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I'm trying to learn about graphic design so I'm reading stuff like this:

So much capital-G "Graphic Design" stuff really rubs me the wrong way, and I finally figured out how to articulate why:

Capital-G "Graphic Design" is ALWAYS trying to "look expensive" first and foremost. Communicating whatever the design is supposedly intended to communicate is always subservient to signaling "spent a lot of money on graphic design". And nobody's allowed to admit it!

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One of the coolest things at Linux Conf AU this year had to be the Pi-powered KITT replica.

pics and video:

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I contacted the Computer History Museum and paid them a small fee to have them scan the first 9 RFCs. I'm happy to say those scans are now online.

My post with interesting excerpts and things I learned looking at the scans:

The listing of the scans in their catalog, with a link to the PDF:

You can follow along with my series commenting on the first 365 RFCs here @365-rfcs

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@klaatu Finally got around to playing Petition. Nice work! That was really fun!

@cobra2 I don't necessarily want to hear an "I told you so" or anything, BUT......tmux saved the day today. i was giving a talk and wanted the projector to display the live-coding stuff I was doing for the audience, while my main screen was just for me.

urxvt on the projector -> tmux

konsole on my main screen -> tmux attach

Worked like a charm. Thank you for demo'ing that functionality to me .... many many many years ago.

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#LCA2019 - Linux.Conf.Au, one of the biggest and best #Linux and Open Source #FLOSS conferences in the world, is streaming on YouTube all week, and uploading talks as separate items too.

Go and enjoy!

I've had this shirt for 7 or 8 years now, and I finally got asked to change by a conference organizer. It's apparently "a bit confronting"

@mairin My partner just showed me her lesson plan for the upcoming term. She's teaching Inkscape to 8-12 year olds.

She said she'd found a really great example of such a class that had been run by someone else a few years age.

I look at the link: yeah, it's

So if I'm getting this right: to reliably get notifications for application Foo on your laptop(s) and your mobile:
1. disable all notifications
2. enable application Bar
3. uninstall application Foo
4. ???
5. install Foo, disable Bar
6. enable Foo, enable Bar
7. disable Bar
8. Get reliable notifications for Baz

This works as long as {Foo,Bar,Baz} are any application name, and can be the same application name.

(Alternatively, install Connect and wish everything hooked into it)

provided me with pdftk on my Fedora machine. Thanks @popey and team!


mariadb -u $DB_USER -p -h $HOST -D $DB -e 'SELECT * FROM oc_comments;' > ~/chat_`date +%d.%Y`.log

Anybody know where / how to find Spreed chat logs on @nextcloud ? I've grepped every file in the nextcloud install dir, and looked at (I think) all spreed-related files. Just can't find it.

Alternately, how to export a chat for local storage?

This week on Chronicles & Commons: Explore the Earth's core! In this episode, I look at the pulp fiction ideas of a hidden world at the very center of the Earth, starting with the inimitable Jules Verne.

Sort of related:

This week on GNU World Order: everything you always wanted to know about quota, but were too indifferent to ask: how to enable it on a partition, a work-around for quotacheck failure, and more!

If you can read articles on the web and then rewrite them, YOU have what it takes to be a modern technical writer! </sarcasm>

@mairin I'm so excited about the Fedora redesign!! No more closed source font and no more "if you hate facebook so much, how come you're wearing their logo?" questions. I'm all in.

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OK Mastodon, for a pontential project, I need old catchphrases from pop culture. ("Old" is subjective). Maybe the phrases make no sense out of context, or they're not funny retrospectively, or they're just plain bizarre. Examples:

"That's gonna leave a mark!"

"Where's the beef?"

"Kiss my grits!"

"That's gotta hurt!"

"Talk to the hand!"

"Sit and spin!"

What have you got? I'll take anything, from any decade!

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