!

Join the global social network!

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Switched vehicles with the wife and I'm getting used to these newfangled doodads. Listening to on my way to work. @klaatu would be proud (and, yes, I have my handy ☕).

Fellow : I want to like the Apocalypse World engine but so far I find it prescriptive, non-intuitive, discouraging of role play, and encouraging to GMs to make up rules as they go.

I figure either
0) I'm playing with a GM who needs to work on their game a bit more , or 1) wrong implementation (currently: Monster of the Week).

Can somebody explain to me why they enjoy this engine? I want to be convinced, or at least understand the appeal.

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I'm researching #Tumblrpocalypse for the next @HackerRadioShow , specifically its effects on creative artists & writers as well as LGBTQIA+, sex-positive, sex-educator, sex-worker, etc. communities.

If you've thoughts or experiences on it we may share please email oth@2600 (dot)com, or my DMs are open.

Of course we'll share your thoughts on the air by whatever name you prefer or entirely anonymously, just be sure to indicate any such preferences when you write.

It's painful, and a little poignant, to watch a Mac user try to balance the realisation that their computer has only one physical port (and they forgot their mega-dongle) with their own insistence that Mac is the best platform available.

@popey This is a dumb question, but where's your RSS or Atom feed for user.error ? I can't seem to find it from but maybe I'm just overlooking the obvious link.

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Interested in learning how uses #plaintext? Of course you are! Which is why you're going to read this interview I did with him at The Plain Text Project

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Thank you to @klaatu for your #GNUWorldOrder podcast! You have caused me to finally start running #slackware full-time! Just installed my first Slack Pkg in about 10 years and it was super refreshing!

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#F-Droid is an open source ethical alternative to Google Play, and can be installed on most Android devices.

Unlike commercial app stores, apps on F-Droid are free, open source and privacy-friendly.

You can find out more at:

If you have any questions, you can follow their official account on here at:


#AlternativesAtoZ #Fdroid #DeleteGoogle #AppStores

@PurpleAetherGames I got the Kickstarter update, and I'd be interested in trying my hand at character sheet design. Sample of my layout work is available upon request, but see for a general taste.

notklaatu boosted shows you how to manage NTP with Chrony (via

This week on GNU World Order:
Linux has lots of creative apps, but how do they all fit together?
Klaatu provides a real world example of the different
applications involved in publishing a tabletop card game.

Also, commentary on indie production.

This week on Chronicles and Commons: do you love knowledge? efficiency? freedom? Then maybe you should be worshipping the chaotic good goddess, Yolana: the Twin Liberty, the Maid of Memory, the Truth Light.

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Use ikiwiki, Hugo or Jekyll together with GitLab pages?…

For self-hosting, yeah, just pushing to your http server and running the generator in post-commit will do the trick.

Using symlinks you can make the flip from previous rendering to current rendering atomic.
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It started with


Ardour as the Digital Audio Workstation

Calf Audio Plugins for digital signal processing

Clementine for listening back after export as .ogg Funkwhale instance

Listen here:

So I tried Steam Play, with the Proton backend, last night. I was able to play BioShock and Kingdoms of Amalur like a charm, and it even mapped my Logitech xbox-style controller perfectly. I don't keep up with the latest releases, so I haven't tried with, say, Red Dead or God of War.

I really don''t know what to ask of at this point, it's just so perfect. I guess native cross-platform AAA releases would be a nice-to-have, but for my casual gaming, this is a great place to be.

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