I think I’ve reached a point where I have given up on reading every email and responding to it. Not that I get that many emails, I just don’t seem to have the drive for it anymore

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I asked someone what kind of executer they want after requesting a new gitlab runner, and they said: “I don’t know? I just click manually in the gitlab to start the cicd flow…”

Now my eye is twitching.

Observation: every decently sized company has at least one employee that falls asleep at work on a semi-regular basis.

People on dating apps with ‘beauty’ filters to the max… WHY?!

It’s strange how flies are able to annoy the hell out of people. They have very limited capacity in terms of brains, they don’t (generally) hurt you when they land on you, nor do they only land on sensitive places like eyes. Shows how little you actually need to tick someone off.

During Red Hat training: “oh yeah, red hat should really have bought hasicorp”

Not sure about that one for end users sake. I mean, looking at the ansible acquisition… 😬

Winter is coming… So I bought extra chocolate and whipped cream. Hot cocoa season y’all!

Doing laundry on a Sunday night and I’ve been looking forward to this since Friday evening. I’m such an adult.

Seriously… I’d like for the weekend to start. Can somebody fix this? Please?

Every time I’m doing ruby I feel like it’s way too much magic. A coworker was debugging something for a long time and in the end there was a local var ‘something’ and a method ‘something’. Programming languages should make things clear, not pursue absolute minimalism. But I just may be old 🤷‍♂️

Just saw a development team in the company put up an internship with text:

interesting opportunity because we’re working in team via SVN

That sure is interesting! But for bad reasons…

It seems some sales people are trying to get in contact with IT people via the postmaster@ address and this is sooo annoying.

After weeks of going nowhere with the red hat case I get this kind of answer: This request is not realistic, you’re asking the impossible as such an option does not exist.

I didn’t understand why they didn’t simply told me that weeks ago, but it seems to be culturally difficult to say no in their country. Still sucks as both me and them had frustrations due to getting nowhere and I’m actually no closer to any solution.

I’ve been talking to a women I met on a dating app for a couple of days now and it’s amazing what people do with their lives. Got to have respect for a person that takes their own life in control and will shuffle things around significantly.

It just occurred to me this is probably intentional… Or isn’t it? 🤔

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TIL: one burner on lowest flame gives a temperature of about 165°C, perfect for bbq ribs!

So that’s 8 calls so far this week. The last time this happened was never.

What’s up universe? Are you waking me up because you’re feeling a bit lonely?

I feel for people who need to handle windows updates for a living

If you receive a motivational mail from your division‘s manager that was sent by the secretary ‘on behalf of’, would this show commitment and care? For me it doesn’t, but I’m not sure if it’s just me.

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