Today I’m deploying a vm together with 3 other colleagues. I’ve been told this is going to be the last time we need to deploy a vm on that environment, but the fact I need to show how to do it to 3 different people shows the amount of trust in that statement. Mondays, right?

They might help me live longer but they sure take a lot of fun out of that longer life…

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It’s one of those “Wow, today is really great, I have so much energy and wow, look at this weather! I’m going for a nice long walk! It been long since I had the energy to do long walks like this, I wonders wh.. Ah shit I didn’t take my meds this morning…” days

I went for a walk and found out the weather is just perfect. Not too hot or cold, no blinding sun or rain. Why was I even inside all day till now?

Casual conversation with a women I haven’t met before:
w: wel, I am a fair bit older than you, so…
m: are you sure? I think we’re about the same age, no?
w: No, probably not, im from XX
m: oh, I’m from the same year…
w: 😧🤭

Damn this babyface. And I didn’t even shave!

I had a crazy dream my hot tub and pool was overflowing with raw sewage. So when I woke up in the middle of the night I got up to check it out. Of course I have no hot tub or pool, so after staring at stuff for 5 minutes I got back to bed to not be able to sleep for an hour or 2.

I’m so tired right now.

By now I must have killed so many mosquitoes they probably have a war tribunal for me, somewhere.

me to colleague: sorry if there is noise, I’m 3D printing a snake
c: ah, because of Halloween?
m: no, it’s a bit chilly in my office
c: 🤔
m: 🤷‍♂️

Today I learned that gravity propagates with the speed of light. That was quite an interesting read

It’s Friday so I took an hour off and quit early. Now I feel bad for not taking 2 off!

Just got an out-of-office from someone stating they don’t work on Friday afternoon. I need this too! But starting from Wednesday afternoon. That would be so awesome.

I went with: I can’t find myself in that arrangement so I think we should come up with another option. Let’s take a break talking about this for a couple of days and think about what we both want out of this.
Since we have a prenup and guaranteed 50/50 custody of the kids, that seemed to be the best reply for everyone…

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So my soon to be ex wife wants to leave me, but she doesn’t want to change anything because she’s afraid of the change and doesn’t earn enough money to have a house of her own. So basically she wants to keep living together(=me paying >75%) but she no longer loves me so she’s allowed to date/sleep with whoever she wants. How do you respond to that?

Today was, remarkably, a lot better than yesterday. The difference? 1/2 less meeting with > 4 people. My brain doesn’t mark those as unnecessary and ‘omg I don’t want to be here’.

I’m really longing for a beer right now, which is probably a sign I shouldn’t have one. I might do another ‘1 year without alcohol’ in 2022. I did the same in 2020 and while it was hard in the beginning, it was probably one of the better decisions to build character.

In other news: I seem to have survived another Monday. I don’t know how I did it to be honest, but I had some regular coffee so I guess that must have helped.

I’ve been told Facebook, Instagram and WhatsApp are down, yet my day is exactly the same as I haven’t used any of these in years.

The only thing different is that I’ve made a toot about them and some people seem to be very upset the company that’s harvesting their data and earning millions off of it is having technical difficulties.

TIL: pringels are technically not potato chips, and are actually very bad for the environment due to their packaging. Damn.

Probably a strange opinion, and to be honest I was quite surprised as well, but: Star Trek: lower decks is quite entertaining to watch.

One of my kids told me he was having trouble relaxing and getting to sleep. Since I fully understand the feeling I explained them both how to do very basic breathing exercises and muscle relaxation. They went from awake and talking, to fully asleep in < 5minutes. I guess that’s a victory ✌️

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